• Published 6th Dec 2013
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Guardian - Requiem17

After making an emergency slipspace exit Spartan II Ale finds himself the last survivor of UNSC Enduring Ember. Ale becomes the defender of Equestria. But there are dark forces rising. Can Ale defend our beloved ponies?

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AN: So there's a little confusion about Ales magic resistance and how it works. Let me explain. Ale himself is resistant to magic. This means that with enough training and will power he can stop the most powerful spells affecting him. This means magic that affects him personally, like teleporting or mind control. He can allow it to happen if he so wishes. An example would be when Luna tried to teleport him to the ship. The first time he didn't know so it happened with little struggle. The second time he resisted, stopping it from actually happening until he let in. Now his armor is a different story. It resists magic that is physical like levitation or scanning. This he has no control over. If the magic is strong enough it will penetrate. A good example of this is when Celestia picked him up. While his weight isn't a problem to her, his armor was resisting it thus making it harder to do. When Ale thrashed against her magic it broke her hold. I hope this makes sense to the people who weren't understanding this. Enjoy.


Ale jerked awake, tossing his blankets aside. He clutched his chest tightly. “What the hell!?” Ale gasped as the pain slowly began to dissipate and he caught his breath. Ale shook his head and looked at the clock on the wall. 7:00 A.M. He slipped out of bed wearing only his bodysuit. Ale figured if a bed was available he might as well use it without donning his armor. He went to the corner of his room where his armor was stacked neatly and began systematically putting it back on.

His task finished Ale checked his vitals. Text appeared on his HUD reading that he was green and clear. Ale double checked just to make sure. Never in his lifetime had he just woken up to pain that intense without something being wrong. He shrugged, blaming on the stress of his situation and the excitement of last night.

He opened his door and walked downstairs to find Spike already making breakfast. “Morning Spike.”

“Hey Ale. I made eggs this time if that’s all right.”

Ale smiled, “That’s very much appreciated. I may be an omnivore but being my stature and eating just greens will make any Spartan crabby in a hurry.” Spike smiled as he began to dish out on three plates. Ale looked around and noticed a lacking participant. “Where’s Twilight?”

“Well after she woke up and I explained what happened she felt really bad. So, she spent all day yesterday with the girls planning something I guess. She got back really late and went right to bed. I think she’s still there.”

“Want me to go wake her up?”

“I got it. She’ll appreciate breakfast in bed.”

Ale nodded. Spike gave him his plate of eggs and began to walk upstairs towards Twilights room with her breakfast. Ale pulled off his helmet and downed his eggs as fast as possible. He wiped his mouth and pulled his helmet back on right as Spike came back down.

“Wow! You eat faster than I do.”

Ale smirked. “Eating on the battlefield will do that to you.” Spike suddenly looked sullen. Ale straightened and asked in concern, “Is something wrong?”

Spike looked at Ale. “I’m sorry. It’s just that you keep fitting in so well here that I forget that you’re actually some sort of super soldier. I can’t even imagine some of the things you’ve seen.”

Ale blinked slowly, “That’s surprisingly mature for such a young one to say. You should consider yourself lucky you don’t know what I know.” Ale sighed, “Listen, forget about all that. It’s all in the past and we don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

“But what about your kind? Don’t they need you?”

Ale breathed slowly and replied carefully. “I’ve sworn to fight for mankind until my last breath. It’s my duty to protect and serve the UNSC and her interests. Unfortunately, my ship is in disrepair to the point that I can’t even fix it. I have no way of reaching or contacting home so I’m stuck here. While I am an important asset to the UNSC, they have the manpower and resources available to them to continue on without me. There’s nothing the princesses or I can do to change that.”

Spike seemed to be thinking deeply. “So, you’re expendable?”Ale stiffened at that word. Spike instantly regretted saying that and flinched. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean…”

“Spike it’s alright.” Ale stood and walked to the wall. “You need to understand that a soldier fights to protect his beliefs and his nations ideals. Every soldier knows that they may not return from the front lines. The UNSC were fighting for our very survival.” Ale looked at Spike. “No human life is expendable. We all fought to buy time for the rest of mankind. The UNSC acknowledged every sacrifice and cherished it until they succeeded in the end. Those who fell will never be forgotten.”

“Wow. So mankind really struggled huh?”

“You have no idea. Luckily we had many heroes that inspired the rest of us to live on and make the Covenant pay in blood for every single inch of ground they took.”

Spike suddenly looked interested. “Heroes? Who were they?”

“That’s a very broad question Spike. There are many heroes and not enough time to tell their stories.”

Spike looked thoughtful until Ale thought he saw a literal light bulb appear above his head. “Well is there someone who stood out above the rest of them?”

