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I write about Rari-Twi, Twi-Luna, Twi-Lestia, and combinations of these. On a long hiatus. Thanks for reading!


After Nightmare Night, Luna invites Twilight to tea, and they start spending more time together. Princess Celestia teases Luna about it sometimes.

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Interesting... I wonder what'll happen.
I grant you 4 staches and a track :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Tracked and submitted to some of the appropriate groups.

A very interesting beginning! If this is how you mean to continue, I have no hesitation on placing this story on my tracking list.

Keep up the good work!


The only thing that really stood out grammar wise was "I’m sure your agenda is much fuller than mine.", It just doesn't seem to flow as a sentence compared to the rest of the chapter,
Other than that though I enjoyed this chapter, tracking to see where it goes :twilightsmile:

Tracking with excitement. :pinkiesmile: I like the feel of the story, seems like Slice-of-life.

Celestia obviously couldn't be bothered to teach her own sister how to behave in the new Equestria...
That's Princess Trollestia for you. :trollestia:

Im definitively tracking this! :D:twilightsheepish:

Very well written. I look forward to some more:moustache:

Congratulations on getting featured. :yay:

Twiluna? Huh, I haven't read any before now. Now that's just odd.

Tracking, of course!

a good start:pinkiesmile:
now keep it going:yay:
EDIT: grats on beeing featured

A new pony ship? Awesome!

Twilight and Luna? Ah-hah! The fun has been doubled!
No, but seriously, great story. :twilightsmile:

Very nice, can't wait to see this one.:twilightsmile:

Wow, has Princess Celestia never considered that Spike might be bothered by the problem of having letters passing through his internals?

moar, and longer! I quite enjoy this ship and enjoy the direction you are coming from with it.

Whoa, that was a nice beggining! I can see that something awesome is incoming, so i'll track it. You got me interested! I'll facourite and like, well.. if you don't mind. :fluttershyouch:

~Morning Dart


*Looks at episode 2, season 2* Nope. :trollestia:


Then again, Celestia has never been present when he recieves letters so she may just be unaware of the discomfort it causes.

Starfall? XD No offense to the pre-reader, but all I can think of from that name is Soraka, and the LoL parody song Wish! XD

Still, this is most intriguing! Tracking this!

~ Moonstone, Minstrel of Equestria

nice setup, tracking

Me gusta!
Tracking. :twilightsheepish:

The friendship has been doubled!

What is this 'English' of which thou speaks?

Looking forward to another TwiLuna.

This was a rather sweet little tale. I particularly liked seeing a happy Luna. I do have to wonder about the use of "English" to identify the language though.

You write well. :) I look forward to reading more. I hope this blossoms into some cute romance :). :twilightsheepish: Also, you said "kind, kind" toward the beginning I think. Might want to fix that repetition. :)

Definitely an interesting beginning. Once where a plot is being established but many possibilities for expansion present themselves. I am quite curious to see what happens next. Let the stalking, er, I mean tracking commence.

Tracking with great interest :twilightsmile:

This is looking very interesting. I can't wait to see more!

I liked it, and am going to fav and track this. But please, please, PLEASE make one minor change.

Change the word "English" to "Equestrian". Just because they are speaking in english on from our side of the screen doesn't necessarily mean their speaking actual English.

oh, and naturally....MOAR!! NOWZZ!!

Some TwiLuna is always nice. Tracking!

247076 Thanks for the :moustache:s and the track!
247080 Thanks :twilightblush: You're really fast!
247124 Eyuup!
247166 I'll see if it can be improved on, thanks :twilightsheepish:
247348 Glad you think so~!
247354 Thanks! And there's the sad tag...
247375 Time has passed but in Luna Eclipsed she still acts like that... perhaps Celestia didn't want to be too motherly and over-caring? Occasionally reminding her but not really emphasizing it.
247381 Thanks :rainbowkiss:
247394 Yay, thanks!
247448 I was astounded... I thought they usually mostly feature EqD stuff and I've seen some trollfics and pretty much HiE... I'm so honored that this was featured :raritystarry:
247567 It's one of my favs, and there are plenty of great ones out there :)
247637 Yep yep~ and thanks! :D
247755 Pony shipping's awesome :heart:
247833 Thanks! Doubled doubled and let's hope Celestia's not too teasy...

247845 Glad it did :twilightsheepish:
247918 Hope I can get the next one out soonish.
248018 :trollestia: ...She trollin' don't care? :facehoof:
248021 Thanks!!! And glad to hear you want longer:twilightblush:
248096 Of course I don't mind, :raritywink:
248140 She don't even care if Spike's like regurgitating 3 times a minute...
248326 I felt horrible for him when watching that episode :rainbowlaugh:
248339 Perhaps... :trollestia:
248372 Thanks :twilightsmile: And I found the song on youtube LOL
248650 Thanks for tracking!
248659 :twilightblush: Y no Luna icon~
248675 Thank you~ glad you liked it :twilightsmile:
248975 Kyoot :heart:
249115 Thanks for pointing that out!!! :twilightoops:
249404 Yeah, I can't believe I didn't find something wrong with that... fixed!
249693 Thanks! I recognize you from dA:twilightsheepish: I wanted to emphasize that Luna really found her kind?
249761 Glad you think so! But then there's a sad tag... it's there, must be a reason:fluttershysad:
249807 Thank you~:raritystarry:
249991 Thanks, I'm working on the next one, but I'm thinking of making it longer...
250014 I'm really grateful for your suggestion :raritystarry: I've fixed it and I apologize for not noticing that before:twilightsmile:
250039 :heart: Twi-Luna:twilightblush:


"Very well, we shall meet anon!" - wut
"And you’re starting to get used to the new Equestrian now!" - What do you mean by Equestrian?

I'm excited to see where this goes! :twilightsmile:

This is interesting. We'll have to see where this leads to, but from the first chapter, the good writing, I think it will be great. I liked Twi-Luna in the past.

250373 'Equestrian' as in the language, e.g. 'modern Italian'. Not sure what your other query was about?

248372 Never heard of it, I'm afraid. :rainbowderp: The name comes from my OC pony.

250076 Oh, we've talked on DA before? Can you remind me lol?

This is the only thing that came to my mind when she mentioned dragon scribe,


must have moar rawr:heart:


"anon" means later, or the older form meant immedately. :twilightsmile:

I like it so far, very simple, but it felt way to rushed, at some places more than others, perhaps because you want to get the part that interest you? But nonetheless you got me hooked so far, tracking.

Think its great so far an instant track for me :pinkiehappy:
And Nice Picture Mr.Ghast I was lol'ing :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, okay. To me, anon == anonymous.


Online Webster is your friend. :twilightsmile:

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