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Twilight has discovered a new power though she is unaware of what type it is. Before she can truly being experimenting; another evil begins destroying Equestria. With all options exhausted Cadance, Celestia, Luna and Discord send Twilight to an alternate dimension that may have more resources to help them fight this new big bad.

Now Twilight must deal with a younger Celestia and Luna, attempt to control random bursts of her new power and deal with a curious Spirit of Chaos while also completing her research.

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Oh boy, this is going to be fun! Can't wait for more!

Can't really judge it by now. But definitely interesting enough to follow. Bu I think the supposed Twilight-Discord-relationship needs some polishing. Unlike a -for example- Twiluna relationship, it doesn't seem come naturally to both characters. You should probably write some more about how it came to be, what they see in each other and how their relationship works.
Just keep it up, your story has potential.

Need to read more! Please continue

Please continue this I like the direction of this story is going not to mention a alicorn twilight that cant control her magic I've been looking for a story like this for a while now so hope you continue this.

This has a lot of potential and i'll be watching for more chapters. I do think you should get someone to help with your punctuation, I see a few errors. It really doesn't distract from the story too much, but it would help.

King Discord that's going to need some getting used to. :facehoof: Good chapter thought, can't wait for the next.:twilightsmile:

HOW OLD ARE THEY!? Luna is not a adult and she is already a queen? I feel bad for these people, their rulers are teens...

5209352 Well, he only wrote "Air of Youth" and not that she was actually a teenager. By Alicorn standarts, Twilight is also still in her youth, yet that does not necessairily mean that she is a bad ruler. Still, I would guess tht inthis Universe not mchtime has passed since Celestia and Luna ascended or showed up, depending on their backstory

Cant wait for the next chapter this one was pretty interisting and King Discord has a nice touch to it.:twilightsmile:

Awesome there's an update, love how Twilight predicts Discord I find it rather amusing.

com on this story is nice
please continue

I hope you continue this story is getting good.:pinkiehappy:

I'm hoping they aren't anthropomorphic. Other then that i like the 1st chapter

This is a fun story. Hope you continue


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