Ale smiled, as there was only one true candidate who fit that bill. “There was a Spartan who went by ‘The Master Chief’. He was a hardass if there ever was one. He wasn’t the strongest, fastest, or the smartest of the Spartans, but he had one thing that no one had. Luck.”

“Whoa.” Spike had an awestruck look on his face. “What are some of the things he did?”

“Take a seat. We may be here a while.”

Ale and Spike continued to talk about the legend that is Chief for almost an hour, Spike eating every word that Ale spoke.

“He then jumped his hog into the hangar of the ‘Dawn’. The Chiefs AI made the ship head towards the portal back to Earth before it collapsed. The Ark was destroyed and the Covenant defeated. Only remnants of the Covenant still fight but they are steadily losing towards the combined forces of the humans and their allies.”

Spike frowned a bit. “But what happened to the Chief?”

Ale’s smile dropped as he remembered the day all of mankind received the report. “Only half of the ship made it back through the portal. The Arbiter was safe but the Chief was missing, the Arbiter confirming that Chief was on the other half.”

Spike looked worried. “So, he’s dead?”

“I’m afraid I don’t really know Spike. Technically Spartans never die due to ONI protocols. They list all Spartans as MIA, missing in action, in order to give the illusion that Spartans never die, giving the public hope.” Ale leaned in. “I can personally tell you Spike, we’re not invincible. I’ve seen fellow comrades fall.” Ale relaxed and smiled. “That’s all very hush hush Spike. If ONI comes knocking deny everything.”

Spike’s face straightened and he nodded furiously. Ale laughed and was interrupted when a purple mare walked in.

“You’re not telling super death secrets to my number one assistant are you? I don’t want him being dragged away in the middle of the night.”

“Morning to you too Twilight.”

Twilight approached Ale and gave him a sheepish smile as she rubbed the back of her neck. “Listen Ale, about yesterday. I…”

“Ah, ah, ah. No need for that. I completely understand. You’re forgiven and I have learned a very important lesson.”

Twilight looked confused. “And what would that be?”

“Always show the bat crap insane pony the cool gadget before anypony else.”

Twilight frowned as Spike and Ale began laughing. Ale calmed down and breathlessly said, “In all seriousness Twilight, I’m sorry I didn’t show you cool stuff. I won’t do it again.”

Twilight smiled. “That’s okay. I admit I went a little overboard.”

Spike burst up, “A little!?”

Twilight glared at him. “As I was saying. I would like to make it up to you. Would you accompany me to Sweet Apple Acres today?”

Ale thought carefully about his work schedule. “Okay. But I need to be back by 1:00. Does that work?”

“Perfect! Let’s head over there now.”


Ale and Twilight were walking up the dirt road that led to the Apple families farmhouse. “So what do you need me for?”

“Oh, AJ needed my help with some financing. I figured instead of being cooped up in the library all day you would like to accompany me.”

“So this is just a social visit?”


“Uh huh.” Ale knew better than to trust her sketchy answer, especially when Spike had told him she was up to something. They approached the farmhouse and stepped up onto the deck. Twilight knocked and the door was swiftly opened.

“Hiya Twilight! You’re right on time. Howdy Ale.”

“Good morning Applejack. Is everything prepared?”

“Yes it is. Before ya’ll come in, Ale could you do me a favor?” Ale nodded. “I left ma hat in the barn. Could ya get it for me?”

Ale knew something was up. He replied slowly, “Sure.”

“Thank ya kindly. Come on in Twilight.”

Ale watched as they disappeared into the house. He turned around and started heading to the barn when an audible pop sounded from inside the house. ‘Why does that sound so familiar?’ Ale approached the barn and opened the door. It was dark but Ale immediately saw the contents of the room with his HUD. There were decorations, food, and party streamers everywhere. There could only be one reason this was set up.


‘Speak of the devils.’ Five mares popped out when the lights lit up. Ale noticed that Rarity was missing. A pink blur however, ruined his musings as Pinkie shot to him and started bouncing.

“Wereyousurprised! Huhhuhhuh!?”

“Calm down Pinkie. I can hardly understand you. Yes, I was surprised. What’s all this for though?” Pinkie took a deep breath, Ale stopping her with a finger pressed against her lips. “Slower this time okay?”

Pinkie nodded and he released. “Well you see I never did give you a proper welcome with you being so busy all the time. I also wanted to thank you for saving Princess Luna! So thanks!”

Ale nodded and sure enough, there was a large banner overhead that read, ‘Welcome to Ponyville!/Thanks for saving Princess Lu.’ Ale laughed at the incomplete name. They didn’t have enough room and had to cut it short. Pinkie dashed back to a phonograph and held the needle in the air. “Let’s get this party started!”

