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This story is a sequel to The Celestia Code

When the monsters created by the dark crystal engine escape their prison, it's up to Princess Twilight Sparkle to deal with them. She gets help and advice from Princess Luna, but things don't go as planned. In fact, when a pony who relies on logic and rationality tries to navigate the stormy seas of emotional entanglement while simultaneously saving Equestria from a horde of evil creatures intent on destroying everything they encounter, nothing goes as planned.
AUDIOBOOK by VisualPony
WARNING: Major spoilers in the comments.

Book 2 of the Alicorn Adventure series.
Sequel to The Celestia Code and prequel to The Twilight Enigma.

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100% Approved by Twilight's Library!

The Badass Twilight tag applies more than ever, but please note the new tags.

This story is a fairly direct continuation of The Celestia Code. You might be able to follow it without having read The Celestia Code first, but it's better if you do.

The sequel is here: The Twilight Enigma

Most excellent pre-reading/editing done by the erudite AcademicPony and the dapper statoose!

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New tags, indeed. Funny that the last one was, specifically, "NOT DARK" and "FRIENDSHIPPING". This one...well, it's right there in the tags. :ajsmug:

Now I'll actually go read the thing. Oh, and post more horsewords. 4k is not enough. :pinkiehappy:

Edit after reading: Interesting. Certainly a different tone from Celestia Code.

First, I'll level my criticisms: I found the first chapter to be a little purple (as in "purple prose"). I have the same tendency, so I won't judge too harshly for it. Also, Twi's crush on Luna seemed a bit overstated to me.

Oh, and just my standard disclaimer, I mean nothing bad by the above. I've just learned, now that I've published a fic or two, that it's really nice to know the things people think about what you're putting out there, both the positives and negatives. I'm sure this holds true even if you have a staff of prereaders catching things for you. If you don't, though, just let me know and I won't clutter up your comments pages :pinkiesmile:

I did enjoy the following recognition of thou vs you: "to avoid the "you" that would still sound somewhat cold and formal to her".

You led us on a grand adventure last time. I trust you to do the same here (even if it's a bit darker than darkish and definitely a bit more shipping than friend). So, onwards!

Oh and

celebrating the blossoming of harmony in my new kingdom

Good luck with that season finale!

Ah! Twilight tutoyering Luna! I love that, and thoroughly approve.

Looking forward to watching this one unfold.

I suspect I will love the hell outta this.

Ask I spoke Luna released


That was quick with the romance building. Not complaining, just noticing.

I thought the Celestia Code clearly stated Twilight was straight?

She seems to be crushing on Luna pretty hard to me

Oh yes, been waiting for this sequel. :pinkiehappy:

keep up the good work.

Finally.:pinkiehappy: I'm sure I will love this story as much as the last one. I give it fav in advance.

All right! More Twilight being awesome! :pinkiehappy:


I thought the Celestia Code clearly stated Twilight was straight?

... or she just don't want to wear the pants in a relationship.

There is no Twilight like badass Twilight :pinkiehappy:

Realy looking forward to this story !

Greetings from Germany, 3ee

No coded messages in the cover image this time? :derpytongue2:

Thanks for the comments! Yes, I certainly want to hear the bad with the good.

I am making a fairly big assumption as to where MLP is going with Twilight... if I'm wrong and I get jossed hard by the season finale, I'll adapt or slap an Alternate Universe tag on the story.

Correction made, thank you!

Comment posted by iisaw deleted Apr 17th, 2014

Yes, in The Celestia Code, Twilight asserted pretty certainly that she was straight. Updates to come... :raritywink:

If you carefully count the stars in Luna's mane... :twilightoops: uhmn... no, no code this time.:rainbowlaugh:


Like everything else in life... it's complicated.

Okay, so, this story seems to be shaping up rather nicely. Leaping right into the thick of things, I see.

I do wonder where you're going with this apparent romance. I adore TwiLuna but it does seem a little odd. But, then again, this is the same author who played the shipping in the previous absolutely perfectly, so that makes me hopeful.

Perhaps that fragment of Nightmare inside Twilight is still soft for its first host, eh? Then again who wouldn't get excited seeing a moon goddess prepared for war?

In the cover art, why is Twilight looking at Luna like that? I'm not sure I like her expression...

You are kidding right? Badass Twilight, best Princess and some heroic Dash in an adventure fic written by thou? My local supermarket doesn't even store enough popcorn for this!

If þͧ ever visit Germany, tell me, I will be happy to fill ye up with good food and beer.

Dang Twilight, down girl! During that description of Luna in armor, I half expected Twilight to jump in and start ripping it off of her. :twilightblush:

Speaking of which, nice detail on the armor descriptions.

