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Aw. Poor GhostOfHeraclitus, spurned unknowingly by myself in favour of you. (I'll go and read some of his stuff now, I'm sure it's very charming.)

Oh, I do like your writing. Moments was a very powerful story, with one of the finest, strongest Twilight voices I've read. The change of mood from despair to a strange kind of determined hope in any sort of potential future was terribly touching.

I'm also a little in love with your short stories, I devoured all the ones in The Twilight Zone in a single happy gulp. I especially enjoyed the pieces involving Celestia (Happy Thoughts, Game of Immortals and Celerity). Three very different ways of looking at her, all written very, very well.

Thanks for reading my stuff and favoriting some of my good stories instead of my clickbait! :pinkiehappy:
I like your favorites list.
Also, thanks for following me before following GhostOfHeraclitus! Hah, take that, Ghost!

I'm very glad that you've enjoyed my works, even these little bits. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me.:pinkiesmile:


Oh, I think I love the final story best; where Cadance and Shining Armour are on a wheel of reincarnation, fated to meet and fall for each other again and again. Celestias' voice is very beautiful in it, loving and nurturing, and you've miraculously avoided making her sound patronising at the same time. I'm not entirely sure how it could be expanded though, it's a rather perfect little gem as it stands.

I think the one that would best bear expansion is "Hello" where Discord ponders Celestias' birth. There is a world of gloriously dark, understated wickedness in his lines in this short, all the way from "I am Discord, and I hate your Daddy" right to that final, killer line.

I enjoy all your stories immensely, I'm working my way through them slowly. Certain Advantages is my favourite so far, there came a point where I could no longer read for the tears of laughter (the bit with the unfortunate Dogs praying to their Snoopy God). It's perfectly plotted, scripted silliness.

Hey, Ianthe! Thanks a bunch for adding my Fever Dreams to your Favorites bookshelf. If you could have one made into a larger story, which one would it be?

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