• Published 6th Dec 2013
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Guardian - Requiem17

After making an emergency slipspace exit Spartan II Ale finds himself the last survivor of UNSC Enduring Ember. Ale becomes the defender of Equestria. But there are dark forces rising. Can Ale defend our beloved ponies?

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Crash Landing

Ale let out a long sigh. "What the fuck just happened?" He closed his eyes and tried to think clearly. 'I'm the last survivor in an unknown galaxy with magical horses flying through space..... Yep! I'm most certainly dead.' Ale eased the Sabre into a safe approach trajectory. He still had a few hundred kilometers till he reached atmosphere. He thought back to the white horse that had seemed to be speaking to him. 'It was speaking and didn't look threatening.' Ale thought it was ironic that he was judging whether or not a horse was threatening. But he remembered how the four inch titanium elevator doors were ripped like they were aluminum. This caused good reason to fear what this 'magic' could do.

The radar sounded off loudly. Ale looked down and saw two bogeys rapidly approaching from the rear. He flicked the rear cameras on and saw the two horses rapidly gaining on him. "Shit!" Ale grabbed the controls and put the engines into afterburn, accelerating the fighter rapidly. The white horses' horn began to emanate a yellow glow as it attempted, as near as Ale could tell, to surround the ship. Ale felt the fighter starting to decelerate. "Fuck no!" He wrenched the ship upwards and rolled to the side pushing the nose to face perpendicularly with the planet.

Flames licked across the reinforced canopy as the nose cone began to heat up. Ale knew the fighter was more than capable to handle the extreme G's and heat. So when the ship shuddered he was caught completely by surprise. He looked to the right wing and swore under his breath. There was a sizable dent in one of the metal plates. He winced when he remembered his heavy leap onto the fighter. The panel was turning white as it was super heated and blew open. Not a second later the fuel within the wing ignited, blowing the wing clear off and tossing Ale around like a rag doll. Ale checked the altimeter and confirmed he was about halfway within the atmosphere.

While most of the time a Spartan can survive a crash landing from orbit by locking up their armor and only sustaining minor to semi-major injury, there still is a chance of major injury or death. However falling in a fiery space craft is more dangerous. With that in mind Ale popped the canopy off and jumped out in the spread eagle formation. He had an increased air drag and slowed down enough to let the doomed fighter speed past him. Ale cranked up the pressure in his suits gel layer and prepared his armor lock. The ground was rapidly approaching, flaring greatly with the impact of the fighter. Ale followed soon after.