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Not really a fan anymore. But, I'll check in occasionally.


It's Hearth's Warming Eve! Everypony is excited. Especially Rarity, who will do everything in her power to get Twilight and Discord to kiss under the mistletoe. Simple, right?

Takes place in the I Found Love universe.

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Comments ( 13 )

:moustache: Aw come on!
:pinkiehappy: Don't worry Spike you're next
:twilightsheepish: Pay back's a pony
:flutterrage:NOW KISS!
:ajbemused: you two can stop
:twilightoops: Spike! Rarity!
:flutterrage:Spike? Rarity? You can stop now. . .please If you want to...Spike? Rarity?
:pinkiegasp: Wowzer!
:rainbowlaugh: Get a motel room you two!
:moustache::raritywink: you started it!:facehoof:

The rare and elusive Twicord shipper. Well done. (I still ship Fluttercord BTW. It's just nice to see that people have their own opinions.)


"Did you drink too much punch or something?" Discord inquired, earning himself a smack from Twilight. - Well aren't we imbuing DV as solutions....

But what is seriously unforgivable is that you wrote it without using the pun in punch to give Discord a punch for spiking the punch - You shall be haunted by the spirit of Pinkie for not invoking the punch puns in such a situation...... :pinkiecrazy:

7013987 OH, please SPARE me, Pinke!!!! I'm sorry.:raritycry:
I will do my best to be more punny in the future. :ajsmug:

Subalty is for the WEAK HA HA HA HA HA!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Awee.... :pinkiesmile:SO KAWAIIIIIIIII:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::flutterrage:

Brilliant, thumbs up.



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