• Published 6th Dec 2013
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Guardian - Requiem17

After making an emergency slipspace exit Spartan II Ale finds himself the last survivor of UNSC Enduring Ember. Ale becomes the defender of Equestria. But there are dark forces rising. Can Ale defend our beloved ponies?

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"Good morning Ale."

"Morning Princess Celestia." Ale walked into Celestias' chambers, shocked at how quick the damage had been repaired."You said you wanted to speak with me?"

"Yes. I'll get right to the point." Celestia had a serious look,"I need to know that you will not hurt my little ponies. Will you be willing to live in Equestria peacefully if I can't return you home?"

Ale was a bit surprised at how blunt the seemingly tactical and calculating princess had benn, but replied nonetheless. "Princess, I promise I won't hurt any of your citizens in any way or shape... most of the time."

Celestia’s face contorted into an angered shock. She was about to question him when Ale raised his hand at her.

"You can't expect me to not defend myself when I'm being threatened or anybody else for that matter."

As he said this Celestia calmed down and seemed to be pleased with the last few words he said."I'm glad that you said that. Now since that's over with I have a proposition for you that should suit your.... specific skill set." Ale stood silently, digesting this information. "How would you like to become one of Luna’s Night Guard? They're shorthooved and could use the help."

Ale grinned as he came to a quick conclusion. "Sure," Celestia looked giddy with excitement until Ale continued, "but only if I can get my weapons back. That's all I demand." Celestia looked wary at his demand but knew with the recent threats against the crown that they could use all the help they could get.

"Fine, but I expect a demonstration later today. You claim to not have magic but the hydra looked like it was killed with a concentrated form of it." Ale nodded. "One of my sun guards will show you the ropes today before you are sworn in. Is this understood?" Again Ale nodded. "Good, dismissed."

Ale turned and began following the same guard from before. As they exited the room Ale glanced down and asked, "So what's up with you being put on babysitting duty?"

The guard looked at Ale with a glare before replying, "It's none of your business."

Ale nodded, grinning to himself knowing he had hit a weak spot. He figured he should buddy up since he was being treated fairly well by this pony, especially since he was an alien. "Look I don't like this situation anymore then you do. So let’s start over. What's your name?"

The guard looked cautiously at Ale, "Morning Mist."

"My names Ale. Nice to meet you formally. Good?"


'Clever', Ale thought. Morning led him outside and to a coliseum looking arena. "This is where we train and duel. Princess Celestia has also arranged your demonstration to be held here. Come on, I'll show you your post for tonight." They walked around the outskirts of the castle walls and stopped, facing towards the forest that was down the slope. "You will be here from sunset to sunrise, got it?"

"Okay." Morning and Ale began walking back towards the castle entrance. The guard looked a little more relaxed when they entered the courtyard. "Something wrong?"

The guard looked at Ale and leaned towards him, "There have been reports of strange shadows and noises at night. Everyone's on edge especially after the failed invasion of Canterlot."


Morning looked exasperated as he quickly explained. "So be wary of anypony." Ale was quiet as he took this in. The guard then told him to get ready for the demonstration in a few hours.


"Are you ready?" Morning asked as he knocked on Ales door.

"Coming." Ale stood and placed his helmet on. He had burned his free time by removing his armor and polishing it. It was tedious work but payed off by the glow his armor gave off. He opened the door and was led to the arena where the princesses sat expectantly. There were targets set up on the other end of the field.

"Here are your weapons as promised,” Celestia said as she stepped away from a table revealing his weapons. Ale walked over and examined his rifle with hunger. He picked up his pistol and clipped it on his hip. He then slid his combat knife home with a satisfied grunt. He then picked up his rifle and crooned over it. "So Celestia," She looked annoyed that he hadn't used her formal title, "how far did you tinker with it?"

Celestia looked hurt, "We did no such thing!"

"Oh give me a break!" Ale looked at her. Celestia hung her head with a slight frown.

"When we attempted to disassemble your weapon it fired and wounded a researcher."

Ale grunted before replying, "I told them to be careful. Curiosity killed the cat." Ale then turned towards the targets and raised his rifle, "You may want to cover your ears."

