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“It’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other peoples’ expectations. They produce their worst work when they do that.” - David Bowie


When a charity organization asked Luna to speak at a dinner, she agreed without a second thought, and refused all help writing her speech.

Now the speech is tomorrow, and she has bupkis.


Written for the Bean's Writing Group prompt "Frustration".

Featured from 11/08 - 11/10/21, peaking at the number 3 spot. Thanks, everypony.

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Cute slice of life. Dialogue felt quite natural.

Good story.

Is this in the same universe as the Four Demons, or is it a coincidence that Luna and Twilight are here together too?


A lot of my stuff is in a loose canon, this was more just something I added some TwiLuna fluff to. I’m not sure it really has a place to slot into amongst my other stories.

Nice day-in-the-life-of story. Nothing more than trying to be creative on a schedule to make things hard.

Seeing as literally the only thing that ties this into your other stories is the Twiluna, I say this fits into none of them.

When writing a speech, the following phrase is a giant blinking red light on the dashboard “If you don’t want to ask for help here, would Princess Twilight be an acceptable alternative?”

From Estee's Twilight Sparkle Cancels Herself:

"Your political position is purest idiocy."

-- and went generic.

The room wasn't silent. There were so many species within, some of which had their own ways of breathing. It was just that the inhales and exhales seemed to be cancelling each other out.

"I disagree with everything about those positions," Twilight told the gathering entire, doing so in every language at once. "Because to identify myself as associating with anything about them would make me into just as great an idiot. Which I clearly am not, because as I just stated, stupidity's most obvious identifier would be agreeing with you. I had to repeat that, because you're stupid. Your positions are inferior. Anti-intellectual, which goes with the local lack of intellect. Frankly, the only way you could have taken your current role of leadership was through exercising fraud within your system of advancement."


Clearly, having read some of Luna’s earlier attempts, Shady figured Twilight had a disposition more in line with Luna’s attitude toward the affair. :twilightsmile:

"Crap, that's due tomorrow?" - The one thing I wanted to hear after reading the description.

Hi...um...here :twilightblush:

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