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Izzy Moonbow has always felt alone. Bridlewood was quiet, and its people quieter still.

Then one day, she comes across a moonlit garden, hidden deep amongst the trees. Its caretaker is a strange mare who speaks of the days of old when friends were plentiful and the nights were beautiful.

Her name is Luna.

An entry for the 2022 May Pairings Contest.

Rated Excellent by Mike Cartoon Pony!

Now with an audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio. Stay tuned!

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam, pre-read by The Sleepless Beholder, SockPuppet, Bicyclette, and Grace. Thanks, everyone :twilightsmile:

Cover by Plainoasis.

Featured on 25/06/22-31/05/22, reaching the #1 spot in the Featured Box on the first day.

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When the city of Vanhoover rebels against the Crown, threatening to ignite civil war and tear Equestria apart, it is up to the Princess of the Day to step forth and to do what is necessary to ensure that, no matter what, the Sun shines bright upon Equestria.

And she must do it alone.

First Place Winner of the My Little Pony Renaissance Contest!

A standalone piece in the Spectrum-verse. TV Tropes page here!

Based off an idea by SockPuppet.

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam, pre-read by Bicyclette, SockPuppet, Raleigh, Grace, and TheIdiot. Thanks, everyone :twilightsmile:

Cover by Plainoasis.

Featured from 28/06/2021-2/7/2021, reaching #1 three hours after publishing!

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Hair dyes weren't always Celestia's thing, but now they are. From yellow to blue and pink, she collects them all. She might like them a little too much. Now, with both retired, Luna wants to know just what's up with all the hair dye.

She's not the first one to ask about them either.

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam, pre-read by iAmSiNnEr, TCC56, Grace, RanOutOfIdeas, Bicyclette, Steel Quill, and SockPuppet. Thanks, you guys!

Cover by xXMelody-ScribbleXx

Featured on 07/06/2021-10/06/2021.

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For little Wallflower Blush, life had always been quiet here in Canterlot, and everything was where it should be. Her family's flower shop was running just fine, school was just enough of a manageable hassle, and though she found it a lonely life, it was a life she was fine with.

Then one day, who else should she find loitering about in the flower shop, with a whole baggage of issues to sort out, if not the Princess' own personal student? And when she starts talking to her, and no other, perhaps it won't be so lonely after all.

9.5/10 from the Reviewer's Mansion
Highly Recommended from Present Perfect

Set before the events of Season One.

A standalone piece in the Spectrum-verse. TV Tropes page here!

Written for \o/ Scampy's SunFlower Shipping Contest \o/.

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam, cover drawn by my friend Grace. Thanks a bunch, guys :twilightsmile:

Featured on 08/04/2021 - 09/04/2021.

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Nearly a thousand years after her sister's fall, Celestia finds she may not be so alone after all, when a little alicorn ascends in the distant village of Florentina.

On a quiet Spring afternoon, young Mi Amore Cadenza makes a life-changing decision when the Princess of the Sun comes to visit.

8.6/10 from the Reviewer's Mansion.

A standalone piece in the Spectrum-verse. TV Tropes page here!

Based off the prompt "Arrival", posted by Gay For Gadot, from Bean's Writing Group.

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam, pre-read by Bean, Bicyclette, Mykola, TheIdiot, RanOutOfIdeas, and Gay For Gadot. Thanks, everyone!

Cover by Jun1313.

Featured from 21/02/2021 to 25/02/2021.

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Fresh off her graduation, Sunset Shimmer wanted nothing more than a break from the troubles and anxiety that plague her mind. And of course, through the Mirror lies the land she once called home, a retreat away from, well, everything.

Unfortunately, in a quiet little flower shop down a Canterlot street, who else should she meet, but a face from her past. One who'd rather not be forgotten, twice over.

8.3/10 from the Reviewer's Mansion

Set after most of Season 9 and the Equestria Girls series.

Written for Scampy (whose SunFlower stories are way better than this), and for Valentine's Day 2021.

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam and Gay For Gadot. Thanks, you two :twilightsmile:

Featured on 13/02/2021-14/02/2021.

Cover art by Plainoasis

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A gardener's life is a treasured one, and Princess Luna's is no different.

As like many others, she tends to her flowers, watching them grow, bloom, wither, and fall. Sometimes they help her grow, too, sharing in their stories, entwining them with hers. Such as it has always been, over time immemorial, whether it be friendship or love or the familial ties that bind.

Equestria is the largest garden of all, and their stories are hers to keep.

Chapter II, Orion, is an entry in the Imposing Sovereigns III contest, with the prompt Luna/Kindness. Yes, it's allowed.

Featured from 12/01/2021 to 14/01/2021.

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam, pre-read by SockPuppet, Kizuna Tallis, Doctor Fluffy,TheIdiot, Grace, and daOtterGuy. Thanks, everyone :twilightsmile:.

Cover by OGRE

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For Twilight Sparkle, getting crowned as the reigning Princess of Equestria may have been the easy part. Handling both day and night may not be as much, but fortunately, Luna's there to help. Equestria was her garden once, and now Twilight was its gardener.

But when the amulet gifted to her to move the Sun and Moon begins to break down, and her tongue tied about it, where better for Twilight to talk to her marefriend about it, if not the realm of dreams?

After all, in Luna's own realm and garden, and to the mare she loved, surely, there are few secrets and worries to be kept between them.

Set after most of Season 9.

Featured from 23/06/2020 to 25/06/20.

7.3/10, from My Little Reviews and Feedback

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam, pre-read by SockPuppet. Thanks guys :twilightsmile:

Top Twelve Finalist in the the Right Back At It Again 2020 Shipping Competition.

Part of the Pride and Positivity Event. Donate HERE and HERE to support the cause!

Cover by Amarynceus.

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During a diplomatic visit from King Thorax, Princess Luna discovers that, inexplicably, his brother Pharynx hates her lavender. And for that matter, potted plants in general.

That won't do, of course – even if Pharynx is the new Changeling Prince – and so she'll need to teach him a lesson.

And one lesson won't be enough.

Featured from 18/05/2020 to 20/05/2020, peaking at #4 in the box.
Featured on Equestria Daily! Also featured in Equestria Daily's 38 Fanfics to Read for Luna Day 2020!
9/10, from My Little Reviews & Feedback.
8.8/10 and 8/10, from the Reviewer's Mansion.

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam, pre-read by Valtyra. Thanks, you guys :twilightsmile:

Written for the May 2020 Original Pairing Contest.

Cover by hosikawa_choco.

Author's Commentary

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What does time mean for one that is timeless?

For the one named Galena, it does not concern her much. For as long as she has remembered, she has been given a few tasks to carry out as Mother willed it - to observe this world, and learn from it, too. And she has been given all the time in the world to see it through, for the good of her land and people.

Or, perhaps, in some ways, it does matter. Time changes everything after all, including what one makes of it. And, just maybe, her purpose isn't so set in stone as she thought it was.

9.5/10, from the Reviewer's Mansion.

A standalone piece in the Spectrum-verse. TV Tropes page here!

Edited and Proofread by VoxAdam and Kizuna Tallis - thank's a bunch, you two!

Cover by my good friend Grace - thank you so much :pinkiesmile:

Rated T and tagged sex for suggestive themes and precaution for later down the line.

Based off the character created by Jed R, and inspired by the fairy tale 'The Shepherd Boy', by the Brothers Grimm.

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