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Only Princess Twilight and Principal Celestia can save the world, but it's really not their top priority.

Edited by MrNumbers and Kitsunerisu.

The original draft of this story was written as an entry for the second Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Competition.

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  • The year was 1988, and we were in trouble. The terrorists had taken over the skyscraper, and G.P. Prior and I were crawling down the air vents. G.P. Prior said, this isn’t looking good. There’s thirty of them. I said, don’t worry, I have a plan. You go down that vent and rally the hostages. I’ll go up the elevator shaft and have sexual intercourse with the dog we saw earlier. G.P Prior said, what? I said, it’s the only way. Good luck. G.P. Prior said w-what? Wait, don’t go just yet, we—hey. HEY. THAT’S OUR ONLY GUN. WHY ARE YOU LEAVING WITH OUR ONLY GUN IF ALL YOU’RE GOING TO DO IS FUCK A DOG. HEY. YOU PIECE OF SHIT.
  • I opened my chest cavity to reveal my purple, glowing, still-beating heart. Reach for it, I hissed, poison in my breath. Dare to claim what’s rightfully yours. Undome Tinwe said, uh, no. I hissed again, spitting teeth, and said, do it! Foolish mortal, you can’t deny your fate! If one of us is to live, the other shall die today! Undome said for the last fucking time, Aragón, I’m not going to consume your sacrilegious flesh to achieve immortality, just give me the twelve goddamn dollars you owe me. I said Eat my heart! Do it! Undome said dude I don’t care if you have a vore fetish, but stop trying to drag me into it. I said COME ON DUDE I HAVEN’T CUM IN YEARS.
  • I met with Octavia Harmony at the British Museum, and he took the file from my hands without saying a word. I said, the Nazis have stolen a statue containing our ciphers, agent Harmony, and if we want to win this war we need you to take it back. Octavia Harmony said um. Why is this a statue of you naked. Why does it look like this. I said because I enjoy art, agent Harmony, and now if you excuse me— And he said no I more mean, like. Why does it have so many nipples. This is an unnatural number of nipples. I said oh. Uh. That’s just an accurate representation of my—y’know, my mother always told me I had nothing to be ashamed of, so I assumed— And he said dude. Your mother lied. Your mother super lied.
  • Jeffb and I met up to feed the ducks by the riverside every Tuesday, and this unspoken agreement only became more important after the death of our respective wives. I still miss her, I said one day, throwing my last piece of bread at the river. Jeffb said, yeah, me too. He said, it’s especially bad in the mornings, waking up and seeing she’s not there. I said, yeah. I said, sometimes, when I think I can’t handle it, I’ll pick up her ashes and snort them a little. Jeffb said what. I said yeah, just like, grab some and snort them like you do with powdered milk? Jeffb said you don’t snort powdered milk. I said what? He said dude you mix it with cold water and drink it. I said what? You want me to drink my dead wife? and he said, wow. You deserve loneliness.
  • Emlyn Costilow was our coach during that last game, and by the fourth quarter we were losing 75 to 50. In our last time-out, I said, coach, there’s no way! They’re too good! Emlyn said, don’t you worry, guys. I think I know the way to win. I said, really? Emlyn said, yes, and then they opened the door to reveal a golden retriever on the other side. Emlyn said, its name is Air Bud. It’s the best basketball player I’ve ever seen. And I think it’s going to be the key to—Aragón what are you doing. I said hm? Emlyn said, why are you licking your lips every time you look at Air Bud. I said oh, you’re about to find out. Emlyn said what. What do you mean. Why are you pulling down your p—
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  • I was watching a movie with Ross James in late September, when his three-month old baby sister, who was supposed to be sleeping, walked into the room smiled at us with a full set of adult teeth. It said, God cannot see me. Once I’m done, it won’t see you either. Ross James screamed, and said Aragón, what the fuck did you do. I said why do you always assume it’s my fault when a corrupted baby appears. The baby said, I will flay your soul out of your bodies. I will burn your eyes and eat your liver. I said oh, wow. Y-you’ll eat my liver, huh. That’s, phew. Y’know, Ross James, maybe you should run away and find help, I’ll stay here and, ehehe, I’m sure we’ll find a way to— Ross James said DUDE. MY SISTER HAS ADULT TEETH AND WANTS TO KILL US. CAN YOU PLEASE STOP THINKING WITH YOUR DICK. FOR ONCE. I said, hahah. No.
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  • Alamandir walked into the Labyrinth, only to find my two halves blocking the way. One of us can only speak the truth, both halves of Aragón said. The other can only speak lies. You can ask one question to find the way home. Alamandir said wait hold on, but you both said that at the same time. So you obviously can say whatever, right? My one half said what. My other half said oh my God. My one half said are you kidding me. Are you fucking kidding me. I can say the truth? I’ve been able to say the truth all this time?! My other half said oh fuck the shit I’ve said to people. The shit I’ve—I want to die. I want to fucking die right now. My one half said I COULD SPEAK THE TRUTH ALL THIS TIME?! I’VE RUINED MY LIFE FOR NOTHING?! and Alamandir said Jesus Christ, I get why nobody wants to come to this fucking labyrinth now.
  • I was the first one to visit Pearple Prose once he finished moving in. He opened the door with a smile and I said hi! Welcome to the island! I brought you a gift. Pearple said oh, thank you very much! Everybody’s so nice in here. And you brought me a casket of eggs! I can make a mean omelette, if you want to stay for lunch? I said sure! It was right then that one of the eggs cracked, and a tiny Aragón came out. I said, whoops, and quickly crushed it under my hand. I said, sorry, I must have accidentally inseminated that one. The rest are fine to eat, though. Pearple Prose said, uh. Sure. Then he started working on the omelette, using my eggs. He said, you know, this better not, like. Awaken anything in you. I said ah, hahah. Nah. Nah, I’m sure that won’t happen.

