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Welcome to Juniper Montage, the group all about Equestria Girls's resident cinephile and most loved character in the fandom.

Group Rules:
1. Stay on topic, naturally. Keep things related to Juniper Montage in more than a tangential manner.
2. No attacking/harassing other users. Period.
3. No name-calling/ad-hominem attacks, no matter how civilly phrased. This includes name-calling by proxy (i.e. "only an idiot would have thought of this idea"). This is a forum for discussion of ideas and only ideas. Keep your gossip on Discord. :P

Good Advice:
A1. Try to articulate your opinions instead of tossing them out there. Your headcanon is not anyone else's headcanon, because people can't see into your heads, nor are you entitled to anyone else liking your headcanon. Thus, attaching actual meat to your ideas, and being sure to frame them as your opinion rather than assumed fact, is a better way to get people to pay attention to them.
A2. Deleting your posts because someone disagreed with you isn't a ban-worthy offense (yet), but it is highly frowned upon, because it nullifies avenues for valid discussion. Do this enough and you'll receive a warning.
A3. All of this (that being, us gathered here to fannishly talk about a one-shot character on a show for tween girls) is far less Serious Business than you think. Try not to harsh buzzes.

More rules and advice will be added as cases come up. For now, the above are the rules, and t (the group mods are the final word on all matters which may arise. Arguing with that word will result in an instant 24 hour ban. Pursuing the argument will result in a perma-ban.

Enjoy yourselves, and for heaven's sake, no spilling soda in the theater! Junie has to clean that stuff up.

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Enjoy a fantastic story about how Mr. Clean gave Juniper Montage a chance in the spotlight!

Mr. Clean and His Magic Eraser

Not all the specials have officially aired yet--Mirror Magic remains in the realm of leaks until tomorrow.

I expect the train to start leaving the station next week.

How are there no stories with her yet?!

Not handy. But if you search derpibooru for her and go to the last page you can find the pictures

I don't look up many merchandise :twilightsheepish: Do you have a link to Juniper's official pony?

So do the Sirens. If you look up the packaging their toys come in.

Wait, she has an official pony form?

After having given it some thought, I think Earth makes sense given that she has a plant-based name. (Although I’m sure earth was chosen simply by virtue of the pony art on her merchandise packaging which seems to favor earth ponies for otherwise non-pony characters.)

Dang she's so adorable! :rainbowkiss: I wish she was a unicorn though, because pony villains are usually unicorns :scootangel:

Mods are asleep, post ponies.

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