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Twilight Velvet loves her daughter with all her heart; she outshines her in every way, is the prized student of Princess Celestia, and will no doubt go on to have an impact on Equestria the likes of which has never been seen before and never will be again. But despite Twilight Velvet's pride and love for Twilight Sparkle, somber thoughts weigh heavily on her mind when her daughter comes to visit.

Why does Velvet feel so inadequate? Why can't she be to her daughter what Princess Celestia is to her? What is the measure of a mother?

Set prior to Season 1. Celestia doesn't physically appear but is mentioned extensively.

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Well done, right well done, that it is.

...I oughtta tell my mother how much I appreciate her, before the march of decades means I no longer can.

I really felt for Velvet here, her own feelings of uncertainty and all of what comes with it. The ending was really heartwarming!

I really felt for Velvet here, her own feelings of uncertainty and all of that. The ending was really sweet and quite heartwarming.

This was just so... Amazing! It feels so real and I can feel for Mrs Twilight.

You did amazing job! :twilightsmile:

This was really heartwarming to read. I know for a fact that when I leave to go on my own journey, I'll tell my mother on how much I really appreciate everything that she did for me in my life. I'm happy to have a great mother. And I'm also happy that Twilight has a great mother too:twilightsmile:

Dang. I... really don't know what to say, other than that this was really good.

Actually, there was no perhaps, Twilight Sparkle was always right about everything.


How dare you make me cry..:raritydespair:

Amazing story. From Velvet's perspective, her fears aren't totally unfounded. I mean what is she to a Princess after all. I love Twilight being so surprised by it. The though had never even crossed her mind. Her showing Velvet how much she loves her was very sweet.

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