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Fresh off her graduation, Sunset Shimmer wanted nothing more than a break from the troubles and anxiety that plague her mind. And of course, through the Mirror lies the land she once called home, a retreat away from, well, everything.

Unfortunately, in a quiet little flower shop down a Canterlot street, who else should she meet, but a face from her past. One who'd rather not be forgotten, twice over.

8.3/10 from the Reviewer's Mansion

Set after most of Season 9 and the Equestria Girls series.

Written for Scampy (whose SunFlower stories are way better than this), and for Valentine's Day 2021.

Edited and proofread by VoxAdam and Gay For Gadot. Thanks, you two :twilightsmile:

Featured on 13/02/2021-14/02/2021.

Cover art by Plainoasis

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As I said before, Sledge, amazing work on this! There's so much depth here in what really feels like more than 5.5K words. Sunset's backstory and life before crossing the mirror, her relationship with both Wallflowers, the ultimate implications hinted rather than spelled out... Everything is just so well-done. Very happy to have assisted you with this wonderful story. Thank you, and Happy Valentine's Day to you as well! :heart:

I see two problems here. It's Silver Shoals where Celestia and Luna retired to. So I'm not sure where you got this one.

And Twilight broke that Amulet Celestia and Luna gave her. Not sure why it would be used here. Unless she fixed it. Or you're ignoring the idea that Twilight can do the sun and moon without it.

Nice story either way. Absolute trash ship though. And no, I'm not sorry.

Scampy #3 · Feb 13th, 2021 · · 1 ·

Don't mind me I'm just gonna hide in my closet and cry for a few hours

This was amazing and you're amazing, thank you for this lovely story 🙏🙏

Wonderfully done.


I-A-M #5 · Feb 13th, 2021 · · 1 ·

oofda, mate, not often you see someone misspell their own username.

If you've got issues with a writer's personal canon and opinions on the entirely subjective qualities of ships, maybe keep them to yourself as those don't so much constitute constructive criticism as they do just prove to anyone with half a brain that your critiques aren't worth reading, much less remembering.

Cheers, I'll leave you with a quote you might recognise:

Show canon only matters if you let it.

Posh #6 · Feb 13th, 2021 · · ·

10677341 I wonder where that quote comes from.

Probably nowhere important.

I’d like to think she got that second chance

Damn, this one is going in the favorites.


And thank you so much for your help as well, Gadot :twilightsmile: I'm happy you liked it too! Happy Valentine's Day!


Aw :pinkiesad2: I'm glad you liked it - have a great Valentine's, Scampy, hope it warmed ya 🙏


Perhaps - the door's wide open and all :raritywink:


Thanks! Again, glad y'all have enjoyed this little tale :twilightsmile:



shrug I like the name Seaward Shoals better, so that's what I went with.

And Twilight broke that Amulet Celestia and Luna gave her. Not sure why it would be used here. Unless she fixed it. Or you're ignoring the idea that Twilight can do the sun and moon without it.

I am ignoring it, yes - it's only been a year since she took over, she needs time to really settle in. Also, TwiLuna shipper here, but I have it that Twilight is aware of how much Luna feels about her duties, so she doesn't want to fully replace her here.

Nice story either way. Absolute trash ship though. And no, I'm not sorry.

lol ok

That makes sense. Didn't really get that from the story. But that just might be me.


Mhmmmm. This was like Amending Fences 2.0 + Forgotten Friendship + a whole host of other things that made this story unique and powerful in its own right.



And did... did... y'know what, the story speaks for itself.

Loved it.


And Twilight broke that Amulet Celestia and Luna gave her. Not sure why it would be used here. Unless she fixed it. Or you're ignoring the idea that Twilight can do the sun and moon without it.

Uh- that amulet got fixed by the time of Summer Sun Setback, where Twilight used it for the celebration.


Yeah, I was actually worried this might be too similar to Moondancer, but ultimately there was just enough differences between Sunset-Wallflower and Twilight-Moondancer that it works as a foil, just like how Sunset is a foil of Twilight.

Glad you loved it!

What's this feeling?

My heart just got murdered, yet I feel happy?

The messages forever frozen. I have those. A lot of them.

I gotta say, this ship is really growing on me. It's stories like this that are doing it.

Poor Sunset, so many mistakes. Poor Wallflower...

And yet here they are with another chance. Perhaps it was meant to be.

SunFlower is the truth 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Thanks for the fic. It was both very sad and hopeful.


