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When Daring Do's latest adventure goes south, the adventurer finds herself stuck with a regressed Rainbow Dash. Can Twilight fix the curse, or will Rainbow Dash have to grow up all over again? And will Daring find she likes being a mother?
Takes place during season four

Collab between me and Reverse Scratch
Cover art used with permission from Cuddlelamb
Proof read help by SuperPinkBrony12
Not sure if Teen rating needed but never know. .

Chapters (19)
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Comment posted by Andalite79 deleted Nov 29th, 2019

Awesome! I demand more!

What do you mean redo? Did I somehow paste The chapter twice or something

I'm taking a bit of a shot in the dark here, but...
I'm assuming, people are getting you mixed up with another writer here. Here's the link to the story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/394500/daring-do-and-the-temple-of-regression

Hope this clear things up! :twilightsmile:

I remember a similar story that never got more than one chapter I hope this is different

9416973 That probably where Reverse Scratch got the idea from.

No worries, we intend to no leave it unfinished.

It's kind of awesome in a sense that you're carrying something that is one part spiritual successor and one part original story. I'm looking forward to where this story goes. :twilightsheepish:

This story is rather unique. No am looking forward to reading this story commander.

No, I saw the picture we used for cover art and that's what gave me the idea, though I do see how you could think I wanted to copy that story. I didn't

sooo do I have to draw a different picture as cover art? Because I saw it already on another story but I was to lazy to check it ^^

Well... It's awkward, but it's obvious you don't have some type of diaper fetish (thank god for that), though you have kind of fallen into the same issue I have with most stories that play with the idea of regression and that's the regressed character can still talk and is aware they have regressed, it just makes everything really awkward to read. Other than that, it's fine and I look forward to more.

While I too have always found that whole "the character can still somewhat talk and know they're regressed despite it being the complete opposite of how it really would work" thing a bit annoying, usually it's out of the way enough to where it doesn't harm the flow of the story. Plus they usually tend to lead to more funny moments of trying to figure out just what they're saying. :derpytongue2:

The other story with the same coverart is from Night-Mist

Don’t worry , thr lisping won’t get too heavy.

Honestly... this kind of came off as something of a fetish fic. Was that intended?

She could easily have her wings tucked under her costume. It probably helps her disguise look more convincing.

Why can rainbows friends hear her but no one else

Just wait until Daring has to change a number 2.

>took the powder formula and mixed it with milk

That is not how formula works. You mix it into the water (even putting the water on it is wrong).

Yeah I didn’t do any research, I kind of just assumed it was like powdered milk

This is either going to be a long slice of life or end once daring decides she wants to be a mother. I kinda want option 1

No,no..no-AAAWWWWWW SO CUTE :rainbowkiss:

I kinda want the latter, but that's me being sucker for parent fics in general.

9448597 It probably would be interesting to see how Daring would manage with a foal of her own.

I want to see Rarity use Rainbow as a dress up doll.

9450640 I'm more curious as to what a playdate between Rainbow Dash and the Cake Twins would look like. They should still be in diapers at this point.

A long slice of life? Well I'll see what Zubric wants, but that i would be willing to do that.

Betcha Rainbow Dash would love a full playdate with the Cake Twins. She might try to rope them into helping her steal cookies. :rainbowlaugh:

They heavy questions are coming out

It is kind of selfish to want to stay as a foal. Rainbow does have responsibilities at the weather factory. not to mention her dream of becoming a wonderbolt.

That is true, will be hard to justify that ending. Story going to have two endings anyway

How hard can it be when you live in a bakery?

9465242 Pretty sure the Cakes would still know better than to leave a cookie jar lying around where foals could easily get access to it.

Of course, but with so many pastries lying around, some could quite easily go missing.

9465314 Pinkie Pie would have her ways of knowing. Her 'Pinkie Sense' chief among them. :pinkiesmile:

Okay, Pinkie would know. But not the Cake's .

9465582 Rainbow Dash has always been the adventurous type, and something tells me her parents didn't really discipline her much growing up and let her get away with just about everything. She's bound to be a troublemaker. Stealing cookies is the least of it.

Lol, rainbow dash on the quest for cookies!

Comment posted by The Lurker deleted Feb 19th, 2019
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