• Published 6th Dec 2013
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Guardian - Requiem17

After making an emergency slipspace exit Spartan II Ale finds himself the last survivor of UNSC Enduring Ember. Ale becomes the defender of Equestria. But there are dark forces rising. Can Ale defend our beloved ponies?

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Discovery (Part Two)


Princess Luna was staring up at her night sky. She could name every single celestial object within sight. Even beyond. Her time on the moon had taught her many things. Unfortunately her ‘other’ as she liked to call it had not released her anger and scorn, returning with a vengeance. But that’s all in the past now. She began her reformation by befriending her sisters’ protégé. She even broke her medieval speech. Luna looked down and observed her sister stepping into the center of the garden. Celestias' horn began to light up as she focused on the steadily brightening horizon. Luna was glad that her sister had welcomed her back in open hooves. She wouldn’t have made it this far without her guidance and support.

She yawned loudly. Contrary to what most believed, her job of dream walking actually requires her to be awake. Tired from a long night she turned and began walking from her balcony towards her room. Out of the corner of her eye she witnessed a bright flash. Luna turned and stared at the spot in the night sky where the flash had originated from. Curious, she levitated her telescope from her room. She didn’t feel any different objects in her domain. Nonetheless her night sky and what lies beyond is her charge. She steadied the telescope and lined it up.

At first all she could see was a large green and black blur. She steadily focused in with practiced ease and saw what looked to be a rectangular hunk of metal. It looked to have deep gashes and scorch marks along the bottom and back of the object. She looked closer and noticed a white blur along the side. She had just focused closer when the image suddenly faded as the night sky gave way to day. Lunas jaw was slacked at what she had glimpsed.

She jerked back, knocking the telescope over as she raised her wings for flight. With a leap she shot towards her sister with alarm at what she had seen. It had unmistakably been writing.