I try my best to give a light in the dark. Because we could all use more of that these days, don't we? Glad you liked it :twilightsmile:


This is the way

Seaward Shoals and Silver Shoals appear to refer to the same place. Don't know why there are different names, but that's that.

Oh how parallel worlds make relationships complicated. There's two versions of every friend, family, and lover you have...

Me being who I am (TwilightLover), and Sledge being who he is... Well, of course I spotted this. Even in a story about SunFlower. :rainbowlaugh:

“It gets hard from time to time, but I’ll manage. So I stayed here while they went off to Seaward Shoals. They’re fine, and, ’sides, I got a friend of mine living there too, so, no worries.” “Friend of yours?” Sunset asked. She leaned forward, resting her chin on both her hooves. “Yeah,” said Wallflower, throwing her gaze to the side. The tiny smile she now wore warmed Sunset, a little bit. “She moved there, I don’t know, a year ago, went to work at the post office. It made sending the lavender she orders, or letters to her marefriend all the time, way easier. I mean, uh, her sending letters to her marefriend, not that I send letters to her, um… Sorry.”


"Friend" moved to Seaward Shoals a year or so ago.

"Friend" sends letters all the time to her marefriend, along with lavender flowers.

A year or so ago. Mare with marefriend. Lavender flowers. Writer: Sledge115.

TwiLuna detected.

It is Valentine's Day. The day Sledge doesn't do something TwiLuna on Valentine's Day is the day the sky falls and hell freezes and I stop loving Twilight. :twilightsmile:


TwiLuna is inevitable :pinkiecrazy:


Pharynx doesn't really like potted plants, but Princess Luna does. So what better way of getting him to stop ruining her lavender pots, if not with a good lesson or two?
Sledge115 · 9.9k words  ·  189  9 · 2.9k views

Many knew the Princess of the Night as an astronomer, and that was true. She liked her telescope and star-charts very much. But fewer still knew of her gardening, for she only put the flowers up after she had ensured the Moon had risen for the night, and most within the castle were asleep. The only ones in the know were the local florist down the road from Canterlot Castle, and the old castle gardener who’d retired since the Wedding Invasion, as well as some of the castle’s servants on graveyard-shift.

Nice continuity you have there. :twilightsmile:

So I'm still lost on if Human Wallflower is dead or they broke up.

My understanding is that she took her own life. Like Sunset broke up with her because she didn't feel like she was enough for Wally, cuz Wally was still often unhappy despite everything Sunset did for her. To a person like Sunset who, especially at that age, wants to be the hero and save people from anything hurting them coupled with having pretty low self-esteem herself, she probably felt pretty useless and figured Wally was better off without her.

And for Wally--to whom Sunset was everything--it must've felt like a blatant lie to get away from her, like Wallflower pushed away the one person who ever really loved her. She's been miserable and alone for so long and Sunset leaving her--for what would seem to her like reasons that were her own fault--probably had her feeling like things were gonna go back to the way they were before: isolated, unloved, invisible. For a girl who already has canonical suicidal thoughts and pretty much embodies teenagers/young adults with severe self-destructive depression, that... yeah, that could take her somewhere bad.

I think it really goes to show how important communication in a relationship is. Contrary to the all-too-popular belief, people unhappy with themselves can be in a loving relationship, and I think Wally was. It was Sunset feeling like she was couldn't help at all and her doubt in herself that caused them to split up, and it was Wally's lack of trust in her partner that made her think Sunset would willingly just throw her away. If they'd taken the time to really talk to each other, about their own personal issues and how those affect their relationship, I dunno... I think they could've been really happy together. Just one more reason this story is so sad and hopeful.

It's this kind of layered, complex relationship that's so grounded in really messy emotions and mental struggles that makes SunFlower so effing wonderful. It's so real and familiar and yeah it's difficult sometimes, because love is hard and love takes work to build and maintain, and that makes it all the more special and precious in the end. It's not just shipping two characters for the sake of it--there's a chemistry between these two that you just can't get anywhere else. Also SunFlower is canon so that's pretty cool too \o/

Remember y'all, your soulmate is your compliment, not your missing piece.

Wait, whazzat? In the spoiler? Do you have the sauce for that?

Because I can totally

Hello, a review to your story has been posted. I hope you find it helpful. :raritywink:


Thanks for the review :twilightsmile: I'll give it a read in a bit

A cunningly targeted shot to the heart, especially after reading the prequel. Very nice work indeed.


Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:. Though both are meant to stand by themselves, so too are they meant to complement one another just as well.

Howdy, hi!

A review from the mansion to you.


Huzzah! Thanks, heh. I owe you a detailed reply for that :twilightsmile:

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