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A group for the new "villain" in Forgotten Friendship

The rules are super simple. No bullying, or segregation. If you don't like a story then don't read it. Racism, homophobia, and shaming are not tolerated. Those that post hateful comments will be kicked after a warning. If you are or know someone who is being harassed/bullied please pm me.
NOTICE: Any severe actions of the above can result in an instant ban from the group regardless of previous transgressions or lack of.

Stories: Put stories into as many folders as you like but, make sure they are in the correct folder.

(The only exception of this is Mature stories. Please keep them in the Mature folder.)

If not then they will simply be removed without hassle. If there are folders that should be added then let me know!

If anyone wants to make a banner then just put it on the banner thread and I'll take a look. I'll probably alternate them by the seasons and holidays so... any fan art is cool! Just keep it PG

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Werewolf wallflower?

Shannon voices not only Wallflower Blush, but Smolder the Dragon, Silver Spoon and provides Pinkie pie's singing voice as Andrea Libman (Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie's normal voice actor) doesn't sing for Pinkie Pie. She can sing for Fluttershy.

Indeed. Makes sense too since it's Shannon Chan Kent, who also voices Pinkie's singing voice. :heart:

I really like her voice and character design :heart:

Wallflower's a good character, if new.


Story and art within 24 hours of Forgotten Friendship airing and a plushie within a week. I think that makes me a Wallflower Blush fan. :twilightblush:

Greetings fellow Flowerponies. :raritywink:

I know you were probably going by tags, but instead of making a "human" folder maybe a "pony" folder would be more interesting. She's an EQG exclusive character after all, so pony Wallflower stories are going to be rare and probably coveted.

How and when are stories gonna be posted?
I'd add some but there's no folder to put them in

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