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Hello everypony to Halo Bronies your no.1 source for all that is Halo with Equestria.

In this group there are some rules but we'll get into that in just a moment. Anyways any NSFW stories must be sent to an admin through PM. Now here at the rules.
1) no troll threads please
2) no arguing with fellow members unless you've got a point to why you are arguing with each other
3) no other types of stories shall be posted in this group like Star Wars etc. Failure to follow these rules will result in a strike. Three strikes you're out.

Thank you and as I said send any NSFW content to Prince Fullmoon or Nodoga.

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Love that Spartan III, the one that "made" spartan and pony blocked me when I said he copied from another person.

he's not on this site but his name is DeadLight63 and his on fanfiction and his fanfiction is from 6 years ago.

I need someone to clean up my story.
When going through moderation it got shot down.
Anyone interested?

anyone got the idea of a universe were the arbiter didn't go to Earth but goes to Equestria instead.:pinkiehappy:

I feel genuinely sorry for you, my friend has had the same experience and my Xbox life got insanely boring:fluttershysad:

I no longer have the ability to play it. I don't have a 360 anymore. I was a god at it though my friend. A god. I shall always be amazing at it. Can still remember LASO solo campaign run on 3, odst, and reach. Oh the good times of trolling my friends with my no scopes and my well placed gernade throws. I have yet to play 4 sadly and 5 is right around the corner. You may see my gamertag if you wish but I can't promise any games with you. :ajsleepy:

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