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Attending Harvard, still got time for ponies.


Pink Floyd - The Wall with ponies ! My first fic. For those who haven't watched The Wall, do it right now, no really its on youtube. You don't really need to watch it to understand this fic, since i will have my on take on the story.

Summary: Pinkie pie runs away from home once her father dies in the war. She meets the rest of the mane 6 in a school that treats students poorly. She does some illegal substances, and gets intimate with Rainbow Dash. She becomes a leader of a Neo-Nazi revolution against nightmare Moon. And all hell breaks lose once she becomes insane.

Rainbow Dash x Pinkie Pie.
Rainbow Dash x Applejack. (I am not into shipping, but it is a parody)

Keep it in mind it is a parody so some characters might not act in-character.

I will upload daily, I am coming up with the story as I write it, so I re-edit each chapter about 3 times before uploading. I will probably finish it this week, each chapter will be about 1000-2000 words, although one might need to be longer. Even if no one reads it I am exited to write it, so i will give it my best. Keep it in mind I don't have much to work with, since The Wall isn't very coherent when it comes to storytelling ( many flashbacks and such).

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Sorry, had to.

And I can tell this is going to be good. And ironic, if Pinkie happens to be on LSD. And I haven't even read it yet.

Ponies and The Wall? Mind=Blown :pinkiegasp: This is going to be great!

212827 I may replace drugs with rainbow juice or something like that:rainbowderp: since I still want to keep it under teen.

213065 I hope so, I was kind of worried after posting it :pinkiecrazy:, but since I got a possitive feedback, I have many great ideas for later chapters :pinkiehappy:.

213169 Thank you, although I will have to work hard to bring the metaphorical story of the wall into a narrative. (i.e. most of the movie is described trough music videos, which I will have to analyse the meanings of to write them in a narrative way :scootangel:)


...I have a feeling that Rainbow Juice would be worse

So yeah, I will try my best to keep uploading daily :pinkiesmile: More songs,and a larger chapter next time in the same bat-time on the same bat-site :trollestia:.

Another day, another chapter :scootangel: next one may take longer, I want to make a 5000+words chapter. So it may take about 2 days :trollestia: So yeah I also have the ending, epilogue, and bonus chapter written down just waiting to be read. Dont worry they will come later in the story, I think I will write 6 more chapters or so, trying to use all the songs. :pinkiehappy:

218135 Thank you very much :pinkiehappy:, I am enjoying writing this much more than I thought I would :derpytongue2:. Anyways a new chapter everyday should keep the hate at bay :scootangel:

This is just plain awesome pink flyod and pinkie pie just awesome man:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

:duck: Well you have my attention.

218670 Thank you, I appreciate the feedback :pinkiehappy:

219026 And I will try my best to keep it :raritywink: , just to be sure are chapters this long (2000+ words) , preferred over a 5000 word chapter ? Not that it s getting hard to write, it s because of attention spam. I don't want the chapter to become boring by exploring too many story arcs at once :scootangel:.219579>>218670

Oh boy, that sure was harder to write than I thought it would be :twilightoops:. Largest chapter yet. The story is coming to a close, I think 4 more chapters will do it. :ajsmug:

Feel free to leave a comment, feedback is always good :heart: :scootangel:

Just wonderin' about how are you going to get communism in there?:rainbowhuh:

220181 Well its actually more of a Neo-Nazi than Communism :twilightblush:. And I have no Idea :pinkiecrazy: probably magic ?:trixieshiftright: . Dont worry I will think of something :scootangel:

>> Critic Well, Equestria is a dictatorship... Just sayin'

Edit: i have no idea how to bloody reply, sorry.

220364 Well the KINGDOM of Equestria, is a kingdom just saying . Dictatorship only in fanfics :trollestia:.

In grimming do you mean grining? Idk mabey im wrong or something other than that This is an excellant story

220986 nope it was a typo, thanks for pointing it out. It was suppose to me grinning :pinkiehappy: . See that's why I like feedback.

I got back into listening to Pink Floyd because of this story, excellent chapter! :yay:

221073 Nice hearing that :yay: A new chapter will be uploaded in about an hour or so, It includes some of the best songs in the album in my opinion :moustache:

Alright, sorry for the delay, I was caught by some forgotten work. Well to lighten-up the mood of the story I placed that one bit with Rarity and Twilight :rainbowkiss:. It was a way for me to stop feeling sad after having to analyse the movie like 15 times during the writing process of each chapter :pinkiesick:. Believe me I needed a little break from Pinkie :pinkiecrazy:

surprised you didnt use the song comfortably numb the last chapter or atleast I didnt see it but all in all a good chapter again the story even conviced me to watch the movie again:pinkiehappy:

224295 Comfortably Numb is next :scootangel:, I had to re-watch the movie like 5 times before writing the upcoming last chapters.
Chapter 5: Comfortably Numb
Chapter 6: The Trial
Chapter 7: Epilogue - Outside The Wall
Bonus Chapter - Secret Name :trollestia:

