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Hair dyes weren't always Celestia's thing, but now they are. From yellow to blue and pink, she collects them all. She might like them a little too much. Now, with both retired, Luna wants to know just what's up with all the hair dye.

She's not the first one to ask about them either.

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam, pre-read by iAmSiNnEr, TCC56, Grace, RanOutOfIdeas, Bicyclette, Steel Quill, and SockPuppet. Thanks, you guys!

Cover by xXMelody-ScribbleXx

Featured on 07/06/2021-10/06/2021.

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Glad to see this live! It was such a pleasure to pre-read!

And thank you for the help as well :twilightsmile:

This one was a lovely piece. Onwards, for more horse words about tall magical horse god!

RDT #4 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

She flicked her red-shaded mane aside.

I had a distinct image of Fausticorn appear in my mind.

morion87 #5 · 2 weeks ago · · 3 ·

That was true, Celestia conceded. Her dyes had never lasted more than a day – unless she chose to wear her disguise as the pegasus author Sunny Skies. Even then, it would all burn away once she’d reverted to her alicorn form.

Correct me if I'm wrong. But isn't this from the comics? Sounds familiar. And no comment on your wrong opinions on the old Pinklestia idea and Lullaby For a Princess.

Love the story either way. We need more like it 😁.

A wonderful peek into the characterization of Princess Celestia, and a walk through her memories that could entertain anyone. Splendid job!

We stan hair dye Tia :)

Excellent work, Sledge. The backward structure, the way each section introduces a new color, and the contrast and echoes between the Kibitz and Greyhoof sections as well as the Twilight and Sunset ones were all great. And you really stick the landing in the Greyhoof section, really selling the emotional weight of the reveal while at the same time tying it to a very slice of life, intimate, and casual interaction. This really was a joy to read.

Wing #9 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

This is a great one.

Prods the feels in all the right ways. :)


Thank you for the pre-read :twilightsmile: and stay tuned! You know what's coming.


But of course. It runs in the family :raritywink:


Well, yes and no. While Celestia dyes her mane blonde as a pegasus, matching the comics' look, her pegasus disguise and name here is based off this old fandom classic;

ESunny Skies All Day Long
Celestia's Day Off
PhantomFox · 8.5k words  ·  9,217  144 · 100k views


:twilightsmile: Thank you for the help!


That we do :ajsmug:


:twilightsmile: I'm glad it landed. Therein lies the emotional core of the story, and I'm glad it worked out. Thanks a bunch for the help, heh


:twilightsheepish: Glad you enjoyed it!

This was wonderfully sweet!

Interesting piece! I love it! Now I'm imagining Luna in a mailmare outfit. Also love the Momlestia bit with Sunset.
The changeling queen's offer of changeling magic has me thinking of that one comic where Celestia uses an amulet with said magic for her disguise, so either she reconsidered or found her own way:trollestia:

What a pleasant surprise there. I admire your way of executing the reveal. Thank you for the read!

Holy cow! I was expecting a shitpost, but this actually got pretty real towards the end! I especially liked the reverse-chronological structure--helped show us, the longer it went on, how important haor dye really was to her. I also really enjoyed all the little worldbuilding touches, especially the mother-daughter relationship between Celestia and Sunset. Well done!

Lovely story, and in honesty. It would be weird if Celestia didn't pick up a hobby or two over the thousand or so years she's lived.

Funny thing about it, Tia in most merchandise is pink. It's only in show she's done that way.

In Lulaby animation there was just smooth transition from pink to glowing mane was Simbolic transition from past to today, without hinting it being a result of magic use (a magical PTSD?) but I like the idea.

In S4 past Tia and Luna look exactly same as modern counterparts and talk in modern tongue... so It's a simplification, a decision by makers to avoid changes. Could be also argued that it was a vision, not a time travel expirience.

You would think magical ponies would have magical dyes. Why not plaid hair?

This looks a lot like the pegasus version of Celestia from the MLP game....the version of her that uses changeling magic to take on the form of a pegasus so she can walk among the populous without being noticed.

Did Lullaby actually create the pink mane thing? I always just assumed that was canon.

I like Tide Podlestia.

Great slice of life you have here, Sledge. I enjoy how you incorporated various uses of the dye throughout Celestia's life, for better and for worse. :twilightsmile:

Wow mind blown! Celestia's multi color mane makes so much sense now! This is officaly my head cannon now.

An interesting little story. Have a well earned updoot.:moustache:

Quick question, how was Celestia's mane depicted in S4? I tried to find an image, but all that came up was the pinklestia stained glass.


Well, yes and no. While Celestia dyes her mane blonde as a pegasus, matching the comics' look, her pegasus disguise and name here is based off this old fandom classic;

There's also Princess Celestia Gets Mugged, though I think BronyWriter likely lifted the idea of Sunny Skies from PhantomFox's story (which was published a few months earlier. Either way, I love both those stories and my personal headcanon is that Sunny Skies is Celestia's go-to disguise for out-of-castle shenanigans.


Glad it warmed your heart :twilightsmile:


Oh, that's certainly an interesting thought, heh. Who knows. Maybe a couple years down the line, she did accept the offer...


I aim to please :twilightsmile: Glad you enjoyed the story!


You thought it was a shitpost but it was me, heartfelt storytelling! Jokes aside, I'm glad you liked it :twilightsmile:. There's a lot to be written about when it comes to Celestia and Sunset's relationship, alright, and honestly I prefer having them as the adoptive mother-daughter pair, not Twilight.


Indeed :twilightsmile: What else would she be doing if not write children's stories? I've always thought that deep down, all Celestia wants to be is to be normal.


Oh, it was canon insofar that it was shown in the storybook that she had pink hair. I simply liked Lullaby's take on it far more than the canon version.


Thanks Gadot! I'm glad it warmed your heart too, from start to the very end :raritywink:


Aw :twilightsmile: Honoured to have given you a piece of headcanon, heh.


Precisely my headcanon too! I like to think that, again, all Celestia wants to be after all this time is to be normal, and being Sunny Skies gives her that chance.

if there is ever a budget crunch,, celestia would need to go on a dye-it.... See you on the moon.

I feel your pain, dood. I miss What Hath Joined Together. So feverishly.

This was really nice! I didn't expect this to depict slices of Celestia's history, and for hair dyes to intersect with the various ponies she knew. I will say though that there being an actual concrete explanation for why Celestia likes hair dyes was a bit of a let down, even if her aurora hair coming form her sealing away Luna with the Elements is a good origin story.

It was nice seeing references to the comics, and there were some interesting headcanons even outside of the hair dye aspect.

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