Ale brightened when the weapon reported four times, hitting four targets in the dead center. Ale then pulled the secondary trigger and launched an electrified bolt at the last target. Ale then walked over as the targets started to bloom up in fire since they were made of hay and saw four scorch marks on the arenas wall. He turned and smirked at the faces of all who witnessed. Morning however shook out of his trance and yelled, "So what it went through hay! I'd like to see how it does against armor."

Ale grinned wildly as he aimed at a nearby stack of armor and reduced them to molten slag. He turned and saw the scorn on Mornings face and walked over to the princesses. Ale snapped his fingers to get their attention.

Celestia looked to him and stuttered with her proceedings, "N..Now then Ale, do you accept the role and responsibility of a guard for the citizens of Equestria?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Luna." Celestia stepped away to be replaced with princess Luna.

"Kneel." Ale hesitated as he thought about his actions. While he was sworn to defend humanity to his last breath he didn’t have much hope that the UNSC will find him. They would investigate the Embers disappearance and finding no evidence of a slip space exit will assume that all hands were lost. With this thought in mind Ale decided he had better make the most of what seemed to be his permanent stay. He then kneeled in front of Luna.

"Do you Ale, swear to defend Equestria and its subjects with your life?" Ale nodded. "Will you risk your life in the defense of your fellow soldiers?" Ale nodded again. "Will you die in order to protect me?" Luna asked seriously with a glint of hope in her eyes.

Ale verbally answered, "Yes princess."

Luna looked relieved and touched her horn to each of Ales shoulders. "Rise, guard of the night." Ale stood and bowed his head. Luna looked at Ale, "You need a symbol to show others that you are a guard. May I adjust your armor?"

Ale hesitated before replying, "Only if it doesn't physically change it." Luna nodded and her horn lit up. After a few seconds her horn stopped and she inspected his right shoulder blade, nodding in satisfaction.

"Do you approve?"

Ale looked at his shoulder. Among his steel colored armor with a red detail there sat a purple shield. Overlaying the shield there was a large white crescent moon with a smaller lavender crescent moon on the inside of it. Ale looked at Lunas flank and saw why his new emblem worked out. Luna cleared her throat to get his attention. She gave him a look that made Ale look away with embarrassment. After a few awkward moments Luna spoke up, "You are dismissed. Prepare for your post tonight."Ale stood straight and snapped a crisp salute before walking off. Before he rounded the corner Ale smacked his head making Luna giggle. Remembering her sister Luna turned to see a look of amusement on Celsetias face.


'God it's beautiful tonight,’ Ale thought. He stood at his post and watched the night sky slowly pass by. He monitored his radar through the corner of his eye and watched the two bogies which he knew to be two shadow guards. He assumed they were ordered to spy on him to make sure he kept his word. Shifting his sight back to the sky he observed the stars. He was pondering the thought of his ship when he saw movement in the forest. Ale stood perfectly still, knowing that if he moved they would probably see him as well. He watched for any more movement.

His radar blipped as two more bogies came within range which was the edge of the forest. Ale watched the shadows move slowly across the ferns. Ale raised his rifle slowly causing them to stop. Four green eyes opened and stared back at him unnerving Ale. The shadows slowly retreated back into the forest from whence they came. Ale held his rifle steady for a few moments before lowering it. He didn't know what existed in this world and couldn't help but think of horrors like the Flood. He returned his gaze to the sky and lost himself in the calming sparkling of the night.


Ale woke with a start, rising from his bed. He checked the time. 3:00 P.M. Ale stood and walked out of his room. Last night had resumed without anymore incidents. He had returned to his room at dawn. Ale now made his way through the hallways and into one of the court yards. He walked to the barracks of the night guard. He entered and approached his mail box. He pulled out his paperwork and began to file the incident of last night. Ale ignored the glares of a few passing guards and finished his work quickly, placing it in the outbox. As he began to walk out he heard concerned whispering from a group of guards. He turned up the hearing sensitivity on his armor and heard every word.

"Where are Morning and Sharp? They didn't punch out last night."

"Do you think something could have happened to them?"

"We should go check and see if they're okay."

"Where were they seen last?"

"They were to patrol the cliff side."

