• Published 6th Dec 2013
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Guardian - Requiem17

After making an emergency slipspace exit Spartan II Ale finds himself the last survivor of UNSC Enduring Ember. Ale becomes the defender of Equestria. But there are dark forces rising. Can Ale defend our beloved ponies?

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Ale walked through the dense forest, always on his toes. His radar had long since been turned off because of all the wildlife setting it off. His main focus was shelter due to the rapidly darkening sky. Ale didn't want to be caught out in the open after his fight with what he deemed to be a hydra. If those existed who knows what else was out there. He took a step through a wall of ferns and found himself to be in a clearing. On the other side was a small cave. Ale approached and stopped at the entrance. He observed it carefully and found it to be uninhabited. Ale sat back against the wall with his rifle laid across his lap. His stomach growled in hunger. Ale promised he would find food in the morning as he closed his eyes and drifted into an uneasy sleep.


Luna was in her chambers having already raised the moon. Night court had been cancelled for the night due to the recent events. She sat down on her balcony and closed her eyes, viewing the mental landscape of all dreams in her head. Everything looked normal with everypony happy in their sweet, fun dreams. Luna began to sift through them, observing the different imaginations of her beloved subjects. Her attention was drawn to another dreamscape forming above the other. Luna shifted over to it knowing this odd ball to be a nightmare. She stopped and was puzzled by the feeling of this dream. It did not register as a ponies dream, nor did it feel like any other species she had encountered before. Instead it felt alien.

Luna’s eyes widened when she realized where this dream had come from. She pushed herself forward, a bit tentative. She reeled back with the power of this dream. It would not allow easy access. "I am the princess of the night! Overlord of dreams! I will gain access!" With that she burst forth, barring her way through with brute force.

She found herself hovering above the alien. His carapace looked different, but his cyan eye was still the same. She looked around and saw other aliens that had the same stature. They were dressed in green camouflage. She could see their faces and found them to be very similar to that of a pony minus the size of the eyes and lack of muzzle. Luna looked back at her alien and realized that he didn’t have a carapace, but instead was wearing a full suit of armor. She was interrupted from her musings as the group began running towards a ledge. She noticed the exertion on each of their faces as they continued running.

She also heard a huge commotion on the other side. When they reached the ledge she was shocked at what she saw. There were other species of aliens fighting her aliens. She noticed how his and her group ran up behind them and began firing metal projectiles at these other creatures. They in turn fired back blue and green blobs that scorched the air around them. She watched in horror as one of his comrades took a pink spike into his abdomen and exploded in a flash of blood.

One of her aliens yelled out, "Ale I want that LZ cleared now!"

'So that's what his name is,’ Luna thought. Ale in turn jumped out of cover and charged full blown into the aliens. She watched him dispatch the huge reptilian looking creature in seconds flat. He then turned and finished off the little ones that were screaming in fear. Luna noticed that Ale hadn't even started breathing hard. Ales comrades came out of hiding and grouped up.

"That's how it's done!" yelled the leader.

A loud roar approached and Luna saw a huge metal bird come down from the sky and land next to them.

"Bravo team will be joining up for extraction shortly!"

Ale stood at attention and watched the hill side silently. A device crackled and spoke, "We’re coming over! Hold your fire!" A second group of Ales comrades came over the hill top and began running down towards them. Just then the rear guard screamed and was tackled to the ground by a leather balloon looking creature. The others turned around and began firing frantically as a large group of these followed. Bigger ones showed up and began attacking 'Bravo' group. Ale reflexively fired and began ushering his team into the pelican.

The pelican began taking off and Ale stepped on. He saw one of the little ones jump aboard and attack his fellow soldier. The soldier screamed and Ale reached out and crushed the bulbous form. The soldier was lying on the ground shaking. His limbs growing a weird substance on them.

"He's been infected!" yelled one of the soldiers. He went to kick him off the back before Ale stopped him.

"Stop!" Ale looked down at his form and said quietly, "Let me."

Instead of pushing him out the back of the steadily rising pelican Ale aimed a tubular looking weapon at the man. "I'm sorry." The weapon reported loudly, spraying meaty chunks around the bay.

Luna turned green over her shock. Judging from what Ale said she knew what he did must have been an act of mercy. She watched him grab a silver chain with two metal plates from the form and pushed the gruesome mess out the back. He clutched them tightly before handing them off to the leader.

