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AU. Based on the first season. Twilight and Celestia begin to drift apart due to a misunderstanding. Will Luna speak up and repair the breach, or will she remain silent to keep her new friend, Twilight, all to herself? What other challenges will face everypony involved because of this new relationship?

It's a simple little love story. Unfortunately, love's not simple.

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Remember this from Fanfiction.net

This is really good and totally worth reading.

Hey! Good to see you here.I read your story before and it's pretty damn good.Love the way you go with luna and twilghts' interactions and how luna gets to know twilghts' friends.Looking forward to your updates!Seeya!

This has been read to a bunch of people live in Second Life over the past few weeks. We all love it! :)

I'm curious; have you posted this story before? Possibly on Fanfiction? Because I know I've read a story with the same title, and the story sounds like the one I'm thinking of.

It's the same story. Which is good, because I was following it on FanFiction, and it hasn't updated there since 15th April. Hopefully it'll be continuing along further here?


eta: Also, didn't someone draw an awesome picture based on this story at some point? You should totally use that as the cover image.


Yes, it's the same story that was posted on fanfiction.net. Mostly at least. I've made some minor revisions as far as grammar and spelling go, so hopefully this version is a better read. I'll be continuing the story on both sites since several people have contacted me that they would prefer to read it on here rather than on fanfiction.net.


I'm glad you liked it, and it would have been interesting to hear it read aloud. Hopefully it sounds better than it reads.


I'm waiting for someone to draw a picture of Twilight swooning in Luna's arms while Celestia has just burst through a door in the background looking stern. I think it would fit if Luna's hair were swept back like Fabio's too.

(from chapter 1 A/N)
Are you gonna put the sex scene back, maybe in a separate chapter of it own?

Oh wow, I remember this story. It was brilliant.

:yay: It is here!

Now all the stories I am really interested in are here!


about time... i was getting a bit sick of having to go back to fanfiction to keep looking for it to see if had been updated or not.


Good to see this here!

Haha! :pinkiegasp:

Its here, its finally here, the best pre-S2 Luna there is!!! :yay:

Now, does this mean you are going to update it? I mean, that cliffhanger of yours was too much of a cruel twist :raritydespair:

Yes it is here, what a glorious Day, one of the Stories that majorly got me into TwiLuna shipping a.deviantart.net/avatars/h/a/happyprincesslunaplz.png cannot wait for Chapter 6 or an Update whatever maybe sooner :twilightblush:


It's here! It's here! Finally it's here!

Ahhh, this cliffhanger, this horribly awesome cliffhanger :raritydespair: :rainbowkiss:

But Im guessing the next chapter is close, right? :ajsmug:


Yeah, I sent the next chapter off to my editor about a week ago, so hopefully we'll be able to hash out an acceptable version in a week or two. As it stands, It's slightly over 25k words, so look forward to that.

I can't wait for the next chapter

Wow! I'm so happy! I thought you were dead l0x0r. I'm really glad you're not. :heart:


Man, I'd COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN about that action with the renegade ex-captain at the end there, re-read the whole thing. :D Can't wait for the next chapter.

Adding this to my folder for a rainy day and for the awesome title.

So this fic made it here finally? Awesome! Here's hoping it gets updated soon.

You're here! IT'S HERE! Omigosh, the fanfic that started it all for me is here! This is what got me excited about FiMfics, and even inspired me to write my own! You might remember me as wrabbit75 from FF.net, but here I'm just Wrabbit. Dunno if you remember, but I helped you edit this story there. Sorry to gush, but this story is special to me. :twilightsmile:



Magnificent, I will be waiting eagerly :scootangel:

There was a sex scene? :V

Sex scene, wait, what?

Good to see one of my all time favourite stories now on fimfiction. :twilightsmile: Even better is that it's being updated soon! :yay:

my fucking god this found it's way here! Now i can track is so much more easilly!

Apples and Apple Accessories eh? It pulled me from applejack's voice into hank's, and that turned every paragraph with AJ from then on... into a funny state of weird. Not bad. Long chapters though. Took me an hour to read this one.

