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Cedric Bale

No thanks.

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Majin Syeekoh
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Thanks for faving The Great Equestrian Novel!

Thanks for the favorite! I really appreciate it!

Hey Cedric! Thanks very much for your honest and useful comments/feedback and your fave and all that stuff. Please take my thanks. I know it's just a weird copy-paste thing, but it certainly doesn't mean I don't mean it as hard as a frozen banana. =)


Parents sure can be stressful. Especially if they're completely bat-wing insane!
Still, I'm glad we had this little talk. It was... interesting.

Thank you very much for the favourite and the support of this silly story, and I hope we can have a few more talks in the future.


- KR

Aaah, yeah, that meaning that Celestia couldn't or wouldn't break her routine didn't quite reach my logic center. :twilightsheepish:

(biggest spoilers for chapters 2-5 blanked in case others read this)
We've already seen, in the loop with the teachable moment, the starting circumstances of Twilight's loop change in a way that reflects on most of your questions. In Chapter 6, we'll see (mild spoiler for you) the location of the anchor change as well. Some of the others will be touched on very significantly in later chapters but you'll read those when you get to them. :twilightsheepish:

I had hoped that this paragraph in Chapter 2 would explain why Celestia hasn't pulled Twilight's loop forward:

Celestia sighs. "That puts us at a stalemate. When I change the past to stop her before you cast this spell, then she changes her tactics to launch pinpoint strikes at our most valuable and least guarded assets, and I haven't been able to halt her invasion without … unacceptable losses. I had to let her set the stakes, and then delay until she was irrevocably committed to this invasion. Now I need to break our parity, and you're a resource she can't counter."

… but, looking at it again, the implication is pretty weak. More explicitly: The changeling infiltrators are watching her, and start their attack as soon as Celestia breaks routine. Her ditching her morning duties and going to the library with Twilight would set off the invasion early. As she points out in Chapter 4, the less time between the start of the invasion and the Elements' arrival on the evening train, the less damage they can do.

Given what we saw at the end of Chapter 4, that reasoning may no longer apply.

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