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This story is a sequel to A Guardian's Sacrifice

After a 300 year journey the Guardian of Equestria returns, only to be greeted by a very different world. Surviving is one thing, being hunted is another.

Book 3 of 3

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A massive thanks to my proofreaders, for without I'd be lost: The dragon hunter and Snyperwulff0 << Thanks guys!

Shadow Team Self Potraits by: XEN0KID

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An unexpected anomaly brings about a new and powerful weapon that inadvertently helped Nightmare defeat Celestia. Nightmare plans on exploiting this new weapon. Little does she know that when you play with fire, you get burned.

Not a Halo crossover.

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On hiatus until I can finish my other projects or find more time to continue writing this as well. Don't worry though, I do have the entire story board written out. I'm not abandoning any of my work.

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This story is a sequel to Guardian

With the battle over and the changeling threat gone Ale can finally settle down and experience new emotions with his loved one. But what if something haunted him, occupying his thoughts every waking hour? A secret can threaten many things.

Follow Ale as he desperately races against time and his very being.

Book two of three.

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Halo elements belong to Bungie, Microsoft, and 343 Industries. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.

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After a slipspace accident, Ale, a Spartan II, is the last survivor of the UNSC Enduring Ember. Lost, injured, and confused, the displaced soldier must come to terms with his new reality or risk falling into a terrifying isolation. All is not as it seems however, the super soldier having gained the attention of a threat that can rival even his strength and tactical wisdom. Will Ale choose a war that is not his to fight, or will he turn a blind eye as he struggles to find his peace?

For the most part this story takes place before season four, but it's been so long since I actually wrote this that things may slip through the cracks during the rewrite. I apologize in advance for this.

Book one of three.
Proofread by The dragon hunter

This is my first story so constructive criticism is appreciated. Enjoy!

(This story is undergoing a rewrite. Chapters marked with a * are new and vastly improved! The old version will still be kept however, so beware!)

Halo elements belong to Bungie, Microsoft, and 343 Industries. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.

Warning! Spoilers in comments!

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