• Published 6th Dec 2013
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Guardian - Requiem17

After making an emergency slipspace exit Spartan II Ale finds himself the last survivor of UNSC Enduring Ember. Ale becomes the defender of Equestria. But there are dark forces rising. Can Ale defend our beloved ponies?

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Luna witnessed the craft become engulfed in flame as it sped into the atmosphere. The craft suddenly lurched as a large chunk ripped off the side. Luna and her sister still followed rapidly, protected in a magical orb. They saw a clear piece break off from the craft and watched as the alien jumped out, spreading its limbs out to slow its descent. The craft sped underneath the alien and continued its plummet towards the ground.

Celestia spoke up, "I won't be able to stop it! It’s going to hit the ground!" Luna looked on in horror as the craft exploded upon the ground, the alien impacting just north of it in a huge crater. Luna felt dread that she just inadvertently killed the alien.


Twilight awoke with a start. She winced as the glare of the morning sun shone through her window, flooding the room with light. With a groan she raised herself out of bed and swung off of the side. Her hooves clapped the ground loudly, waking her personal assistant suddenly.

"Sorry Spike. You can sleep in."

"Thanks Twilight."

Twilight walked over to the bathroom while using her magic to grab her brush. As she brushed her mane she also grabbed her tooth brush. After her morning rituals were complete she headed downstairs towards the sitting room in the library. She settled on the couch with one of her favorite books, ‘Star Swirls Magic Theory Volume V’. She had of course read the other four as a bedtime story the night before. She heard a light thump outside her door. With a lazy groan she got up and opened the door to find the newspaper. As she grabbed it she noticed a bright streak in the sky east of Ponyville. As she watched a loud concussion wave blasted throughout the streets, breaking windows in various places. The streak split in two and soon impacted the ground a few miles away. The shock wave through the ground jolted Twilight out of her stupor and she teleported towards the commotion.


Rainbow Dash was basking in the morning warmth as she relaxed on a perfectly molded cloud. She knew work would start in an hour and figured she could take a quick nap. ‘I’ll be able to finish busting those clouds in ten seconds flat,’ she though with a smug smirk adorned across her face. She settled down and enjoyed the perfect quiet of the morning. She just about slipped into sleep when a loud concussion ripped through the air. Her cloud dissipated out from under her and she plummeted a few meters before stabilizing herself. "Who the hay did that!?" Rainbow yelled. She looked around violently. Upon seeing no pony she rubbed the back of her head in confusion. It was just then that she noticed a bright white streak racing across the sky.

She watched in shock as the streak split in two and soon after impacted against the ground. She began to fly as fast as she could towards the crash site.


"The guards will be here shortly."

Luna looked up as Celestia spoke. They slowly descended to the ground, keeping clear of the roiling heat from the crash. They began to tread towards the secondary crater, stepping around molten pieces of metal and glass when they heard a loud pop behind them.

"What the hay is that?!"

Luna heard the voice of Celestias student proclaim loudly. She turned and saw Twilight trotting up to them.

Celestia glanced at Luna."Twilight, you must calm down,” Celestia assured her.

Twilight observed the smoldering wreckage and commented, "What is that?"

Just then Rainbow Dash swooped in. "Looks like a space ship!"

Twilight turned to RD with an annoyed look on her face. "Rainbow, aliens don't exist."

"I'm afraid Rainbow Dash is actually correct,” quipped Princess Celestia.

Twilight looked shocked at her teacher’s words. "What do you mean?"

"Take a look for yourself, but stay back."

The group walked over to the secondary crater and peaked in. What Luna saw astonished her. The alien looked to be in one piece. Its carapace looked scratched and worn in some places but was still intact. Its insect-like hexagonal eyes faced the sky as it was lying on its back with what Luna deducted to be arms, judging by its bipedal stature and fingers resembling that of a minotaur, lying along its sides.

RD spoke up, "Is it dead?"

"It has to be! Nothing could survive that fall!" Twilight exclaimed.

