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The Everycraftery is a giant mess · 11:35am September 7th

And that's the point, I guess. A jumbled heap of bad puns, wordplay, and writing shenanigans I happen to stumble upon in two in the morning. A contained sandbox for me to explore the many aspects of writing, the English language, and creativity.

And then there's Happily Shimmer After. The one chapter I'm genuinely proud of.

It could've been its own story with a little nudge here and there. Yet, I chose to put that golden nugget in the dunghill that is The Everycraftery.

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I just blitzed through your work, and I love your Kepler. Would having Ben Franklin meeting Fluttershy and her resident family of beavers be too far out there?

There are concepts and drafts, but don't get your hopes up as I'm recently deprived of both ideas and time.

The latter will be regained soon, though.

Just curious...
Will you be writing about the encounters of Galaleo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and the implied Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with Equestria?
I mean, they are mentioned but currently there are no stories of their experiences.

Hmm, ... why do I feel like Mozart will get along with Octavia Melody and Lyra Heartstrings?

Thanks! I appreciate the compliment.

To answer your question: no, I haven't read any of them except for the close "Project: Sunflower" by Hoopy McGee, but I do know of their existence and general idea.

What happens when Earth and Equestria mingle, scientists attempt to logistically analyze magic with their theories?
You, sir ... or ma'am, have achieved in creating these witty, comedic stories.

I love them!
Have you read the "Pandemic" stories or those of "The Conversion Bureau" in this fandom?

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