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Pony fan inspired by great writers such as Pen Stroke and Conner Cogwork


This story takes place during Friendship is Magic season 6 and the day before the Equestria Girls set off for Camp Everfree.

It’s the last day of term and Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna are kicking back for a few hours peace after a stressful school year.

Suddenly there’s a ring at the doorbell, but they don’t have a doorbell.

Who has come to see them, and why?

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My biggest issue with the story is the conclusion on what's happening that Twilight comes to. Because it's speculation. A conclusion she jumps to with no real basis to build it on. There was no previous facts to support it, nothing to even make her think that was the case. More so when you add in the fact that the mirror was not built at the castle, or had said castle built around it. As such, there is no logical reason for the way to the human world would be stuck there.

I based this story on the canon provided by the FIM episodes and EQG movies, but not the comics or any other merchandise where there may be other references; consequently I am unaware of your assertion that the mirror was not built at the castle.

Indeed, in the EQG movie Princess Luna states “It has always been kept in the throne room of Canterlot Castle. But when Princess Cadance took over the Crystal Empire, we sent it here for her to watch over.” Anything to do with its earlier life remains unexplained, but in my story Twilight seized on the convenient colocation to develop her initial hypothesis which she then went to Discord to explore further.

In the absence of any further information, this seems perfectly reasonable. After all, any hypothesis has got to be based on a degree of speculation …

Enjoyable read though I felt underwhelmed. There wasn't anything at stake here. Just characters talking of a problem and Discord solving it.

Not bad but the lack of conflict kinda detracts.

As feedback, the paragraphs could use some sprucing up a bit. But other than that, I like the story!

Thank you for the comment - I'm glad you liked it!


why is sunset talking like she knows discord she has never met him and she would only know of his past

Formatting could use some work but you've got my interest.

chaos and chaos it's my life well more like soul and personality but still

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