Princess Luna looked over towards Twilight and noticed the pegasi of the Royal Guard was approaching. They landed in silence and approached Princess Celestia. They looked antsy at the sight of the burning wreckage.

"I want you all to create a perimeter. Keep out any pony who approaches,” Celestia commanded.

"Yes your highness."

The group then heard a groan and turned slowly towards the crater.


Ale felt pain, and lots of it. Crashing into the ground isn't exactly recommended by the tacticians unless you were in a drop pod. Ale heard voices but couldn't make them out. He slowly opened his eyes and groaned. His HUD flickered to life allowing him to see if his armor sustained any damage. It was then he realized the voices had stopped. He slowly sat up and looked to his right. He saw the two horses from before and two smaller ones. One of them was lavender and had a horn as well as a pair of wings. The hovering cyan one was a pegasus and it had a rainbow colored mane and tail. Ale sat still as he observed them.

"I guess it's not dead."

'Did I just hear it right?' Ale looked at the rainbow one. He shuffled to his feet and took a step back.

The white one stepped forward and proclaimed, "You have no reason to fear us. We want to help."

Ale hesitated. He was in a bad position. He could potentially piss of these super magical, mythological creatures on some god forsaken rock with no extraction, or he could ally with them and seek a way to contact the UNSC. He breathed slowly and was about to reply when he saw a golden armored pegasus walk up next to the white one. Four others followed close behind. Ale began to shift his weight as he made up his mind to run, not intending on being captured.

Seeing that the alien was going to run Twilight put up a shield around the crater site, trapping the alien inside.

Ale turned and began to run at the edge of the purple dome. He let out a yell as he made contact, not sure if he was going to plow into the dome or pass through it. His question was answered as he passed through the dome like it was just an illusion, his stomach lurching at the strange feeling he got when he passed through. He heard the purple horse gasp as he accelerated to a speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Ale ran towards a forest in the distance, turning up soil with each step.

Ale was fairly certain the horses wouldn't be able to catch him. What he forgot to factor in was the pegasi. His radar showed a rapidly approaching contact. Ale peeked over his shoulder and saw the armored pegasi falling behind, but the rainbow one was accelerating in front of the pack. Ale waited till she was just about to reach him before whipping around, throwing out his arm in front of him and to the side, catching and forcing her into the dirt with her own momentum. Meanwhile the guards had caught up and surrounded him.

Ale focused and charged his shield towards his hands. Time slowed for the adrenaline induced super soldier as the first guard charged. Ale sidestepped him and swiped his hand at him, electrocuting the horse. It was non-lethal. Ale felt a hard rap on his back, his over shield not being damaged in the slightest, and turned to see another guard gripping his hoof painfully.


Two down, three to go. Two of them pounced from either side and Ale threw his hands out sideways stopping both of their charges. They dropped to the ground twitching slightly. Ale then brought his head down upon what he assumed to be the leaders face with a solid crack. The horse dropped with a bloody muzzle. Ale looked up to see the other forces arriving along with their two leaders. Ale turned and sprinted the rest of the way into the dense forest.


Luna was flying towards the battle along with her sister, Twilight, and the rest of the Royal Guard. She watched the alien dispatch her soldiers with practiced ease, ending with a head butt to her general. The alien looked up and ran towards the forest. As Luna approached the guards her sister began scanning the fallen.

"They're alive. They all seem to have been shocked and the general has a broken muzzle. Leave it be!" Celestia commanded as the rest of the force had begun to give chase. They returned and Celestia looked at Luna. "I don't think it wanted to kill them. With the ease it defeated them I would think it could have easily killed them if it wanted."

Luna agreed. She looked into the forest and turned towards Twilight at the sound of her voice.

"You okay Rainbow Dash?"

Rainbow Dash shook the dirt off her coat and shook her head clear. "Yeah, it just dazed me a bit. It's not gonna get away either!" Rainbow took to the sky and launched herself over the forest canopy.

"Rainbow!" Twilight yelled. She hung her head and Celestia lowered her wing over Twilight in an attempt to comfort her.

"She'll be fine,” Celestia said. She glanced at Luna. She hoped she was right.