With that she dropped the needle and music poured from the speaker. Ale simply observed while he watched the mares go about their business. Fluttershy and Applejack had walked over towards one wall and were talking. Rainbow Dash was stuffing her face in treats, while Pinkie and Twilight were dancing. Actually, Ale wasn’t sure if he should call whatever Twilight was doing dancing. It looked more like a rabid dog trying to attack imaginary specters.

Ale walked over to RD and tapped her on the shoulder, interrupting her murder spree on the sweets. “Where’s Rarity? Wouldn’t she be here too?”

RD shrugged. We talked to her yesterday while planning this. She’s probably just late getting here with all the work she’s gotten lately.”

Ale nodded and was about to respond until RD suddenly took to the sky. “Watch out!”

Ale attempted to turn to only be smashed by an immense force, smashing him into the wall. Ale blinked away his spotty vision and groaned in pain as he dropped from the wall. He looked at the wall to see a comic imprint of his body. He heard a gasp and turned around. Pinkie stood behind him and was spluttering out what Ale assumed was an apology.

Ale held out his hand to stop her. “What was that?”

AJ spoke up from the other side of the room. “Pinkie gets a might wild while she’s dancing. She smashed into you there.”

Pinkies hair deflated a bit as she looked at the ground. “I’m really sorry Ale.”

Ale chuckled silently. “It’s all right Pinkie. I can take a hit and you didn’t mean it. Just try to watch out in the future okay?” Pinkie brightened and nodded furiously. “Good. Now back out there and party.”

Pinkie squeed and jumped back onto the dance floor. Ale stood up and shuffled around the wild dancers over to Applejack. “She sure can pack a punch. How does she do that?”

“Well, ya see Ale, earth ponies are really strong. Our magic connection to the earth allows us to do that.”

Ale nodded. ‘Note to self. Don’t piss off AJ.’

The party lasted for a few more hours, the ponies and single human dancing, playing games, and generally having a good time. Ale soon had to leave for work though and said his goodbyes as he headed out. He arrived right on time and punched in. His work day consisted of moving heavy crates around to the proper gates for delivery and pick up. Ale talked to his fellow co-workers during break and was interrupted when a small white filly burst in the room. She looked like she had run herself ragged and was in tears.

Spotting Ale she rushed over to him. “Please sir! You have to help me!”

“Whoa whoa whoa! Slow down. What’s your name?”

“My names Sweetie Belle. I’m Rarity’s little sister. She said if I ever needed help I could come to you.”

“Okay. What’s wrong?”

“They took my sister! You have to stop them!”

“Alright calm down. Who took her?”

Sweetie Belle took in deep breaths as she relaxed a bit. “The diamond dogs. They took her once before and now they got her again.”

Ale remembered reading about diamond dogs in the Canterlot library. They were lowlifes. Spending their days digging in the dirt for gems. Sweetie Belle began tugging Ales arm in an effort to get him moving. Ale complied and punched out on his way through the door.

“How do you know diamond dogs took her?”

“She told me she needed gems for one of her dresses and would be right back. When she didn’t return I went to the field where she always goes and saw a piece of her mane in the dirt.”

“You said she was taken before. What did they want her for?”

“Rarity uses magic to find gems. So the dogs make her find gems for them.”

Ale nodded as he believed the story to be credible. Ale noticed that they were approaching a desolate field of dirt and rock. There were holes everywhere, some looking to be entry points deep underground. This looked to be the place to Ale. He looked down at Sweetie Belle.

“Go round up the others. I’ll be fine by myself.”

She nodded as she headed back towards town. Ale pulled his rifle from his back and turned towards the dark maw in front of him. He stepped forwards and soon disappeared in the black tunnels. While Ales suit filtered out the air, he could still tell that the air was damp and hot. This unnerved Ale. It was eerily familiar to the conditions he had experienced when fighting the flood. He kept his finger hot on the trigger as he swept the darkness with his helmet lights.

Ale soon found this to be extremely boring as he would find a branch in the tunnel and take one way only to reach a dead end, resulting in him having to walk all the way back and try the different route. He did this for around twenty minutes until he started to hear a commotion down one of the tunnels. As he got closer he heard the incessant whining of Rarity. He rounded the corner and watched as a large dog shoved a rag in Raritys mouth, effectively shutting her up.

The dog then spoke in a high, scratchy voice. “You’re whining can no longer bug us. You will find gems for us pony. We won’t be so forgiving for disobedience this time.” The dog made a very suggestive gesture towards Rarity that made her eyes widen in fear. Having enough of this Ale stepped out of the darkness before Rarity could be hurt or touched by the filthy mongrels.

“That won’t be necessary as you’ll release her. Now.”

