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This story is a sequel to Schadenfreude Does a Thing

Schadenfreude does not like magic. Whenever it shows up, he gets hurt. Now, he has his own, personal curse to deal with, and had no one left to ask but the Rainbooms.

Who, if they can stop laughing, are more than willing to help fix his problem.

Oops, sorry. Hers. His? It's complicated.

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Oooo, another Schaden story! Sweet! :yay:

The lord hath returned!

Guess who's back...back again....Schaden's back....tell a friend...

Oh no, if he's going to Equestria, do you know what that means? Schaden might meet Schaden. And then the whole universe is doomed.

(Just picked one of the loudest most enthusiastically raucous things I could think of, sure hope folks like hard rock with bagpipes in...)


Oh dear, there's gonna be two of them, isn't there? :rainbowderp:

Given that he called them 'magical girls', I bet that at some point Schaden's going to undergo his own super-magical-transformation-power-up sequence. And the fancy dress is probably going to stick around even after she reverts to he.

OH the fun here at first I confused seeing the title as how would he err she no he whoops she avoid magic living the castle.. MY bad from the title before reading the story I assumed it was pony Schaden

The EqG universe: Equestria's magical garbage dump. Thank you, Starswirl. (snerk)

That's the equivalent of Pinkie meeting Pinkie, 'cept more hilariously annoying

Haha, the Schadenfreude has been doubled!

I love it though I wonder if the equestria version is going through something similar

Fuck the hell yes, i missed this.

“No, actually. That’s brand-fuckity-new. Look, I know you’re all probably secretly enjoying having a conversation with me that doesn’t involve some kind of prank, pun, or overall social irritation-”

“Secretly?” Rainbow Dash cut in.

Fair point :moustache:

Well we can rule out Changlings being involved since their magic is generally green and this is blue.

Maybe Cadance lost a charm meant for kinky genderbending times with Shining

As for who put it on him on the human side...honestly my bet's on Derpy accidentally giving her BF a cursed item as a late/early birthday gift. Secretly. By somehow breaking into his house in the middle of the night.

Oh, I am so looking forward to this! Especially if fem!Schadenfruede ends up meeting with Equestria Schadenfruede...and realizes he has the unique opportunity to mess with himself without being caught at it!

In this one shes dating Bulk Biceps not Schaden, if I recall correctly.

A new Schadenfreude story? Hell yeah!

Hail to our favorite annoying douchebag! I will never get tired of Shaden!:pinkiehappy:

Von Douchehorse is in the building!


Oh yes, all of my yes. Moar!

She took one last look around as we stepped up to the portal. “Alright, ready or not, here we- DAMMIT PINKIE I SAID NO!” she barked, glaring at a bush my the school’s front door.

a bush by the school's front door.

Pinkie: But Equestria Pinkie and I switch places all the time!
Sunset: ...what?
Pinkie: Oh, right, I wasn't supposed to mention that...

I thought Sonata was dating Bulk and Derpy was with Schaden

Sch: "...out of curiosity, what would be the genneral reaction to ponies seeing _two_ of pony me?"

S: "...probably mass panic, several ponies going into shock and some calling it a sign of the endtimes unironically."

Sch: "...Well, at least _that_ idea will keep my spirits up."

“Not even a little bit over it.”

To be fair it's not something you get over easily :trollestia:

My dictionary doesn't exactly come preloaded with words like cocksocket

No YOUR dictionary does its your computer that has the red squiggly failings. It perfectly understandable where that confusion comes from :pinkiehappy: .

Your dictionary doesn't have cocksocket in it?

That's what happen when you're beating around it, Sunny :pinkiecrazy:

This is getting better and better. And knowing Schadenfreude luck with magic, he will obviously be dragged into some supervillain shenanigans away from Twilight castle.

