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Sunset Story! Also, I'm not dead yet · 11:54pm 1 hour ago

More surprises, I'm not dead yet.

Here, have a Sunset story that's been in the works for way too long, huzzah!

ESogno di Volare
For as long as she's lived, Sunset Shimmer has dreamt of flight, of the skies cursed to be beyond her reach. Then along comes a stranger from a faraway land, with rose-coloured wings and love in her heart, and perhaps all the answers Sunset needs.
Sledge115 · 8.5k words  ·  10  0 · 31 views

Anyways, sorry, it's been a ridiculously busy few months, but at least this is up! I'll still work on Spectrum, not to worry, but again, I've been astronomically busier now than I have ever been before.

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