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About your ol' friend Sniderman

"Come into my lair...said the spider to the fly."
Anyway , my name is Sniderman, or Brian, which ever you prefer.

I live in the wonderful U.S. Which I moved to from the UK about 3 years ago. i enjoy sitting in-front of my computer all day reading and gaming! That's pretty much all there is to me. Going to college for IT Software Security and and a minor in Literature.

My steam name is Sniderman if anyone wants to game!


New Years · 5:24am Jan 1st, 2015

Whelp, its a new year. time to kick ass and read more Fics. Cheers!!!

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Rambling of awesome crap and stuff...

Any sane brony out there that also enjoy's music should download the app hoofsounds for the CHROME browser. It is quite wonderful and...well...GET IT! :pinkiehappy:

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Thanks for the favorite on The Demon Within! Be sure to check out my blog and comment.

May the Cheese be with you!

1171664 Thanks. What do you like about my story so far?

1171672 I've already started:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Grave Walker deleted May 21st, 2014

1171660 your story brought wonderful memories back of star wars, and I joined ur group soooooo, it seemed logical to follow

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