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I read things. Pony things. Sometimes. I also have the literary ability of a drunken emu.



Lots of Effort, Too Few to Share It With · 7:32pm January 2nd

A friend of mine (the kind I can physically inflict my attentions on) asked me to try and find a ROM of the English release of Gyakuten Kenji 2 a.k.a. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path for the Nintendo DS. His copy apparently crashes after the second case.

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Thanks for the follow!

Thanks for the watch.

So I was doing a little bit of writing and for some reason I thought of this


and thought you might enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you so much for the follow! It means the world to me! :twilightsmile:

2249424 Well, as of right now, my main focus is on Memoirs. However, I may write a short story every now and again to clear my mind. Glad you're enjoying my work! :scootangel:

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