• Published 6th Dec 2013
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Guardian - Requiem17

After making an emergency slipspace exit Spartan II Ale finds himself the last survivor of UNSC Enduring Ember. Ale becomes the defender of Equestria. But there are dark forces rising. Can Ale defend our beloved ponies?

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Ale followed the guard through the vast corridors in an uncomfortable silence, the clip of the guards hooves and the dull thuds caused by a half a ton Covenant killing machine echoed eerily through the hall. They soon arrived into a massive kitchen. The guard simply waved his hoof forward gesturing to the kitchen tables and their contents.

"You may have what you like. Oh, you can't have the chocolate cake. Princess Celestia would kill me!"

Ale smirked and walked towards the platters of food. He turned and saw the guard watching him. "Do you mind?" The guard huffed and walked out while shutting the doors behind him. Ale checked his radar and when satisfied that there were no witnesses he took off his helmet. 'Integrity keeps your enemies on their toes,' he thought with a knowing grin. He began strolling next to the tables and wasn't surprised when there wasn't any meat. He picked up a bowl and began making a salad since he saw no way around it. As Ale was about to sit down he noticed a big steel door across the room.

"Oh god, please let it be what I hope it to be!” Ale opened the latch and began sending up a silent prayer for the meat locker he had found. As he browsed he felt a little disappointed in the variety. Not that there wasn't a lot of meat but most of it was alien to him. Ale was happy with the chicken he found and began to prepare it. He tossed it in the archaic stove and began eating his salad as an appetizer.


"That wasn't funny!"

Ale looked to the guard silently through his visor. He was being escorted to his room while the guard scolded him for his actions.

"The maid was already surprised and wary when she saw the chicken bones but looking at her and saying, 'You look pretty good', is NOT okay!"

Ale chuckled, further angering the guard. They walked into a guest room. He was surprised that the bed was big enough for him. He turned towards the guard and jabbed a thumb at the bed. "You don't have ponies that big around here do you?"

The guard looked annoyed as he walked out, "One of the maids performed a spell that increased the bed to your size."

'Right, magic.' Ale closed the doors and extinguished the candles. He carefully sat on the bed, remembering his carriage incident. The bed held without protest and Ale lied down. He wished he could feel the comfort of the bed. A Spartans armor may be temperature regulated and have a bunch of other gizmos but it wasn't a five star hotel. Ale glanced at his radar and saw two guards were outside his door and two were near his window outside. He let out a breath and slipped into slumber.


Princess Luna once more observed the silk of the dreamscape her subjects offered. She didn't have to wait long for the mysterious secondary silk to appear. She could immediately tell it was a nightmare by the turbulent currents flowing throughout it. She took a deep breath and stepped forward.


Ale knew this dream. He HATED this dream with every fiber of his being. Ale was running and fast! Three marines were struggling to keep up but wouldn't stop. The screaming behind them made sure of that. They rounded a corner and were relieved to see daylight. They ran up and out of the forerunner construct sealing the entrance behind them. They took a breather while Ale called in a pelican. He walked forward a few hundred meters away from the marines to toss a flare, marking the LZ. The captain radioed in.

"As soon as we get you up here we're blowing this place to high heaven with the charges you set. I'll mark this planet off limits until the parasite can be cleansed properly. How many did you lose?"

"Two sir." Ale wasn't happy he lost two good soldiers, but three alive is better than none. He began to admire the alien beauty of this planet. It reminded him of home before it was turned to ash. The rolling green hills surrounding a crystal blue lake, a river lazily flowing into it. The sky held a perfect ambiance, untouched with pollution. It was hard to imagine that such a peaceful place could harbor terrible, terrible things. The growing whine of an incoming pelican shook him out of his thoughts. Ale was about to command the marines when he heard a panicked yell erupt from them.

Ale heard gunfire as he began to turn. The marines were backed up against the wall firing desperately at the flood forms that had surrounded them. The pelican pulled up beside Ale and the sergeant yelled at him to hop aboard.

"You did your job! Let’s get the hell out of here before they get us!"

Ale began running away from the sergeant clearly disgusted at his cowardice. 'They didn't abandon me.' He approached the back of the flood forms and jumped over while firing at them. He landed next to the two marines still up and attempted to hold back the overwhelming flood. The pelican began to move forward towards them until Ale heard the sergeant over the comm.

"Stop! Leave them! They're toast!"

"Sir?" the pilot responded confused.

Ale was interrupted when a 'tank' form leaped at him. He fired a tri of shots, ripping its torso apart. A scream next to him signaled the end of another one of the marines. It was just Ale and the lone marine against the endless tides. Ale kept cool headed, his mind in overdrive as he attempted to create a plan even as his last clip began to empty.

