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Diapered pony writing diapered stories


When you must wear diapers practically all the time, you not only learn how to endure critics' constant gaze and ponies calling you weird names, you also learn tons of interesting things about the different diaper brands, how much they hold, which size is better for any kind of pony’s body, how strong are the tapes or which designs and colors are available. That makes Sugar Pad, a kind mare who only two years ago moved to Ponyville, the perfect candidate for this job in front of the Diapers & Powders subsidiary in this small town. But in an unusual specialized store, interesting things could happen, unusual clients with unusual needs and likes, clients who really don’t want to be in there but really need it, and tons of different situations to take part of. That’s what Sugar Pad must do every day in this job.

Once again thanks to my good friend Squigges for being the editor of my story and helping me to improve my writing every day.

Warning: This story is strongly related with diapers and contain few scenes of diaper usage, please avoid reading it if you consider those topics weird.

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This has been a fairly well thought out story. I appreciate the thought, attention, and world-building put into this one.

Yay! Great story! Really cute! You should write something else like this, or even a sequel! A few mistakes with wording, but still, this was so cute!!! This may just be me, but I do think you could be more descriptive when somepony wets their diaper. Keep writing, this was amazing!

Really likes this story! Sugar is a really great character. A simple pony with a simple job who is super kind, helpful and incontinent. I'd say that's something that isn't seen too often. Thunder Star was also really cute. The shyness was the logical way to write a character wanting diapers and actually having a little accident in front of the sweet mare was just adorable.

What an astounding story! This is certainly a tale that is well needed for those of us who are littles in any sort of way. I also believe this is the first-ever story that shows so many sides of being padded. Great job in covering so many needs and feelings in such a genuine way.

Sugar Pad definitely does her role well. Her feelings throughout the story really add to each individual experience that arrives in the store. Hearing things from her perspective also makes for an implicit feeling of understanding for any reason some pony would need and/or want diapers along with other foal-related items.

You truly covered every area I could possibly think of when it comes to diaper-wearing, care, and supplies. This truly is a triumph of a story and definitely one I would highly recommend to anyone who may be seeking a story that makes the desire to feel 'little' a lot less embarrassing. It normalizes a lot of the fears through a great OC who definitely gives off an air of care and understanding.

8786484 Thanks a lot Ponysopher. I tried my best to write one of my best stories until now :twilightsmile:

8786507 Awww Thankies :twilightsmile: you really liked my story that much? :twilightblush: I will try to write more and awesome stories like this soon, I loved the idea so much. And sorry for not making more descriptive the wetting but pony didn't want to make it so much... mature hehe :twilightblush:

8786799 Hehehe thanks, that was exactly the idea with those characters, cute pony that you may love because their personalities.

8787289 Once again I have to thank you for writing this amazing review about my story. I really can't believe you liked it that much. I only wanted to write a cute story based in this idea of the specialized diaper store, I really didn't want to do all the stuff you mentioned but guess I did it anyway hehe. Infinite thanks for your opinions, you're really so so kind with this newbie :twilightblush:

I can understand that. It gave it that light charm, y'know? I just liked the concept, and Sugars character was well written. I can see how going too deep would ruin that. A little something to note for my own writing I guess :twilightsmile:

really enjoyed the story. keep it up!

This was a good read, hope to see more of your work in the future.

8835111 Awww thanks a lot for that nice comment and enjoying reading my story. Of course there will be more from me in the future :raritywink:

This was actually really nice. One of the things I liked most, was that it felt very plausible.

I hope you have more of these stories in the future ^^

10861170 Well. I guess I'll try. At first I thought that this story was senseless and boring, I just had this idea randomly a day and decided to make it true. Apparently everyone loved it.

Sometimes authors are surprised by the works that make them popular. The simplicity with it was it's strength. Just a fun little fantasy and "What if" that many of us yearn for. It's something one can easily project themselves into such a story, compared to many others.

Besides, "Slice of Life" is a genre in Anime and sometimes all people want is for something nice to happen where nothing goes wrong. With a more idealistic version of every day life. Cuteness certainly helps sells things as well.

Honestly I think you sell your story short, no offense, and has it's own quaint little casual charm ^^

10865532 Thanks for your words. And well, I think that my stories usually follow the same path, so I hope this success repeats in the future. :twilightsmile:

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