Luna sensed a torrent of emotion from Ale. Anger, sadness, and surprisingly shame and regret pooled off of him. His stoic stance suggested nothing to everyone else. Luna felt bad and knew Ale was fighting his emotions. She figured it was time to release him from this dream. After all she did want some answers.


Ale hated this dream. He hated all these dreams. The soldiers he lost when he could have prevented it. The flood didn't help either. He looked out the back of the pelican as he rose. Suddenly all sound stopped. The picture froze around him. ‘That’s odd,’ Ale thought. Everything then faded as Ale stood in a never ending white landscape. He turned to see the black horse from before standing a few meters away from him. The creature looked at him silently with curious eyes. Ale sensed a lot of power emanating from it. It then spoke.

"I am Princess Luna, ruler of the night, overseer of dreams. I have come to have an audience with you."

Ale stood stock still as he replied warily, "What do you want?"

She looked at him clearly amused, "Many things. Would you not after an alien showed up in space, survived a crash landing, and was still able to defeat my guards, much less a hydra?"

Ale thought about this and answered, "I would want to know if it were a threat."

"Precisely. Now Ale, what exactly are you?"

"Now princess, I expect I will be able to ask a question after you ask me. I'm not exactly happy about what's going on. Sound fair?"

The princess looked smugly, "But of course."

"To answer your question I'm a human being. Now, what kind of horse are you?"

"I am not a horse!" Luna snapped. "I am a pony. An alicorn to be more exact. Where are you from?"

"That's classified,” Ale responded.

Luna glared at him clearly mad at him for withholding information. She was about to demand he tell her until Ale spoke up.

"But for sake of diplomacy I can tell you that the human race originated from a planet called Earth. What's an alicorn?"

Luna started at this, surprised at his change of choice. "An alicorn is a mix between a unicorn and a pegasus. Originated? You live on other planets?"

"We have 105 colonies, ranging from planets, moons, asteroids, and a few other celestial bodies. I noticed that the cyan pony only had wings. She's just a pegasus then? Are there just unicorns as well?"

"There are many species here. But the citizens of Equestria consist of unicorns, pegasi, earth ponies, and three alicorns like myself. How do you travel from colony to colony?"

"Slip space drives. Don't ask, it's complicated. How do pegasi fly? Their wings are too small to provide enough air resistance to get off the ground."

Luna looked at him puzzled, "Magic of course."

"Magic?" Ale looked away. He was clearly confused.

Luna looked over his reaction and asked, "Do you know what magic is?"

Ale looked up and replied, "I know what it is but it doesn't exist where I come from."

Luna looked shocked. She couldn't imagine a place without magic. She was interrupted by a sense telling her that night was almost complete and that he would wake up soon. She looked up and exclaimed, "I wish to meet you in person. I need to know that you're not a threat to me or my little ponies. Will you surrender yourself and come in peacefully? I promise you'll be safe."

Ale thought long and hard about this. He has no idea what other dangers there are in this world. He didn't know what 'magic' could do. He decided that Luna’s proposition was better than wandering around. He looked up at Luna who was watching him expectantly.

"Fine. Where do you want me to go?"

Luna looked at him gleefully and replied, "Go to the edge of the forest where you... defended yourself. There will be guards there to escort you to Canterlot. You will give up your weapons and anything else of danger to us. Is this clear?"

Ale remained silent. A Spartan never, NEVER gives up their weapons. His silence was beginning to make Luna uneasy when he finally replied, "Fine." He then added sheepishly, "Sorry about the guards. Are they okay?"

Luna smirked and replied, "They're just fine. Although the general won't be able to speak for a while with his broken muzzle and all."

Ale hung his head in shame. Sure he was just defending himself and he could have easily killed them if he wanted to, but now after Luna extended a hand-er-hoof towards him, offering to help, he still felt bad about his actions.

Seeing this Luna said, "Don't worry. You didn't kill them and you've shown us that we need to be more prepared. I must go now. The moon will not lower itself. Goodbye Ale."

With that she disappeared and Ale awoke. He looked around and saw the early morning sunrise through the cave entrance. He stood up with a groan, cracking his back and stretching. He put his rifle on his back and began walking out of the cave in the direction of the crash site. He thought about his dream with princess Luna and hoped she kept her word. He just stepped out of the clearing into the forest when he stopped in his tracks.

'Did she say lower the moon?'