But what I am waiting the most is for Schadenfreude to meet Schadenfreude. Pony Schaden will either be compelled to go to Twilight Castle because his cutie mark is yelling at him that's where the biggest occasion for schadenfreude-esque occasion is happening or he EQG Scaden will stubble upon him with by whatever is dragging him all over Equestria.

I wonder how many pony will "Nope" out of the general area once they learn there are two Schadenfreude that are meeting each others?

I admit, I've never been too fond of Schadenfreude, but seeing him be the victim of overaggressive karmic feedback is... Well, it's right there in his name. :derpytongue2: I'll watch this with interest.

Oh God, that book conversation. :rainbowlaugh:

And I totally forgot about the legal document on his counterpart. That was amazing.

I feel like it's a guarantee it won't be Twilight meeting them at the portal; who's going to be the poor soul? Starlight?

Well whoever it is, I pray for whatever sanity they may have left after everything is over and done with

A question I have asked myself for a long time: Can you feel the schadenfreude?

Yes. Yes I can now.

I might have only had brief interactions with Princess Twilight, but I had been assured that my Equestrian double was almost nationally renowned for being the biggest non-villain non-noble cocksocket in Equestria, and frankly, the sense of pride was the only thing keeping me going.

I can honestly say that I missed this little wacko. :ajsmug:
Good work, keep it up.

Look, and this goes for everyone, any spelling errors in a Schadenfreude story are not going to be fixed. In fact, some of them might even be intentional. Remember: Shaden is usually the narrator of these stories, his life's purpose is to annoy others. Who are easier to annoy than grammar nazis?

Oh hello. I was just wondering if you'd ever make another story with him. This is epic.

This guy. This guy gets it.

Wow, 2021 is looking a whole lot better already.

Too bad they don't have a phone line between the dimensions
Sunset: "So this device gives Schadenfreude an electrical shock every time magic is used to examine it and... Twilight? Are you laughing? Because that sounds a lot like an evil laugh. Maybe some cackling. What do you mean, you're setting up a whole week of experiments? Ten times an hour? Won't that... Twenty times? And send him over right away? That's fine, but... No, I don't want a part of the ticket sales."

Someone turned the Spring of Drowned Girl into a gemstone and slapped it on Shaden?

I’m in~


What do you mean, you're setting up a whole week of experiments? Ten times an hour? Won't that... Twenty times?

"...But of course Sunset! We need to run multiple tests to get better p-values and confidence intervals! In fact, since this is a totally unprecedented event, we better set up several concurrent Monte Carlo experiments to more thoroughly study Schaden's situation!"

Am loving this, cant vait for the next chapter

Sunset’s eyebrows shot up. “Class 2? I thought you were a Class 2? Aren’t there only like, 4 of them?” “Like I said, honorary . Also, I got demoted after that… incident. Something something leave the puzzle boxes alone wee wah wee wah.”

Like, the Lament Configuration kind?

Thanks for this great start into my day. This is really how I want to wake up. :twilightsmile:

As fun as seeing Schadenfreude being electrocuted is, why the last shock therapy session? They are basically torturing him at this point. Even the explosion in the lab is a bit sketchy with no explanation.

However it is fun to see Schaden nitpick at all those little details a human would see in Equestria.

I can hardly blame Schaden for his initial denial. Bad enough to change gender involuntarily. Throw in species and it's a bad time by almost any definition.

“...Dante is screaming right now.”

Only if his personal enemies aren't still suffering. Or if Cadence was once known as Beatrice.

“...the buck’s an archeomaBBLRHGBRLHGBGBGLHRBRLBRLHGBR.”

Two generic, two blue for a 1/2 Human Wizard, ETB return an instant or sorcery from graveyard to hand.
... What?

In any case, time for research! Which is complicated by the difficulty in gathering concrete data beyond the tamperproof seal. And the local Schaden's notoriety. Well, no one said this would be easy or pleasant.

Twilights being pretty nasty. I mean I get it but this is like torturing someones identical twin for something the other did. Really rooting for one of the shadens to do some serious dickery here.

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