• Published 6th Dec 2013
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Guardian - Requiem17

After making an emergency slipspace exit Spartan II Ale finds himself the last survivor of UNSC Enduring Ember. Ale becomes the defender of Equestria. But there are dark forces rising. Can Ale defend our beloved ponies?

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Ale was almost at the edge of the forest. His radar had been turned on and he was on full alert. The princess may have promised he would be safe but his past experiences and training told him otherwise. The ferns began to thin out allowing daylight to filter in brighter. Ale crouched and listened intently. He heard voices, five of them. He got on his belly and crawled under the ferns, allowing him to see the guards on the plain. They were unicorns. They were probably there to restrain him if he attempted to do anything wrong. He decided there were no other guards in the area. He whistled to let them know he was coming out. They jumped to attention and held their spears at a slight angle, just in case.

Ale stood and walked out. They gasped with wide eyes as they saw the full height of him. Ale approached slowly and stopped ten feet away. The leader regained his senses and stepped forward.

"You are to surrender yourself and any weapons you posses. We will then escort you to Canterlot where the princesses are awaiting your presence."

Ale stood silent, unnerving the guards. Every part of his being and training screamed at him not to give up his weapons. His life line. Ale sighed and gave in. He reached behind him and pulled his rifle off his back, holding it out towards the guard. The guard grabbed it in his aura and began lifting it away when Ale interrupted, "Careful with that. We don't want it going off now do we?" The guard looked nervous, oblivious to the grin behind Ales silent visor. He then handed over his combat knife from his chest. The guards gaped at the size of his knife, putting their spears to shame.

"Your armor as well. We are aware that that is not your true form."

At this Ale stared at him. He responded with a firm, "No. Princess Luna said nothing about my armor and I will not take it off."

The guard glared daggers at him and said, "You will take off you armor."

"Non-negotiable,” Ale said solidly. The guard was going to retort when Ale replied, "If you want you can try to take it off. You'd first have to knock me out. That's highly unlikely and even then it takes a whole technician crew to take it off." Ale knew he could take it off himself but even he struggled for half an hour to take it off.

The guard said through narrowed eyes, "Fine, but if you try anything..." Ale smiled behind his helmet with the guards unfinished threat. He'd like to see them try anything. "Do you have any more weapons in your possession?"

Ale looked down at the pony and shook his head. The pony snorted and put the weapons in his saddle bag. "Let us go then." With that they formed around the Spartan and began walking. Ale brushed his SMGs ensuring they were still locked away into his thigh armor, grinning to himself. They should know better than to trust an alien. Much less a soldier. He was a little surprised that they didn't frisk him, not they would be able to get past his over shield. Ale was interrupted from his thoughts when they rounded a corner in the road and he saw a topless, white carriage. There were four pegasi strapped into harnesses with two others guarding it. They looked at Ale warily as he approached.

Ale lifted his leg slowly and took a cautious step onto the carriage. It leaned towards him, groaning slightly. He put all his weight and heard some quiet snapping. He stepped in and sat down, rocking the carriage violently. The five unicorns stepped in, two sat down on either side of him while the other three sat across from him. The lead unicorn let out a loud whistle, signaling the pegasi to take off. They strained against their harnesses, slowly accelerating. Ale chuckled silently to himself as he watched. The other two pegasi flew next to their comrades and helped pull. The carriage moved faster and became airborne. They wobbled slightly as they took to the air, flying towards a distant mountainside castle.


Ales grin had long since left his face as he gripped the sides in terror as the carriage shook violently with the six pegasi sweating profusely as they approached the castle gardens. The carriage landed with a loud thud. The pegasi threw themselves to the ground, groaning and panting from their trip. The unicorns got off and looked at Ale expectantly. Ale slowly released the guard rail leaving crushed metal from his sheer strength. He stood up, revealing his backsides impression in the seat as well. He went to take a step off only to break through the bottom of the carriage.

Ale looked up to see the guards bowing before princess Luna. He looked at her awkwardly before stepping out from the hole and onto the ground. "I can pay for that,” he said.

Luna looked amused as she replied, "I'm sure Tia was going to get another carriage. Come, my sister is expecting us. Guards, you may leave to your posts." The guards looked like they were against it but nodded stiffly before walking away. Ale followed Luna through the gardens towards the castle. Luna glanced at Ale before asking, "Why are you wearing your armor? I asked the guards to police all weapons and your armor."

Ale looked at her and replied gruffly, "You didn't say anything about my armor and I wouldn't remove it for anything."

Luna looked at him slightly annoyed."What is your attachment for?"

Ale looked forward, "It's saved me countless times. It's like a second skin to me."

Luna nodded, dropping the subject. Ales foot falls were echoing in the endless hallways. They approached a set of oak doors. Ale was surprised at their size; they were big even by a Spartans standards. After all, he did stand a solid foot above Lunas head. Luna opened the doors with her magic and stepped in. Ale saw the white pony sitting in her throne. "Tia was it?" he asked Luna.

"Princess Celestia to you Ale." He looked up at the white pony who had spoken.

"She heard that?" Ale whispered to himself.

"Indeed,” Celestia replied with a slight grin.

'Damn. Bat hearing too.'

Ale looked to the princess and waited silently as Luna walked up and stood next to her sister. They stood in silence, the princesses staring at his emotionless cyan face plate while he stared at their regal masks. Finally Celestia broke the silence, "So Ale, I see that if you aren't willing to start I will. My sister has already informed me that you are a soldier among other things. So to start off why are you here?"

Ale knew he was going to be drilled for information. He wouldn't give up just any information mind you. He prepared for the long haul."I'm here by accident. I did not intend to be here and didn't even know this place existed."

Celestia seemed slightly relieved before continuing on, "How did you get here?"

"We were making an emergency slip space exit when we slipped into what looked to be a separate current of slip space itself."

"And this is what damaged your ship?"


Celestia narrowed her eyes at his change in voice."What damaged your ship?"

"A covenant carrier followed us and fired plasma torpedoes at us."

"What is this covenant?"

"A mix of alien races that are hell bent on destroying all of humanity. Well that was before the end of the war."

Celestia looked shocked. Ale asked, "Are you familiar with the term genocide princess?"

"Yes, but we have not seen it in a long time. We haven't seen war in thousands of years."

Ale nodded at this. He figured as much from a bunch of colorful ponies.

"Why were they killing your kind?

"That princess is the million dollar question. Other than some sort of religious ‘Great Journey’ they spoke so fondly of there is another reason behind it that I am unaware of."

"How many more of you are there?"

Ale tensed slightly, "Please clarify princess."'Smooth dodge!'

"Humans of course,” Celsetia was no fool and saw through his evasive response. 'He's hiding something.'

"Well I don't know exactly but before the war humanity was in the higher double digit billions."

Celestia was in awe. 'Tens of billions!? We barely number in the millions. Before the war?' "And after the war?"

Ale stood silent for a few seconds. This made Celestia nervous. He answered with no emotion, "Earths population was estimated to be around 200 million. 16 billion are thought to have survived the war."

Celestia felt slight tears forming. Luna was dead silent. The princess of the sun regained herself and stuttered slightly, "I...I'm sorry."

Ale only nodded. Celestia had enough of this for one day. She felt the urge of night approaching. She looked to the soldier, only seeing a silent metal statue. She spoke, "Night is approaching. A guard will take you to the kitchen as I'm sure your starving. You will then be led to your room for the night. We will continue this discussion tomorrow."

Ale nodded and followed a nearby guard out through the doors. Celestia wiped the forming tears off her face and looked at Luna in slight horror. Luna simply nodded in understanding as they began to walk outside to attend their royal duties.

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