You sir. I have nothing to say... Because I am speechless. Thank you for writing this is the least...


Replace Blue Blazers name with Storm Dancer and boom, the story becomes Static World. I dont know which story came first, I'm thinking yours did but still, the setting are exactly the same, what happens is exactly the same: twilight gets captured, Luna gets her magic abated. The only difference is how Luna handled it all by herself (fuck yeah!) instead of how the whole main cast was there. And then what about Shining Armor!


999768 You guessed right, this story's been around for a loooong time. :twilightsmile:

After managing to read the whole of this story in two days... THAT CLIFFHANGER! :flutterrage:

At least i know it'll be updated Soon(TM). :eeyup:

Very good read, i would very much recommend setting aside time for two or three chapters worth, every time you sit down to read this story. It's seriously that good.

21k words in this chapter and at the core of it all they did was go to AJ's farm for a day.
That's freakin EPIC!
There was so much detail, and everything was developed so well.
You gave AJ more depth than the bloody show does!
This story is awesome, and I'm definately reading it all.
Course it doesnt hurt that it's TwiLuna =P

So that pained expression Mac gave to Twilight during dinner, does he have a thing for her?

Bad ending:
Luna better doesn't get a concussion where she loses her mind and forgets what happened with Twilight that entire week.
Good ending:
Twilight helps luna out of the (cave?) chasm and both talk about their feelings. Celestia finds Blue Blazer and asks what happened. He says that they are death and fell into the chasm yadiyadiyaaa

This is one of the best stories I've read in a long time. Not just counting online either. It's even better than a lot of books that I've read recently and I was amazed to find out that so far this story is longer than the first three Harry Potter books which happen to be the last few I've read (damn by the way). It has become a story dear to me in many ways already. Your characterization of Luna flows so well with the conflicts presented to her and I cannot wait for an update as that cliffhanger has left me in terrible suspense! This has made my heart surge with joy at times and at others has brought tears to my eyes. I hope you don't mind if when you're done I print this out and bind it so as to have a paper copy I can read any time! It really is that good in my opinion.


Go ahead. I for one am going to print it out, and bind it really nicely, and then display it on my coffee table. When curious visitors ask about it, I'll proudly tell them, "It's a story about magical lesbian ponies."


I was thinking of the prisoner ending, where a large bubble chases them down, and seems to suffocate them, then Luna wakes up and at first thinks it might have been a dream or a psychedelic hallucination, but then there's some minor clue that makes it seem like it was all real.


It's best to approach this story with the assumption that everypony has a thing for everypony. Only some ponies more so.


What can I say? I like apples. After researching them, I now regret not entering the exciting and fascinating world of pomology. As for this story being Twiluna, it might not be the best ship, but it looks like it's going to be the one I'm sailing straight to the bottom.

Thanks everyone who has commented so far, and hopefully the next chapter won't be a disappointment after that nasty cliffhanger.

I remember this on FF.net! This story is great. Tempted to re-read but it's already night here. Bah who cares, It's amazing. Anything I can say about this fic has already been said by others so I'm just leaving my mark here. :twilightsmile:


Could have told an entire paragraph of what i was thinking ^^
But i don't want to spoil it for the rest letting my ideas run wild.

Anyhow your idea looks interesting aswell. I don't know how it will end up cause every idea is unique but since the entire story has been a good read i will trust you with the ending aswell :p.
Good luck!

great opening chapter!:pinkiehappy:
on a different note: sex scene?dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_TwilightWut.png was there really one earlier? it just seems so out of place, that i have a hard time telling if you're kidding or notdl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Twilight_Sparkle.png

Rarity tilted her hat up contemplatively. “All three of ‘em at Rarity’s huh? Ah guess ah’d better head over there and give her a hoof. Those three can be a bit rambunctious, and Rarity’s not the most patient of ponies.”

I think you mean Applejack.

Looking forward to more, I hate this cliffhanger bro, y u do that to us?

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