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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


Princess Luna knows a thing or two about nightmares and dream magic. Her duties at Night Court have become tedious. With the help of some forbidden power she reaches out to a certain Element of Magic for the companionship and knowledge of modern Equestria she desires. But while Luna is distracted and Celestia sleeps, an old evil returns with plans both dire and terrible and a new evil plots under their noses.
(Story takes places roughly between season 2 and season 3, so post-changlings, pre-Sombra)

Cover image by JJ at lovetomorrowlove.tumblr

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 180 )

Nice to see a story so heavily focussed on Luna's perspective, no major errors i could find, 5* and a track

the way the last chapter ended...:twilightblush:

are things just scientific or sexy?:twilightoops:

Awesome, keep it up the great work.

Awesome, keep it up the great work.

i am a little worried that its a naughty device


I can't wait to see where this is going.
Also, I had noticed that you had used the term "no one" instead of "no pony". Just so you know, but I understand that it's kinda difficult when you've been taught to say no one and all that. Hope I helped in one way or another! :ajsmug:

Oops! Missed that! Must be my stupid fingers.....:derpyderp2:

Yarp! Twiluna is best ship! Though......there could also be some Twilestia in there too. Been reading a lot of that recently.:trollestia:

Wow, much as I love the Twiluna ship I feel kinda emberresed for Luna here. I mean here she is trying to get some insight into a pony that she wants to be friends with and she ends up in this situation. Granted it's her own fault ofr dreamwalking into the unknown like that. Hopefully She'll come around though.

Cool, then I have to read it ^__^
And about twiestia, not that I mind it that much but romance between them just feels a bit odd to me... they sort of have this teacher/mentor or mother/daughter relationship and that going into romance just feels very odd to me ^__^

Going to guess science since this is rated Everyone. Then again it could be sexy for science!


I lolled, very very hard.

Aww.. I was hoping that Twilight was lucid dreaming. Or maybe she was? :unsuresweetie:

Heh, cute. Poor Twilight though, just wants to have her sexy dreams, and Luna decides to come barging in. No fun. Poor Luna as well, just wants to have intelligent conversation and Twilight's going all Molestia on her.


I love it when I find a story that I like with "Incomplete" as its current status. That means more chapters :heart: .

Usually! And most certainly in this case. I AM working on the next chapter. Life just keeps being annoying.....and Assassin's Creed keeps being too much fun....

Haha, Twilight has such a naughty mind hiding behind those innocent eyes...

I spy a Farscape reference. I approve. :pinkiehappy:


Shit just got real :pinkiegasp:
A great chapter as usual, curse you I was doing coursework, now I'm re-reading this to make sure i didn't miss any hints at the over-arcing story.

I'll just imagine that its Finn from Adventure Time in the heart on the cover picture.

344883 Actually, it's ma'am, but no hard feelings. As for finding it so quickly, I loved that part. :twilightsmile:

I'm loving the story, and eagerly await more.

On an entirely unrelated note, have you ever watched multiple episodes of a tv show with a character with an unusual accent and then had their voice stuck in your head? Because I have, and at the moment, I find myself thinking in the voice of a nerdy British man. It's very disconcerting. :twilightoops:

1) "Or thought about it during my....er, isolation. But, …...AAAARRRGGHH....so confuse!"
Was the "so confuse" on purpose?
2) This is rated E for Everyone?...

344925 About 2) I think that might change...


2) Hehe yeah. This should definitely be rated Teen. I dunno about other people, but I don't let children around that kind of...toy.:derpytongue2:
Also smutty Twi in the shower.

I like where the story is headed. Although you might want to reconsider your tags if you're headed where I think you are. Perhaps mashing a few chapters together even?

Until next time!

Twilight's subconcious is really difficult to work with it seems.

My apologies ma'am! I still applaud your sighting of an extremely obscure reference! :pinkiehappy:

To answer your question, yes. I know what you mean. And for me, it usually translates into speaking with said accent for a little while. And Farscape is full of oddly accented aliens.:rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh:




You all are correct. The rating will be changing to teen. I doubt it will go beyond that though, at the moment.

And to answer your other question Paper Crease, yes, that was the intended wording. I want Luna to sound formal when speaking, and highly informal with her interior monologue.

nice twist with fancy pants there! and can somebody maybe point out what reference you're talking about? I haven't seen Farscape and I would like to keep on reading this without missing major plot points :applecry:

Oh you're not missing any plot points, don't worry. It was a tiny reference.

When the guard at the end of Chapter 5 is counting, he says "mippipippii". And in Farscape there is a scene where an alien is told to keep track of time by going 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, etc. And the alien mispronounces it as such. I lol'ed and when I was typing this up, I remembered that.

Anyways, Farscape is excellent viewing and you should watch it!

I was wondering where that "mippipippii" came from! thanks a lot, I hate to miss references, even when I know next to nothing of what is being referred :twilightblush:
I'll keep farscape in my "to watch" list, but for this coming week I've already planned a full rewatch of "The game of thrones" in preparation to upcoming second season :yay:


I haven't seen Game of Thrones. I have the first book in the series, but every time I pick it up to read, my mind wanders to what else I COULD be doing. Kinda annoying as I'm addicted to stuff like that.:twilightangry2:

as for now I'm contented to watch the TV show, if I let myself put hoof on the books I would probably resurface after 3 month with a long beard, not enough sleep and no social life to speak of and probably in a withdrawal crisis because the last books in the series are yet to be written :moustache::ajsleepy:

"Watch the starts twinkle."
The upstarts, huh? Like Twilight Sparkle ? ;)


Working the graveyard shift always sucks, even if you're an alicorn.

God don't I know it. There are sooooooo many times I wish I could command a co-worker to go get me doughnuts. The nights are long some times.:ajbemused:

Okay... creepy dream monster, that's a change and here I thought I'd get through a fanfic without a major villain showing up.

mh, nightmare chyrsalis ? at least that would explain the power of shapeshifting (celestia-puppet) and the control over dreams.


Sounds more like something new and dream based.


Twilight is so much fun when she gets brilliant ideas, especially with a mix of crazy (but not too much, really they need to start making her more even keeled in the show).

You, uh, forgot to close an italics tag somewhere.


Fixed, thanks for pointing that out. Last time I post and edit without enough sleep to do it properly.:twilightblush:

Hey, villains make for a more rounded adventure feel. At some point, my brain decided it wanted to write adventure and not just emotional conflict.

I don't think Chyrsalis will play a part in this fic. But I have some ideas for one with her in it. So, who knows? Maybe I'll get around to that some day.

i had to re-read the entire story before i remembered what the hay was going on, although; that is not a bad thing, since i like the story a lot.

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