Ale heard enough and walked out of the barracks. He jogged towards the cliffs on the South East side of the castle. As he rounded the corner he carefully inspected the ground. He could see their tracks and followed them on wards. He soon came across a small area of scuffed dirt. The tracks disappeared within the turned up dirt. Ale saw the turned up dirt touch the edge of the cliff. Ale pulled out his rifle and slowly approached the edge. The tension built up within him until he felt like he was wound up like steel cables. He slowly peeked over the edge and gagged. Along the steep cliff side bloody body parts and other matter littered the area. Ale turned and struggled to hold the contents of his stomach.

The guards from before approached him, clearly seeing that he was in distress. "What's wrong?" Ale simply pointed to the edge. The guards leaned over. Ale heard two ponies start puking and one started to sob loudly. They returned to the barracks and reported in their findings. The captain became suspicious that Ale had found the remains and questioned the two spies that were assigned to watch him. After Ale was proven innocent via his alibi he walked back into his room. Ale lied down in his bed and rested, trying to forget the gruesome site he saw. He slipped into a surprisingly peaceful sleep.


'This is bullshit,’ Ale thought. The guard captain had insisted that Ale be put on post within the outer walls of the castle. Apparently he still wasn't convinced of Ales innocence. Ale kicked a pebble and looked up at the balcony above his head. He knew he was standing below Princess Luna’s bedroom. He looked forward and flicked his rifles safety on and off, attempting to fight off boredom. The sun was going to rise in an hour and Ale looked forward to sleep, his dreams had become much more calm.

Ale jerked when he saw a shadow on the ground fly over him. He looked up to see the empty night sky. His radar remained silent. He was about to investigate when he heard a muffled yell and violent scuffling. Ale ran at the wall of the balcony and leaped, pulverizing the stone upon contact and leaping to the other wall. After another push Ale gained enough height to land on the balcony. He stepped in and turned to his left. Princess Luna was being held on her hind hooves with her back against her assaulter. She had some sort of metal cylinder around her horn. A knife was in front of her throat and she pleaded to Ale with her eyes.

The creature holding her had the same green eyes Ale had seen in the forest. The hoof holding the knife looked to have holes in it. "Put. Her. Down. Slowly.” The creature laughed, panicking Luna as the knife wiggled slightly on her throat.

"And if I don't?" it responded in a raspy voice. "You wouldn't risk your precious princess now would you?" The creature began to dig his knife slightly, coaxing a gasp of fear from Luna. Ale didn't have a clear shot. He kept his cool and proceeded with his last option. Ale moved his finger down to the secondary trigger and tapped it twice. Seeing this Luna blinked at him. He nodded and pulled the trigger. The bolt clipped Luna’s shoulder and impacted upon the creature dropping them both. The doors burst forth revealing Celestia. As she ran towards Luna, Ale walked over to the creature and upon seeing the creature dead felt fear and dread well up in him.

'Non-Lethal... to humans.' Ale swiftly turned to Luna and dropped down next to her. Celestia’s horn was glowing as she attempted to revive her sister. After a few moments Celestia stopped and looked at Ale with teary eyes that held hate for him. Ale swiftly put his rifle on his back and charged his shields at his hands. With a makeshift defibrillator he shocked Luna. She didn't respond. Ale tried again and again. After a dozen tries Celestia stopped him.


Ale felt himself being lifted. Celestia was enraged and he felt a force begin to crush him. 'Is she trying to kill me!?' Ale felt a huge amount of force upon him. His shield alarm began to blare as it began to drain rapidly. He tensed his muscles and fought back. The force weakened and Ale saw Celestia was struggling with him. Ale continued and with a final jerk freed himself. Celestia dropped to the floor, gasping for air. Ale looked at the prone form of Luna. He pooled his over shield and all his suits power output onto his palms. With a roar he slammed Luna in the chest jolting her form into taking a breath.

Luna shivered and was gasping for breath. Celestia crooned over her sister. She looked up at Ale and commanded, "Leave us!"

Ale promptly turned and left without a sound. She was obviously still pissed at him and Ale feared the consequences. He returned to his room and decided he would need all the rest he could get for the events coming tomorrow. Ale dreamed fitfully of nightmares of Celestia’s wrath.