The marine glanced at Ale with a knowing look and yelled, "I can hold them off! It was an honor sir!"

Ale looked at the marine and nodded. The last round left the chamber of Ales weapon and he immediately lurched forward smashing through the flood forms. He sprinted for the pelican and jumped into the back with a loud explosion going off behind him. Ale knew the marine wouldn't let them get him. The pelican shot into the sky. He sat down next to the unconscious sergeant knowing what had happened to him. His head lowered as he mentally beat himself up.

'Why did I leave them at the entrance? They could have made a run for it if I had acted as bait. Any of the other Spartans would have saved them.' Ale stopped counting how many he had lost. He didn't exactly have a small casualty sheet. Ale would have terrible dreams even worse than this one. Ale found he could tolerate losses easier by distancing himself. The jerking of the pelican was his only companion as they accelerated into space.


Princess Luna looked down at the Spartan sadly. She had observed in horror at the things that had attacked him. She felt every emotion Ale was feeling. She had the power to do that when her subjects entered her realm. She wanted to comfort him but thought better of it. She shouldn't reveal herself not knowing the consequences of how Ale would react. So she left Ale to his thoughts as she exited the dream.


Ale began to wake up, his training never letting him sleep in. He sat up and watched the sunrise come in through the drapes. He didn't have to wait long for his radar to show him that someone was approaching. There was a light knock to which Ale responded with two taps of his foot. The door remained motionless as the visitor wasn't sure what this meant. The door then opened slowly revealing the guard from before.

"Good you're awake." He stepped aside allowing a maid pushing a cart to come through. She left the cart in the middle of the room and left mumbling a, "good morning." The guard looked at Ale and said, "After breakfast I will escort you to the princess."

Ale nodded and stood. He approached the cart and opened the lid to find a large serving of pancakes. How they knew he would like pancakes Ale didn't know. He looked up and cleared his throat. The guard looked annoyed and left the room slamming the doors slightly.

Ale finished the pancakes with a ravenous speed and began walking with the guard. He was surprised they didn't go to the throne room and instead were in Celestias’ room, the sun theme obviously giving it away. The guard left, telling Ale the princesses would be with him shortly. He didn't have to wait long as Celestia and Luna landed on a balcony. They stepped into the room.

Luna spoke up, "Did you enjoy your breakfast?"

Ale looked at her and replied, "Yes. Although I don't know how you knew I liked pancakes."

Celestia looked at Luna and chuckled. Ale was completely confused as to what went on. Celestia then turned towards him and Ale could see the seriousness returning to her face.

"Now Ale, as much as I would like to trust you I know you've been hiding things. I expect you to answer truthfully."

This made Ale nervous. The princesses sat down on a pair of cushions and gestured for him to do the same. Ale sat and looked at them cautiously.

"Now Ale, why did you become a soldier?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

Celestia looked annoyed. "Did the war start before you joined your military?"

Ale was trapped and he knew it. He figured they would know if he lied. 'Fuck it.' "No."

"That's better. Now why did you join?"

"Because,” Ale smirked.

"Ale we’re not going to be immature about this. You wouldn't like what I can do."

Ale simply smiled, "Do your worst."

Celestia smiled and turned to Luna."Sister, I asked the guard last night what Ale had eaten. He told me he had eaten a variety of things but was surprised when Ale had demanded one thing we did not have. Ale asked for a banana."

Ale had no idea what was wrong but from the look on Luna’s face he didn't like it. Luna looked at him with a white fire in her eyes and all hell broke loose.


Ale was in pain. Among the various things that had happened and were broken around the room Ale managed to be wedged in the wall. He shifted and fell out of the cracked wall. How Luna was able to toss him around like a rag doll was a mystery to him.

"Now are you ready to answer truthfully?"

"That’s classified. Oh, and fuck you!"

"No need for bad language! But if you're not willing to speak I can go get Luna again."

Ale looked and blurted, "There'll be no need for that!"

"Good. Now answer my question."

Ale stood up and hoped to all things that are holy that ONI would never hear of this."I joined because I was forced to."

Celestia nodded."So you were conscripted?"

“In a way.”

Celestia narrowed her eyes. “At what age?”

Ale stood silently, fighting himself, the truth.



“What was that?”

“ I was drafted when I was five! Happy now!"

Celestia looked horrified."Why so young?"

