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This story is a sequel to A Guardian's Sacrifice

After a 300 year journey the Guardian of Equestria returns, only to be greeted by a very different world. Surviving is one thing, being hunted is another.

Book 3 of 3

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A massive thanks to my proofreaders, for without I'd be lost: The dragon hunter and Snyperwulff0 << Thanks guys!

Shadow Team Self Potraits by: XEN0KID

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Well, it passed this time.

Also, those two human tag dislikes strike again.

4868249 lol. Honestly as long as one person likes this I'll keep writing. Plus, I enjoy it. *Shrugs* I'm glad to see that you still read my work. I hope it stays satisfactory. *Glances side to side* It's okay Nigel, I'm cool, we're cool.

[Edit] Huh, one of them disappeared. Interesting.


Trust me, anytime you write anthing with the 'human' tag, you are certain to get two downvotes, both within two minutes of each other. It's a known fact around the site, and they're always without explaination.

I mean, at the very least a 'Humans suck, this site is for horses only!' would be a little indication, but evidently the person with alt is just too afraid to actually comment.

Either that or it's Knighty, and it's all a big conspiracy to topple the human race and leave him in charge.

4868344 :rainbowlaugh: First time I've used one of these things. I guess it means you deserve it XD

Enters ale, who then kills nightmare and frees Tia and woona.
Great first chapter! I did a happy dance when I saw the notification!

I have a feeling that I will lose plenty of sleep throughout the course of this story.

I can't wait!

Amazing job btw. Mashed dat fave button after the first 3 sentences. :rainbowlaugh:

4868520 Yay! By all means push away and have sleepless nights XD Seriously though, sleep is good.
4868494 WOONA!

4868529 WOONA!!!
there needs to me a Woona picture... i would use that so much

4868542 :'( I wan woona pic too. Noaw!
Picture Ale cuddling Woona. I just died.


4868554 i been dead since before you even thought of that... IMA GO DRAW A CRAPPY ALE HUG WOONA PIC!!!! (after i finish my bonicle character)

4868529 Sleep IS good, but my nights are almost always sleepless nowadays. I prefer to do my sleeping during the day :rainbowdetermined2:

4868654 You better share that with me! I must see!

If the Mane 6 and the Elements were scattered across the globe does that mean they died alone or are they possibly still alive? But anyway so far very, very exciting. Can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

4868876 Well, they were imprisoned within their own nightmares.The others have already reached their lifespan and Twilight, as I'm going with extended life not immortality, is far away from Equestria and is pretty much out of commission. She's insane. It was a terrible thing to do to them but it was necessary for the story as they cannot help Ale. But now that I think about it, I guess they could have been placed in a stasis. Maybe when this is all over they'll come back. That would be fine. But then I would still feel bad because they would come back to a destroyed world. They know nopony. Eh, what do you think?

4868876 As a vessel of containment... their prisons would sustain them most likely

4869692 As much as I want to find a loophole in your answer you have a smart point. In all honesty it makes the story better about the fact the Mane 6 are gone giving the reader a sense of hopelessness for Ale being the only one. As most people would say, "you can't have an MLP Crossover without the Mane 6!" As much as it would be nice for them to suddenly come back to life it would be stretching things a tad bit far and besides, this adventure has already started so we can't turn back now eh Req? Anyway I'm happy about your work and I'm proud to be called a fan of it! Until next time. Hat Out~ (P.S I know that's your thing but I couldn't resist. :rainbowkiss:)

4869755 lol. We all have our little quirks. I don't think I specifically said the mane 6 were dead but I see what you mean. Well then, ONWARDS! TO MICROSOFT WORD 2007!!!


Your the Doctor, I'm the old guy and my mum is the cactus lady thing. :rainbowlaugh:



Now read

4869799 For me when ever I work on my story it's "ONWARDS TO MICROSOFT WORD 2010!"

which would explain why whenever I open the edited chapters it's in compatibility mode...


:rainbowhuh: I thought? Nevermind. Even better than the second or first stories of the trilogy.

Well that's....unfortunate?

4874694 The events that happened in his 300 year absence.

4874694 Remember that mini-conversation 2 days ago? That.

4877120 I'll try not to dissapoint you :)

i hope spike show up some where cus dragons live a long time so spike should still be alive. but for the book i cant wait till the next chapter

4879116 hmmm. I never thought of Spike.
... XD We'll see. He may be useful.

4879116 nope. According to this they are all dead.

Welp, this puts my newest story to shame. Now where's the second chapter for this story?

4886876 Don't beat yourself up. I have 100k words of experience to help me. You'll get there in due time. I rather enjoy how creative and descriptive your stories are. As to the second chapter... I've been extremely busy at work and getting ready for school. I've made very little progress on it.

Comment posted by Runa deleted Aug 22nd, 2014

Cool opener. So, let's pice everything together
Spoilers ahead

1. Ale is back
2. Nmm is back
3. Main 6 are presumably dead
4. L and C are imprisoned
5. Discord is stoned again
6. The Ember is broken?
7. Why am I listing things?
8. Dis gona be good

4888232 yeah the Ember is a pile of scrap. It was smashed by a moon rock and then cratered into Equis. Pieces of the Ember flew past Ale while he was attempting to navigate through the debris field.

Comment posted by 18Wildfire deleted Aug 26th, 2014

4906660 What's the problem? I never played... The Last of Us I believe the game is?

4907347 FUCKING CLIFF HANGARS!!:flutterrage:

(also, spot on! The Last Of Us :raritywink:)

4907665 ... I'm just good like that XD

4906660 "Right here, 'To be continued'!"

"I hate cliff hangers..."


Discord is stoned again

Damn it I thought he was over his addiction to the hard stuff!

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