Will there be a third one starring Cadence?


Twilight just has an alicorn fetish, is all. :twilightblush:

Huzzah it's finally starting, buckle in folks. It's gonna get bumpy.

Oh and you're in the box again, so that's always nice.

good, the old story did left some question unasnwered

Huzzah! The monsters have been DOUBLED!

(or more)

So, a sequel, eh? Is there actually gonna be a code to go along with it too? Seems a bit of a gimmick, unless you can make it feel like it does indeed fit. Good luck! [Edit: Guess not. Probably for the best.]

Also, can Twi's crush be any more obvious? Maybe you should even tone it down a bit... she clearly is oblivious to it so it shouild sorta creep up a bit more on her, maybe...

You will find out!
I love German food and beer! If I ever get over there again, I will take you up on that. :twilightsmile:
Plenty of tie-ins to come!
Well, Twi can be pretty oblivious at time, particularly in areas where she hasn't much experience. This will definitely be addressed.

Oh shit son! Hm, I wonder if twilights feelings of affection for luna are of a stagitory variety, student to teacher, or something a little more... romantic.

I be honest with you, I detest shipping in all but the very few exceptional circumstances. So anything I say in that department will be deeply skewed. I always had a soft spot for Big Bac-Celestia paring.:pinkiehappy:

Well, like I said elsewhere, this is going to be a bit complex. There will be much more to the story besides the romantic aspect, though, so I hope it won't put you off.

4250654 Theres a group called Badass Twilight= Total Domination that you should check out if you havn't already.

May I desine an original character for this story?

Love it! Many good stories there.

Well, I've got it all outlined, and there isn't really a place for another character, sorry.


Joking! In all honesty I'd rather not tamper with any thing you have set up, even if you did let me.

I like that there's a sequel, but I'm perplexed at this sudden attraction of Twilight's for Luna.
I trust there's an explanation?

Short Version: WOW.
Long Version:
*Logs on to Fimfiction*
"What's this? A notification? So one of the authors I follow is apologizing for taking forever to update? Well, let's see whooooo....oh."
"iisaw posted a new story: The Luna Cypher"
This actually made my entire day. I'm not kidding. I loved The Celestia Code, and I was waiting for the sequel with all the patience of a six-year-old colt on Hearth's Warming Day. Even with only a single chapter, I'm already eagerly anticipating the next one. A chapter a week? I don't know if I'll make it...
Geez, though, did you find my master list of buttons? Because this chapter alone is literally pressing EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Twilight being her adorkably snarky princessy self, Luna playing herself to a tee, and Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dashing. (Yes, it also applies as a verb). Also, Twilight and her Cool Airship, staffed by amusingly loyal (and occasionally worshipful) guards. And of course, the HEMS Twiluna has departed. (Shipping on an airship!)
I can't actually think of a single legitimate criticism for the story. Yes, the whole crushing on Luna thing is sudden and unexpected, but in a good way, and will almost definitely get exposition later on, so it's more a tease than anything else. Plus, that Nightmare tag...I had hoped that she/it would be involved, given the cover art for Twilight, and the loose ends from Code, but still...the anticipation is killing me.
Also, one question:

The Badass Twilight tag applies more than ever

Last time we saw your Twilight, she was calling in Colony Drops to excavate ruins and went God-Mode on a horde of Changelings. What could she possibly do to top that...?
Only one chapter so far, but if any story or author deserves this, it's you and this story that promises to be yet another delightful romp through the realms of storytelling:

AHAHA YES! A sequel! Appreciate my joy puny author!
and now: brb reading

Here we go, ladies and gents! :pinkiehappy:

I sure hope so! :raritywink:
I hope I don't disappoint you. I certainly don't intend to!

I predict the name of the next story in the series will be : The Cadence Conundrum.

A few questions. Twilight's crush on Luna definitely feels too sudden. Maybe it could creep up on her a bit more? A person as well read as Twilight would want to study and determine the cause of her new emotional reaction, particularly after the events of The Celestia Code. Also, this chapter seemed to lack the humor that The Celestia Code had in abundance. Are you planning on making this a more romance based story? In addition, will Jigsaw and Sesseressia make appearances?

All good questions... but I don't want to spoil anything!

As for Twilight's admiration for Luna... that might develop in a way that isn't obvious yet.

The wait is finally over! It begins... again!

Oh okay that was just Twi in Luna's helmet, I misstook the image for a possible Nightmare Sparkle :twilightsheepish:

This is looking very promising. I love the detail in the descriptions and would love to see someone with skill draw Luna in that armor :heart:

4253767 OMG Nightmare Sparkle would be EPIC :pinkiecrazy:

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