"The UNSC needed better soldiers to protect her colonies and their interests. The Insurrectionists were performing increasingly lethal terroristic acts. The UNSC weren't good enough to stop it by themselves. The Insurrectionists were human, please don't interrupt me. They trained us with the best of the best. We went under major surgical procedures making us stronger, faster, and smarter. Good thing they did to. Only a few years later the Covenant arrived. Does that answer your questions princess?"

Celestia was in shock. She stood there mumbling unintelligent things until she asked slowly, "How many of you are there?"

Ale replied, "There were 70 some Spartan IIs drafted as kids. When the Covenant arrived there were about 30 or so. Where I came from there were 14 of us in all. There were hundreds of Spartan IIIs during the war. Finally there are dozens of Spartan IVs."

Celestia took this all in."That will be all for now. Thank you for being truthful with me."

Ale simply nodded and left, still seething in anger, sadness, and regret. "If I ever get back I'll probably be put to death."


Ale went through the rest of the day with little trouble. The princesses were clearly distraught with the information they just gained. Ale simply avoided them and strolled throughout the castle, admiring its size and beauty. He was in the gardens now admiring the night sky. He sat next to a pond and peered at his reflection, the cyan face plate starring back. He looked intimidating. His armor was scuffed, the sheer size of him scared most civvies back home, and the expressionless helmet topped it off.

He was interrupted from his thoughts by the princess of the night. She approached him cautiously and Ale held up a hand, "Don't come near me."

Luna looked hurt and replied, "I'm sorry for what happened earlier. My sister and I didn't know how to get around you. We needed to trust you. Plus it doesn't help that you like bananas."

"First of all princess your sister made that up and you could have gained my trust by waiting for me to reply in my own time."

Luna thought about this and replied, "I'm sorry I attacked you. I shouldn't have listened to Tia. And you're right. We should have waited for you to tell us your story in your own time."

Ale sighed and accepted with a nod. Encouraged she stepped up to him and sat down with him. Ale looked down at her and replied with a chuckle, "It takes a lot to throw around a Spartan like that. For that you've earned some respect."

Luna looked at him with a smile, "You really were heavy though! How much do you weigh?"

"Half a ton."

Luna looked at him confused."That should not have been difficult for me. That reminds me, how did you break through Twilights shield?"

"Is Twilight that purple alicorn that was at the crash site?" Luna nodded and Ale continued, "I just passed through the shield. It felt like it was just an illusion. Kind of like a bubble shield."

Luna looked forward and thought about this."Did you feel anything?"

"I felt nauseous but that was about it."

"It's as I thought. Humans must be resistant to magic, or your armor at least is."

"You're not going to get me out of my armor if that's what you're implying princess."

Luna blushed but nodded in acceptance. Ale looked up in awe at the night sky. Luna noticed this and responded, "Do you like it?"

"Very much so. I may fight on the ground but I've always had a calling for space. Ever since I was lit..."

Luna responded quickly, "We don't have to talk about it if you don't wish to."

Ale looked down, "Thanks." Luna blinked warmly and was about to get up when Ale said, "How did you know I liked pancakes?"

Luna smiled and said, "Why, it's my favorite."

Ale nodded."I haven't had pancakes in forever. The government doesn't exactly give funding towards good food."

"How does your government work?" Luna asked.

Ale smiled and prepared for an... interesting conversation. They spoke well into the night ranging in many topics. Human culture, technology, education, and heavily on music since Luna showed a heavy interest in it. She explained that she was banished for a thousand years and music hadn't changed much although a certain pony in a town called Ponyville was revolutionizing it. Ale was extremely puzzled as to how Luna lived for so long, much less on the moon.

The early signs of dawn were approaching and Ale stood up to leave. He stared at the beautiful sunrise, admiring the different blends of color on an unpolluted sky. Ale un-polarized his face plate so he could admire the full beauty of it. Luna meanwhile turned and gawked as she could clearly see his face. Ale had deep aqua eyes with a slight purple tint around his pupil. This was caused from the augmentations. His dark brown hair hung just below his eyebrows. His nose was straight and his mouth was firm. His cheeks looked soft were it not for the deep lines on them as if he frowned too much. Overall Luna found him to be extremely handsome.

Ale noticed this and looked down at her. His deep eyes were aged with what she knew to have seen many things, things she couldn't imagine. His gaze was friendly enough and the way they seemed to peer into her soul made her heart beat slightly faster. Ale winked and polarized his face plate before walking away towards the castle, leaving a flustered princess behind.

Author's Note:

Don't ask me about the banana thing. Apparently Luna doesn't like bananas. I must have read it somewhere and decided it was part of a widely accepted fan made quirk of Luna. Point being however Luna got pissed and beat the living hell out of Ale XD