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The Warden Cerberus Takes Roll · 11:16pm May 22nd, 2013

I'm sure you all have realized by now I haven't updated Static World in over two months. So first off, I apologize for that. I most certainly am still working on it. I just got a new job and things have been hectic. I am also currently in the process of moving, but I expect things to settle down soon.

However! The chapter is coming along nicely and I might be posting it Soon(tm)! Until then though, enjoy this snippet from a future chapter of Static World:

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I was the last comment left here 30+ weeks ago, so let me be the first to say: welcome back, and thank you! You were right, our patience was rewarded.

Here's the blog post. I have my own little slice of TwiLuna as well, but like yours, real life has taken a toll on my time and motivation to write. Abandoned, no, but definitely not updating like I once could.

Thanks! I promise I haven't abandoned it. Work, and commuting to and from it, has just been rather time consuming as of late.

P.S. I'd love to see the blog post you did on it!

If it matters, here's a gentle nudge to let us, your adoring public, have a little more Static World. It's brilliant stuff, and it's positively criminal that it hasn't received more attention. Discord playing the long game, pitting Celestia against Luna, maneuvering Twilight to give him what he wants bit by bit, Twilight juggling rule of Equestria and her relationship with Luna - it's addictive and wonderfully done. I plugged it in a blog post a while back along with some of my other favorites. In my eyes Static World is (or should be) one of the fandom's flagship TwiLuna stories, right alongside Within and Without, Apotheosis, and Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying. Whatever you've got in the pipeline, I know it'll be great - just don't leave us waiting too long!

To be perfectly honest, there were so many typos in that post, I'm not sure if that person was insulting or praising my Discord. So... :unsuresweetie:

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