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Twilight Sparkle is a brilliant student at Canterlot University, but is extremely antisocial and doesn't want to make friends. When Professer Celestia offers her an A in chemistry for the rest of the year just to tutor a chaotic student who's failing, it's an offer she can't refuse. What happens when she finds herself not only befriending her new pupil, but also falling in love with him?

Sometimes, with a bit of love, chaos can be organized.

AU, Twilcord/Discolight

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5003210 thanks! That's where the inspiration for this came from actually, but I thought it would be interesting to have them be students rather than teachers and discord as his chaotic self haha

I won't!

This sounds interesting. I would read it now, but I am in the middle of a brainwave and need to get my current ideas onto the computer before I lose them.

I will read this tomorrow morning, just after breakfast.

5004048 hahah that's completely fine. I hope you enjoy your read!

5005598 I have read it now. Please go on. This is now in my Favorites.

It says romance. DiscoLight is one of my favorite ships.

5006043 I will go on, don't worry! And yep, I am a hopeless romantic after all . ;D

... tried not to facedesk ...

i believe it is headdesk.
but this will be interesting. you now have a stalker.

5030119 well, it's more like facepalming or whatever, so that's why I did that versus head desk. :) but awesome!

Wurd #9 · Sep 25th, 2014 · · · 1 ·

5003210 oooh! You know about those comics too! :3. They are my favourites! :D

I luv this! :3 I'm looking forward to future chapters! :3

Made it to this DiscoLight story first, 6ix. XD

5052193 yea...hosestly a Discord and Twilight shipping never even entered my mind. But the artist drew it so well I was convinced to give it a try :)

5052195 Thank you! <3 it will be updated saturdays~

MOAR! :flutterrage:
*ahem* please. :twilightsheepish:

Must read more!!! *coughs* when will the romance start? *blushes* just a twicord shipper sorta...

5065732 hahaha don't worry, just wait for Saturday

5066480 eh, but this way has a guaranteed a for the entire year ;D

5067877 soon, don't worry! <3

5069749 Will do! :3 :twilightsmile:
Ill be there...waiting....:pinkiecrazy:

5069956 nahhhh that wouldn't be any fun then haha

3 o clock.

Should be Three o' clock.

Any numbers less than one hundred should be expressed in word form.

5128830 changed, thank you!

OMG I am loving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::heart:

Very nice story. I would have liked it to be longer and tell maybe about a fight or other issues, not a sudden jump to the end of the school year. Fun story to read though. Great job.

All I know is there better be more of this!! :raritycry: Or i will be terribly upset Darling... :raritydespair::ajsleepy::fluttercry:

A little too short and lacking in much conflict, and I would have liked if they ever brought up that Discord needed a little order in his chaos (thus counterparting Twilight neatly) but otherwise very good. I liked it.

5186702 I finished it up, don't worry! Sorry it couldn't be longer, I have to wear a splint for three weeks and it makes it harder to just do everything in general, including typing.

5185827 Thanks! Sorry about the sudden end, it's mostly because i got a splint I have to wear for three weeks, and it makes everything a lot harder, including typing.

5187535 ohhhh that would've been a really good idea! Sorry about the shortness and lack of conflict, it's mainly because I have to wear a splint for three weeks and it makes everything harder to do, including typing.

5187585 Sorry to hear that. Maybe you can make a sequel and add what happened during their year together, when the split is removed.

5187832 Maybe, but with school homework and everything.. Maybe during the summer, I'm not so sure. it's a definite maybe

Wow. Read this whole story in the span of 40 minutes. Short, and a little too fast paced for myself, but all in all, an enjoyable little story. I thought the idea was cute, and especially well done. I adored the way you wrote Discord's interaction with Trixie. He really showed her, didn't he? Reading your version of Discord and Twilight has given me some inspiration for my own stories involving them. Thanks for posting, it was a blast to read! :pinkiehappy:

5575360 Thanks so much! I hope your stories go well~

I see Celestia has been hanging out with Cadance:trollestia:

Oh, this is simply hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

For such a short story, it sure was beautiful and touching :twilightsmile:

She's asocial, not antisocial. There is a very clear difference between the two.

He interrupted her. "Then you take back what you said before? That they don't deserved to be honored just because they are different?"

Sugababes - Ugly


Very good:twilightsmile:

Never, and I mean never, would I have thought I would come across an author who has celestia say that you need chaos in your life.

Professor Celestia took a deep breath and exhaled, smiling to herself. It had been the end of another school day, and her classes went well. Finally done cleaning up the classroom and getting everything she needed to get done, she decided she deserved a cup of coffee before she left the university.

Princess Celestia nodded at the several bulletin boards all labeled 'Get Twilight Sparkle Some Love'.
Most of them were crossed out, but never fear! For she had eternity to do so.

Because even the most organized egghead, she mused, needs a bit of chaos in their lives. She smiled, before writing two A+ on the transcripts, and placing the transcripts into the pile. --

Celestia checked the 'Get Twilight Sparkle Some Love' box.

I know this was written a long time ago but it was still really fun to read! Short and sweet. Great story! :heart:

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