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America 2022 - "Gilead Does Not Care About Children. Gilead Cares About Control" · 11:15am Jun 27th, 2022

I am two or three days late to this party, therefore I shall be brief.

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Thank you so much for that; I love that kind of detailed feedback! I must now admit that I am a complete fraud where the philosophy is concerned: I knew only the very haziest notions before I started, and everything else comes from some fairly superficial research. The title picture, as very few people seem to realise (but I'm sure you do) is a nod to the cover of The Unbearable Lightness of Being as seen on the Goodreads site.

As for the background to why I wrote this fic, it seems that the comment I linked to in the long description is no more, so: some years ago, a story called Shutdown by Cupcakes was inducted into the Royal Canterlot Library. Some people found it amusing that a story by Cupcakes would be so good, while a story called "Cupcakes" would be, infamously, so bad. JohnPerry amused himself by reversing the usernames and story titles for the forthcoming inductees. As it so happened, a story of mine was in the queue to be inducted, so John suggested we would be waiting for "It Doesn't Matter Now's existentialist fruit story, Loganberry". For whatever reason, that amused me greatly, so much so that I resolved actually to write an existentialist fruit story -- and, for extra credit, not to make it a [Random]-tagged fic but to genuinely try to fashion a decent story out of the idea. I hope I did that justice!

Hello, 3104939, wasn't expecting this. :pinkiesmile:

I think it's simply that the title drew my eye. Jokes abound on Fimfiction about the word "bucking" and an unfortunately similar-sounding word, but in all honesty, this isn't the place where I'd expect to run across many references to Milan Kundera.

And I felt the story did its premise justice. While I haven't read as much of Kierkegaard or Nietzsche as I probably ought have by now, I have read Sartre and Camus - the latter gentleman having served as my profile picture in all the time I've been on this site.

I thought you did well at presenting existentialist ideas in a manner that was beautifully accessible, and funny too, for how Applejack took note of them to further her practical-minded analogies based on apples and apple pie.

Just thought I'd pop by and say thank you for looking at The Unbearable Lightness of Bucking. It's been a while since I've had a notification for that one, but I've always rather liked it. If I may ask, what appealed about it to you?

To be honest it’s been long enough my memory is pretty hazy. :twilightsheepish:


You're welcome, I just found it a nice, simple dragon story. :pinkiesmile: Ember is one of my favourite non-pony characters. And while I saw Embers of Friendship was written pre-Season 9 and the near-obligatory redemption episode, which makes me curious as to what you thought of 'Sweet & Smokey', I like it when a character such as Garble is portrayed with a little nuance in fanfiction.

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