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This story is a sequel to In Hindsight

(But you really don't need to read the first story!)

The good thing about dating Rarity is that you get to talk to her.

The bad thing about dating Rarity is that you have to talk to her.

Preread by MrNumbers, Void Chicken, Majin Syeekoh, and Melesse Lindenya.

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Due to a series of (increasingly stupid) coincidences, I ended up writing three Rarity stories in a row. I unofficially refer to them as "the Raritrilogy". And I thought, wow, from an outsider's perspective, I'm suddenly super into Rarity, aren't I?

So here's a fourth one, to clear any possible misunderstandings.

Just a bit of fluffy fun, really. This was supposed to be just a tiny epilogue for In Hindsight, but as it grew in size and developed its own character, I felt that it wouldn't really fit that story as-is. Then I thought about it being a blog---but at 3,5k? A sequel will do just fine.

So here's hoping you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it. Think of it as a light snack between more meaty fics!

(Also, Raritwi's pretty baller, yo.)

Due to a series of (increasingly stupid) coincidences, I ended up writing three Rarity stories in a row.

I ended up writing three Rarity stories in a row.

Three Rarity stories in a row

I can empathize with Twilight. I too am terminably unable to detect flirting. I assume. Not like I've ever noticed anyone flirting with me.

In any case, a delightful, adorable, and ridiculous Raritwi moment. Thank you for it.

Absurd and charming as ever, Aragon. Long may you continue to write Rarity, in all her beautiful, terrible, narcissistic, delightful glory.

Light, funny, fluffy, and possibly a cry for help to save you from the toxic relationship you have with MrNumbers. This was a great read where your Twilight and your Rarity really shine through and get to be themselves. Very enjoyable.

Man I love this version of Rarity and Twilight you've got going. A freakin' +!

Hope we get to see that conversation between Twi and Spike.

Geez, I never even thought about the white unicorn thing. Creepy.

I can't help but feel that It's Not Creepy from Friendship is Witchcraft would be quite fitting here.

This was super fun to read. I giggled the whole time. I can't but simply say "Bravo!"

Your potrey of Rarity is one than I like the most about this fics. She is so smart and smooth in them than I enjoy every single time she talks.
I can't decide wich quote of hers I like the most:

And here Rarity squared her shoulders. “Twilight Sparkle,” she said, voice stern. “You’re speaking nonsense, and you know it. You’re trying to convince me that Spike—the very same Spike who bought these magazines.” Her horn flashed, and the magazine she’d been browsing a bit ago floated up. Its cover had more hearts than letters. “Is afraid of talking about love? And you expect me to believe it, dear?”


“Right.” Rarity nodded. “And the moment he got married, you started dating a white unicorn, with blue eyes, blueish mane, Canterlot accent, and hips to die for. But, of course, that was a complete coincidence. ”

They are soo spot on!


Petty Please

Better than the original title, eh? :raritywink:

I don't know how the hell you do what you do. This fic was marvelous perfection.

These conversation pieces are just pure sass and entertainment. I could watch them bicker for hours.

After this and the prequel, rarity just jumped from one of my least favorite ponies my 5th favorite pony, I am an intense Raritwi shipper and will be looking for more, and intensely ship 40% of the Mane 6 ships, I hope you're happy.

I get the feeling I could read tons more of flirting and squabbling and I wouldn't complain. Simply splendid, thank you.

Also, happy birthday! You survived another year, that's something to celebrate. In a general sense, not because it's you. I mean, let's celebrate you, but not because you managed to make it for another year. Which is nice., but not the reason for the congratulations, although it is in a certain sense. I will now shut up...

The cattle's heart weighs lesser than the human sin.

“Betrayed by literature,” she said, her voice barely a whisper. “My worst nightmare.”

I had to stop reading to laugh very hard at this. .

“Right.” Rarity nodded. “And the moment he got married, you started dating a white unicorn, with blue eyes, blueish mane, Canterlot accent, and hips to die for. But, of course, that was a complete coincidence. ”


The more Rarity stories, the better.

I did indeed. This was a very Aragon story, which is always enjoyable.

(And, as a co-incidence, it came on my birthday (I've got fifteen of 'em on you, apparently), so it was a nice to start to the day as well.)

There we go. In the featured box where it should be. Glad this spaghetti and amazeballs story found its home.

And you can help other stories just like it to, by donating to 1-800-HELP-THEM. The more stories we save from the abyss of terrible fanfics, the better.

Don't forget by donating, you get a free card. And the free card comes with a limo. And the limo —

this is amazing. it's amazing because it is just two people having a conversation. like, that's it. it's a totally believable conversation that goes exactly the way conversations actually go. they meander, they twist, the subject changes radically throughout, and though attempts are made to get it back on a specific point, it never quite gets to the exact same spot. close, maybe, but never right on topic. i read an honest-to-god, completely normal conversation. and that made me realize how rare that is. even rarer to be done in a well-written, enjoyable manner. this is a gem. thank you for it.

These two are adorable together! :heart:

I say, we need a sequel. One where Twilight gives Rarity a good talk about her feelings!

I know who Spike wants to moving on with.

You should really continue this!

Nice story. The dialogue is the antithesis of stilted.

I'm always uncomfortable when someone reveals they know something about me that I don't know about myself, but then I'm an introvert.

They start sounding like a rather dysfunctional couple... And end like an excellent one. No idea how you managed that, but it was wonderful. As the white unicorns hips :pinkiehappy:

“This is how we flirt? ”

Oh, honey.

Cute, with a nice bite to it. Lovely to see that miscommunication in a couple doesn't need to just be stumbling over words and awkward innuendo; I imagine Twilight's a fairly capable verbal fencer, but that Rarity outclasses her through years of experience.

If it's any consolation to Twilight, I'm not convinced those magazines count as literature. ...He said while commenting on fanfiction. Further... yeah I dunno. Open to love talk or not... having that discussion with the older sibling who stole your crush... I'm not sure how constructive that'll really be. Lastly, Shining Armor got married years ago, unless this is taking place back in canon time. Which it might be, given they're in a library. Assuredly her castle has one too, though.

Eh, my point is Rarity really manipulated this conversation in a way that almost feels mean spirited. Which is not me saying it wasn't entertaining or believable. Just... If it's this Rarity, maybe Spike dodged a bullet. Best of luck, Twilight.

Have another upvote, and as many others have mentioned feel free to see this sort of thing as a go to during long fic breaks. Thanks for writing.

Honestly would think the Luna approach would be best.


Jeez, I can't see why Twi would date Rares if she was going to act so superior all the time like this shows her.

I do not know why I only read this now. In Hindsight was beautiful, and this even more so.

I have lately come to the conclusion that petty Rarity is best Rarity.

Came back to this story, decided to read the comments afterward, and your profile pic fits your statement perfectly. :rainbowlaugh:

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