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It's A Hellfire, Alright · 11:31am April 16th

On Monday 15th April 2019, at 18:50 (GMT+1), it wasn't London Bridge that was falling down, but the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris which caught fire, for causes as yet unknown at the time of this writing. As so often happens, a work which took a little century to complete – construction on the famous cathedral lasted from its inception in 1160 by Bishop Maurice de Sully until its official completion in 1260 – needed only a few hours to endure great, irrevocable damage. With the fire's

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This should be covered in more detail during a future blog post by a friend, but let the record state that Stephan and Trixie's visit to Ponyville and the subsequent kidnapping were not my idea. Initially, my main contributions to that were Weaver's actions to take out Discord and Trixie, in order to add narrative tension in a setup where the protagonists would otherwise have had an inequitable advantage over the antagonists.

And if you think the Hostage Crisis and Pale Moonlight Arcs revolved solely around Stephan and Trixie, you must not have been paying much attention to the numerous subplots that were added in with the help of other co-writers, such as Vanhoover Company or Doctor Bowman.

2440137 except that only applies to your own stories not other peoples work. If the author wants to rush that's their right and you don't get to have a say in the matter. mores the point you have shanghaied Spectrum and turned it into some long drawn out insipid story about Rene and Trixie and nothing else. you want to write that story do it yourself as a side story and leave Redskins stuff alone.


You might want that to be true so the finger of blame can easily be pointed to one person. I don't like being called a thief, but the plain fact is, if I'm a target of blame right now, it's because apart from juggling with other obligations in my life, I'm the methodical kind of writer who seeks to think through every angle, and that takes time. Something which isn't to the convenience of those who prefer rushing blindly forward.

Shame on you. Shame on you for stealing someone else's story.:ajbemused: I really like how Spectrum was going in the beginning then you came along and changed all of it, you ruined It!


I take offense at you calling me limp. I'd like to consider myself a more dynamic character.

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