I will be uploading a new story today, so The Wall had to be pushed back for a day, sorry :pinkiesad2:

Aw its all good man I actully just got to the part where the song comes on and I understand why It wasnt on the chapter:twilightsmile: also take you time bro everyone needs a break once in a while:pinkiehappy:

Extend the chapeters alittle more so i can actually listen to one of the song and finish it before a next song

225183 Yeah sorry about that :twilightblush: I will have a Redux version once I finish it :scootangel:

Sorry about the delay, I was working in a new story :pinkiegasp:. Plus my internet wasn't working correctly today :ajbemused:

this story really tied in together really well to tell the truth I havent been excited to read a story in a long time this has got to be one of my favorite its good writing and I get to listen to good music plus it brings back a lot of memorys man :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

A small chapter, it was made to match up with the song perfectly.....well at least for someone who reads as fast (or should I say slow) as I do. :scootangel:

Next comes The End :pinkiegasp: . Well Epilogue really :facehoof:

I hope you all enjoyed the story so far. :pinkiehappy:

227928 Thank you very much :scootangel:. To tell you the truth I had no idea how I was going to tie things up until Chapter 3 :derpytongue2: . I will however make a Redux version once I wrap everything up, just make some adjustments so that the songs match up the length of each chapter . I will also try to clean up some of the story :rainbowderp: . yep, a lot of work to do by this weekend :pinkiesick:

226308 thank you lol its awkward to read when it was like that

Alright its finally over, I hope it was worth the wait :scootangel:. Sequel on the works :rainbowkiss: .

249315 I felt it would be too much of a 'd1ck move' to just say "it was all just a dream" :trollestia:, so now I have to make a sequel to tie things up :derpytongue2:

248310 Well, then I am so sorry to announce that it will take about a month to finish it :ajsleepy:. It will be a one-shot 9000-1100 words story :pinkiehappy:. But since I still need to read 5 books until June, and attend college all at the same time :pinkiesick:, well I am just one person. So for now sit back and enjoy my other story, which will be uploaded by the end of the week, I had started to write a while ago. It has nothing to do with this one, but it's still good :ajsmug:

...I have yet to even open the first chapter but I'm already favoriting this.

339017 Well I hope you enjoy this "experiment" of a story, and thank you for your honest comment :ajsmug: .

444269 Great review, I feel the same about most of the complaints, specially the cop-out ending :pinkiecrazy:. Thank you for taking your time reviewing my first fic. My next one will be much better I promise you :rainbowkiss:

By the way...can I use that picture as my cover ?

Its curious how i got here, I saw a comment you made in one fic i dont actually remeber and got caught by your profile image... :heart:Pink Floyd after all. And suddenly, this story...

As a fan of pink floyd, and a fan of ponies, i can only say that ive got high hopes about this story and that I wish you were here to see my abolute jaw broken face when i end reading it.

(Bad joke, i know, but i couldnt help but doing it:scootangel:)

547595>>547595 Hey You, here Have a Cigar for your accomplishment.

In my defense this was written in one week :unsuresweetie: , there was not even time to Breath:, and it was my first fic :twilightsheepish:.

But Don't Leave Me Now though my next story it's like Apples And Oranges, and it has a less Dramatic Theme (Which is already finished -waiting for it to be edited- for I am Bidding My Time) is much better written I felt as if I was Coming Back To Life, and less Brain Damage while writing it, and is overall much more entertaining it will surely Give Birth To A Smile :scootangel:






pink floyd is literally a band that changed my life. MLP is an awesome show. seeing the two toghether BLEW MY MIND! thank you. :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

Man I cannot believe how good this was. On to a short review.

Positives: A great adaptation of the wall with the syncs in the music occurring really well. I will admit I was worried that this may botch the album but this is actually very respectful. Also I love how you took the concepts from the story and turned it into your own thing.

Negatives: There are a few spelling errors in here that were just kind of well :derpytongue2: also you may want to fix a few links they lead to no longer working videos but other than that I cannot think of anything else.

Overall: really good fic must read for any pink floyd brony fans.

Also idea for the sequel: the fandom of the wall actually speculated that the Final Cut maybe a sequel. It allegedly takes place after pink's wall is destroyed. He has then changed and grown up but there is one part of his wall still remaining, his fathers death. And the album explores the destruction of those last few bricks. I don't know if you will use :twilightblush: this but I think it might work.

2210930 Yeah this fic is over a year old :twilightblush:, I stopped writing a long time ago, now I'm an editor :coolphoto:. But if you want to continue this story go right ahead :raritywink: I gave it a try with Rainbow Dash lost in an alternate dimension resembling OZ :pinkiecrazy:(a sequel in the sense that Dark Side of The Moon syncs with the movie [so not a sequel at all but it still has its connections]). So yeah, I could go over this fic and fix it all and give a proper sequel, but I'm just too busy and don't feel like doing it now sorry :ajsleepy:

But thanks for the watch and fav :scootangel:.

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