The dogs spun around quickly and backed up at the presence of Ale. Rarity looked extremely grateful. “Who are you and what are you doing here!” the lead dog yelled.

“That’s none of your concern. What you should be worried about is what I’ll do to you if you don’t let her go peacefully.”

The dog began laughing. Ale sighed and placed his rifle behind his back as he waited, these dogs would hardly give him reason to use it. The dog finally calmed down and wiped a tear from his face. “You? Stop us? Ha! We’ll see about that.”

With a loud howl dozens of dogs in medieval armor ran in from surrounding tunnels. They got between him and Rarity, slowly stepping forward. Ale chuckled as he clapped and started bouncing on his feet, pulling his arms up in a boxer’s stance. The dogs looked a little worried at his confidence, but with the lead dog yelling at them to attack they soon got over their fears. Ale smiled as he stepped forward and swiftly punched the first dog, sending him flying back into his comrades.

These were simple hooligans to Ale, so he would keep fatalities to zero. He quickly waded through the mass of dogs, laughing at their attempts to penetrate his armor. His over shield barley moving. To keep things interesting, Ale just ran through the group of dogs while spinning, sending dogs flying left and right as the super soldier tornado ripped through their defenses. The dogs were losing their comrades quickly and were beginning to run away in fear, astounded that the creature didn’t seem to be trying. The trickle of dogs retreating soon turned into a full torrent of armored bodies, pushing to get through the tunnels and away from the monster.

Ale turned and found Rarity missing. He quickly pulsed his promethean vision, face palming as he realized he could have used it right in the beginning. He found Rarity soon enough, the lead dog carrying her away. Ale charged down the tunnels after them. He ran into the light as he stepped out onto the surface and saw the lead dog turning back towards him, five mares blocking his initial escape.

Before the dog could reach up to Rarity, Ale pulled out his rifle and shot the ground in front of the dog. The dog yelped as he felt the heat from the plasma wash over him, astonished as the ground in front of him turned to glass.

“Touch her and the next one melts your brain.”

The dog started shaking and looked like he was going to piss himself. Ale slowly approached, picking Rarity off of his back and setting her on the ground. The dog was face to face to Ales cyan faceplate, staring at his own reflection. “Go. Now.” The dog nodded and hurried back into the tunnels. Ale pulled out Raritys gag and stood up.

The other mares ran to Rarity and started questioning her. She pushed passed them and looked at Ale. “Thank you so much Ale! Who knows what those brutes would have made me do. Turn me into a miner for them. Pah! I will do no such thing.”

Ale smiled and struck a heroic pose as he scratched, ‘Saving a damsel in distress,’ off his bucket list. His heroic feelings soon wore off though as he noticed Rarity give him a strange look.

“Is something wrong Rarity?”

“Oh there’s nothing wrong, however,” she said as she jumped up into Ales arms. “How will I ever repay you?”

The other mares were looking at Rarity in shock, clearly understanding her motives. Ale shook his head and simply dropped Rarity onto the ground in a cloud of dust. The gang nervously chuckled at Ales response.

To everyone’s relieve, Ale soon spoke up. “Let’s go. Those dogs won’t be bugging anypony for a while now after the experience they just got.” They all nodded and began walking back to Ponyville, chatting excitedly along the way. Ale was glad he finally got to beat something up that actually deserved it as they walked along. His thoughts were interrupted as the pain from that morning started up again, hampering his movement.

The mares noticed Ale falling behind as they turned around, observing Ale crossing the bridge towards them. “Is everything okay Ale?”

Ale nodded, gasping as pain stronger than before shot through him. He had just stepped off the bridge when it finally reached its peak, Ale collapsing as he blacked out.

“Ale!” The mares quickly ran over to him, trying to get him to respond.

“Do something Twilight!”

Twilight desperately ran her magic over his armor, trying to figure out how to take it off. Failing that she tried to yank off his helmet, only to find that some sort of latching mechanism kept it on firmly. Panicking, she yelled, “I can’t! His suit doesn’t have any obvious latches or straps!”

RD spoke up. “What do you expect?! He’s a soldier from space! Can you at least tell if he’s alive?”

Twilight tried scanning his body, failing her task as his armor repelled the magic. She began to cry as she ran out of ideas. She turned to the group. “Meet me at the library!”

Twilight then lit up her horn and teleported Ale and herself to the library. With a pop they arrived in the middle of the floor.

“Spike! I need to send a letter!”

Author's Note:

I was sick of seriousness and needed Ale to frolick in his natural habitat of conflict. It's not much but you can expect a lot more after the next chapter I think. You're welcome. Next, I think I have to add the sex tag on now. I was getting a bit suggestive there. What is Ales pain about? Prepare for a bombshell next chapter.