Short, sweet, and poignant. It's a very nice character piece between and Twilight and Principal Celestia, and it just feels cozy, like the kind of thing you read in a leatherbound book while sitting by the fireplace with a glass of whiskey by your side and thinking about your granddaughter's upcoming wedding. Which is to say, I really like the tone you've built up in this story, and I need to grab my copy of your book and go find a fireplace somewhere to read before the whiskey wears off.

"Twilight! You have to go through the portal quickly to stop a threat that could destroy the other world!"

"Really, Princess? How much time do I have?"

"Oh, about five hundred and seven years."

"Five hundred and... Let me guess. Time gets to be more relative when you're immortal, right?"

A lovely bit of reflection on aging, responsibility, and the times when you need to tell responsibility to just take five minutes, because seriously, I need some time to wrap my head around everything.

And just a little global peril for flavor.

Thank you for a great read and the contents of tonight's nightmares. I contain multitudes.

That was... really sweet. In a way I didn't expect.

Thanks. This was a good fic, and a perspective I'd never seen before on the immortality thing.

I did always wonder how it would work out with Principal Celestia and Princess Celestia...
My current theory is... Principal Celestia / Luna will simply be always reborn and therefore are a constant to their universe as well... just... just a growing, dying and regrowing one ^^

what comes to mind thou... the shellfire and Twilight's reluctance to do something right now COULD explain global warming...
are we living in a parallel universe to Equestria and we simply don't know it? Or better... only a scares few know it?

Is it me or do Aragon's comedies tend to involve things getting on fire all too often?

Jesus Christ I legitimately paused to think about this while I was coming up with a title and wrote a note for myself going 'stop using fire as a catalyser' cause like, I really do, don't I?

I mean it's a catalyser, so it's not THAT big a deal, it's never the point of the story. Still, I really seem to like setting shit on fire. Wonder what's up with that.

So sweet and heartwarming.

Also interesting to see how things on fire don't phase the principal. The girls certainly left an impression.

I'm not sure whether to be more concerned by that or by the fact that two of the discrete Patreon stories that followed were about you preparing to have sexual intercourse with a dog.

I mean, on the surface. I don't know you; I didn't examine the the subtext in the other stories.

Thing is, I'm 61-- 62 come November. I have an artificial hip (total replacement yet), dentures, failing hearing at times, bad eyesight, and slight nerve damage. So this one struck me a little closer than most here.

Because Princess Celestia, well... is Princess Celestia. But Principal Celestia... is someone I find myself relating to, a bit. (Except my hip, artificial as it is, doesn't hurt-- although I do require a cane from time to time. Now, my feet... don't get me started on my feet...)

Aragon stories are never disappointing. Excellent work as always.

That was very sweet and believable. And by now Principal Celestia probably is a past master at submitting dubious work orders with plausible excuses for the occasional reconstruction jobs at CHS.

This was a very sweet and wistful story, thank you for it.

As for the permanent damage (at cosmic scale) of having a shellfire around for a while, I'm sure it's nothing a cautious and totally safe application of a wendigo can't undo.

Lovely story. Principal Celestia shows real maturity to Twilight when giving some advice. Though I wonder how the shellfire entered the Humane World

'See's an interesting looking story'


'See's Aragon is the author'

'Whips out popcorn' This is gonna be good

Adorable with a side of melancholy, I like it.

On a side note, I couldn't not see Twilight call herself a psychopath after

"Princess Celestia was careful not to raise a sociopath again"

And on any other day, with any other person, she would have said that, and she would have walked back to the greenhouse, and then she would have returned home.
But this time—
“Come on,” Celestia said. “My hip hurts. Don’t make me pull from you all the way through.”
—this time, Twilight just smiled, and walked with Principal Celestia. All the way to the office, and they’d take care of the shellfire later.
And she never let go of her arm.

This is fine,

This was a nice sweet story, and it's easy to forget the instigating factor is everything potentially going up in flames with its easygoing nature. Like a tortoise! Twilight's reaction to Principal Celestia is something I never considered, but it makes a ton of sense that she'd find it interesting, and feel so oddly about it. Great job.

Fire is pretty? It's a primal association since our ancestors tamed it, allowing them to spread across a wide variety of environments? Take your pick. :P

Anyway, I am rather glad to see Twilight showing signs of age here, actually. Far too many stories seem to take as given her bigness equates to a thousand year lifespan.

Daww! Sweet story here, very underated. Thanks for writing!

Very interesting premise and exploration of characters of Celestia and Twilight, that i think is rarely tried or seen. Kind of curious now how it can be expanded upon

“And she looked like she could be my mother. Nopony would ever think she was my mother, because—I mean, she’s Princess Celestia!” Twilight bit her lip. “But she still looked like she could be .”

Projecting a bit too much Twilight :unsuresweetie:

Amazing story. I don't think I've seen a story exploring the relationship between Pony Twilight and Human Celestia.

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