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This story is a sequel to Guardian

With the battle over and the changeling threat gone Ale can finally settle down and experience new emotions with his loved one. But what if something haunted him, occupying his thoughts every waking hour? A secret can threaten many things.

Follow Ale as he desperately races against time and his very being.

Book two of three.

Image credit: GrandMaster-J5.

Halo elements belong to Bungie, Microsoft, and 343 Industries. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.

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Wow. I honestly didn't expect this. I like it. Can't wait to see the development of events

4687013 And he hits another one left field! *Applause*

The dying changeling queen left her mark on him. Damn, didn't see that coming. Well done. I look forward to the coming chapters.

A Halo crossover? I'm sure no one's come up with an idea like this before! :ajbemused:

4688943 Idea? You're right. Plotline itself? Not that I've ever seen. Find one that's exactly like this one and I'll stop writing. Exactly, like this one. I try not to copy people. All ideas are based off of or inspired by others. That's how it works. Ex: Enders Game. The creator probably watched or read a lot of sci-fi in his life and was inspired to write a book. Fan fiction? Its obvious that you use A LOT more from that fan base. If you don't like reading stories that use from the same fan base, nobody's forcing you to be here. A good counter example to your exact comment is, "A FiM crossover? I'm sure no one's come up with an idea like this before." I'm sorry if I've offended you or over reacted. I just don't like people claiming that Halo crossovers aren't original when almost nothing in Fan fiction really is unless someone starts up a new universe. Thanks for commenting as I really do appreciate it. It's better than a random down vote with no explanation. And if you were joking or you didn't down vote, well then, I've just embarreased myself immensely while also being extremely rude to someone else. I'm sorry. Have a nice day and I hope you find a story you like.


Yeah, I realized after I posted that (without reading the story, I might add), that I was being a dick. I'm truly sorry. I'd never try to stifle any aspiring writer's creative spark.

hey, this is sounding pretty good! looking forward to future chapters. until next time.... PEACEEEE!!!!

once i figured out what the hell you were doing here, i was like: OH DAYUM!! :twilightoops:

4694559 Ah, the screams of the main protagonist in every story is satisfying. The rattle of chains, the screeches of steel gears, the creak of stressed wood... Ahem, XD Sorry Ale. You haven't escaped my torture for you yet.

Spartan, you have fought the horrors of the flood and survived Glassings,This curse won't overcome you. I'm only going to say this once, get your shit in gear and make Chrysalis pay.

Master Chief, Spartan 117.

How the hell did MC get a hold of my account? whatever, Great story so far cant wait for more!! :yay::yay::yay:

There's just one thing that's bothering me. Why no romance tag?

4697327 Well there isn't really going to be a lot of Romance. Sure maybe some heartfelt stuff but its going to be a hopeless, sad situation. I don't think I can slap a romance tag on that. Maybe when I finish and people say I should well then I guess I will. The stories only going to be 4 chapters long, maybe 5. It's really only meant to set up the stage for the last book which I can assure you is going to be much longer than 4 chapters.

4694816 you are one sick, cruel, demented, sociopathic bastard. i love you

4697603 so, this is gonna be more of a booklet? :trollestia:

Read the first story in two days while at school (got I'm trouble twice) and now I hunger for this story! This is one of the three stories that I am reading atm. Keep up the good work!

4702425 Your troubles at school shall be paid in full. Consider your request completed yesterday, sir!

Shit's goin' down ya'll...

4707359 What if you're immortal and you have to live endless painful mistakes, realizing in hindsight that you could have done something different? Great comment you had.

if so you will have one that is right just like no matter what you will have a wrong so you hold the right close and wrong far but not to far as you would lose it then repeat it

I have to hand it to you requiem, your first story guardian was probably the best halo story I have ever read and I cant wait to see how this one plays out so keep up the good work!!

4710997 Thank you! I'll do my best.

no just most people think of sex or try to dominate others and push away insecurities went you should embrace them and listen. so most people lose connection to there inner self and forgit the wisdom them have attain in life then act unwise in word and choice

I'm going to wait till there are more chapters to this story before starting on it... speaking of more chapters...:trollestia:

4750406 Yeah, I'm taking the time to make them more than 2000 words and its much more detailed.

4750460 I would greatly appreciate it if you got the next chapter out before the 1st... because I won't have internet for about a week or two after that...

4760036 I'll see what I can do. I did get a lot more free time now because I finished up my tennis season and I finished a few days worth of work. I can't make promises though. Good luck surviving no internet XD

4760310 I do it every year, the hard part is that no screen time is allowed on that trip!
I'll try to see if electronic books are an exception to that rule or not...

4761716 Well, I'm currently typing at 250 to 500 words in thirty minutes segments. But I keep getting distracted here and there. I'm also trudging through this as it is a bit difficult to piece the scenes together. I'm enjoying it don't get me wrong and there's plenty of inspiration. Music helps a lot when writing trust me. I believe today's the 27 so maybe I can squeeze it out tomorrow or the next day.

4761742 Don't worry about it to much, if it doesn't come out in time, then I will have something to look forward to when I get back! (or maybe see if I can connect to an non-password protected network along the way... *insert evil grin here*)

4761845 XD "Change my password protected internet if you can." Is name of WiFi source.

...Next day...

"Challenge Accepted"

4762731 Look at most recent blog post. Working on it.

The answer for that riddle is in my mind somewhere I just have all the wrong answers cluttering my thoughts. Is it a person, thing or idea? If we're allowed a hint that is.

Interesting challenge, luckily I have a flawless tactic: Guessing.


4783418 It's both an idea and person. Two different view points.

4783420 Only three of those were close. Although Potato was an interesting answer XD

Sheesh! Way to make me think early in the morning... Is the answer; a hero?

4783480 yeah that's going to be my guess too a hero or if not Master Chief.

4783480 Again, close to the one I'm looking for.

Not chief but more of a title. That's it, think of a title. Silence is also important as a hero could brag.

4783442 Well then it's either soldier/warrior stuff or forerunner stuff, maybe related to both.

Both an idea and a person? Yup, that has to be some kind of Forerunner stuff seeing as we know most Forerunners by titles and not names.. I could be completely off though..

Magical guessing tactic go!

Damnit these aren't ideas..
Filial Devotion, a Forerunner mentioned a terminal?
Glory of a Farther Dawn, the forerunner who saved Bornstellar(Iso-didact)?

Lol wtf these are terrible guesses I didn't even base these off the riddle

God maybe, I don't know, it's well past midnight over here and I'm focusing what's left of my thoughts on writing something right now.

Okay so if it's a title, an idea, and a person, that means it can't just be a word like "hero" because there is no specific person called "hero' right?

I think the "idea" hint may be throwing me off..

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