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This story is a sequel to Twily's Alone Time

Twilight's stress relief activity had worked like a charm, but after a few weeks, she wanted to take it a step further. With a quick trip to Canterlot, she hopes to feel like her mom's litte filly. Even if it would only be for a night.

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It's saying "Chapter 1". That indicates there will be at least a "Chapter 2" to look forward to.

Awesome! :twilightsmile:

Alright, this theory is no invalid. It's still a great story^^

This was a sweet little contiuation, but I would've loved to see some details be fleshed out, particularly Spike discovering Twilight's secret, and whether or not Twilight told her dad.

Sweet little story but it could use a little more fleshing out I feel. Spike walking in on Twilight for example. Still very enjoyable though :twilightsmile:

I've taken the liberty of adding it to the Diapered Pony group I help run. Looking forward to more!

6961702 yeah that spike part was nagging at me screaming "show don't tell " rh might add it in when I get the chance . I was somehow fearing it would break the pacing

“thanks mom.” She sighed, closing her eyes for a second. A moment later she meeped feeling her mom pop her pacifier in.

Wouldn't Twilight be confused? Why would her mother say that.

Velvet and Twilight glanced at the door. “Yes?”

I would imagine Velvet and Twilight would shocked out of their mental state and not be so calm.

dude dude this is so *squee* CUTE! thanks man this made my day. never knew Twily had a brief thought of regression. great job on this story. :moustache: :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Lucky Star 33094 deleted Apr 6th, 2016

man there's so many new decent diaper fics since last time i looked in the group , this fandom sure is good at delivering the fetish goods lol....

Cute story, but it was so hard reading the dialogue because it sounds so out of character. Like this one, for example:

Spike: "Yeah been forever since we took a trip to Canterlot that wasn’t for something of urgency or the like"

It almost sounds like posh English as opposed to northern American, like his normal dialogue in the show. If I were writing that line, it would probably me more like this:

"You said it. It's been forever since we took a trip to Canterlot... at least, one that isn't for some kind of emergency or something."

Much more casual, less formal. Spike is a kid, first and foremost, and should never have completely proper grammar or feel grown up. The story is great, it's just that the dialogue takes me out of it more often than not.

7897740 hmm suppose I could give it a second glance and fix it up a little. :) thanks for the comment

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