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Helljumpers. Little Imps. Or just ODSTs. It doesn't matter what they're called, they're some of the best units in the entire UNSC, aside from the remaining SPARTANs. They've gone through rigorous trials to get to where they are today.

Over New Mombasa, this group of Helljumpers don't quite make it to the ground. Instead, they arrive somewhere none of them can quite identify...

Currently undergoing rewrite.

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Nice start :rainbowhuh: Let's see how it will evolve...

I look forward to this.

4996451 hello!

4996875 I was legitimately just watching Halo CE Anniversary Terminals. So the reclaimer thing totally spooked me a bit.

You have my attention! :rainbowdetermined2:

nice start, but there was a total of 3 sentences about being in the wrong place. no one tried to contact command, no one wondered where the hell they went... I mean, going from an enormous, war-torn city to a dirt field is pretty weird. it would make more sense if they were dropping down to the cruiser over new Mombasa and were pulled in to the slipspace portal. course, its your story, but that would read a lot better for me. otherwise, good start.

Wow! One of the best stories I've read on this site reguarding the knowledge of the Halo Lore! Well Done! Please continue this. I'll be happy to assist in anything.

Totally wasn't expecting you here! :pinkiegasp:

It was over New Mombasa, and I forgot about the radio thing. I'll put that in next chapter.

One of the things I hate about crossovers is that people don't give a shit about the lore of a universe.

Also, this will be updated every other week, if not sooner.

in that case, might want to fix where it says New Alexandria and Reach, as New Mombasa is on earth.

Yeah, I'll edit it a bit later.

5011237 Still, if you need help with the Halo Lore.
Just ask. :)

Alright, I'll stay for this one. Can't wait for the next chapter.

I'm not one to shun help, so I'll come along when I need it!

Honestly I'm surprised by the good feedback I'm getting here.

Good its much better than good +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 over good plz continue

Ahaha! The plot thickens! As well as my d-
Desk! Yeah *cough* uhh I got a new desk! It's a lot.. uhh. Thicker. *ahem*

I can't wait for more! Nice job on the Language barrier but, why Spanish?
Still keen to help whenever it's needed!
I'll see you later.

Unfortunately there are very few memes regarding "can't contain the racism"
So that's that I suppose.

When will the next chapter be out?!

Added this to the proper folders in groups. Popularity and enjoyment should increase. Let the fandoms, begin!

I can't believe I'm doing this... Character bios plz? I usually hate reading those in story's but now I want an accurate mental picture of these guys... I still can't believe I'm actually asking for a f****** BIOS CHAPTER of all things...

Right. Desk.
And I picked Spanish because changelings have Persian and griffins have French. (yes, both are spoilers/hints that I'm working on two different versions of this story.)

Next year.

Just give the internet time, it'll happen.


Character bio chapter? Huh, guess I'll have to type one up now... (I was just gonna wing it, along with this story's sister fic.)

5101373 by all means, I'd you intend to wing it that would be perfectly acceptable. I have no idea what came over me...

Whelp, time to start on a bio that would be acceptable to the Halo-verse.

5101373 Hah! I got you a follower! :P

Two stalkers right now.

Next year.

5105200 Congratulations sir, I made you and this story famous. Can I get a cameo appearance or reference in the next chapter? :P
Better yet... Can I be one of the ODSTs?
No? Too much?
I'll settle for a reference.
Still too much?
Fine, this comment.

So, the ponies speak Spanish huh? Well thats new.

Yep! Nevabendunbefo.

Alright! I'm not perfect with the weapons and I was using a Halo: CE manual for their guns. If you want to correct me, go ahead!

Not bad for filler. Might want to use the Halo Nation for any weapon specs or general info you want. Much more intuitive and has a lot more data.

only Rainbow Dash can perform a sonic boom not Fleet Foot, or in Rainbow Dash's case a sonic rainboom

Thanks for the info, I'll drop in and take a look.

>Implying a trained Wonderbolt is inferior to flying when compared to a novice (training wise, not sheer talent)

Besides, in the show they only show the Wonderbolts once or twice a season. For all we know, some of the veterans can easily preform one when the need arises.

I love that tank.

5159459 IKR? All in favor of naming that glorious tank Shiela, either upvote this comment or say Aye.

And for those wondering, the bios are actually WIPs, for the places they were born, and their personalities. MC's bio is not changing, no matter how much y'all ask me to do it.

5014034 there was this halo fic i read the spartan II told classified info got misty eyed and got super bud bud with every one :facehoof:

5173309 The bud bud part? Nope.
But the SPARTAN - II part? That could be said if they're a SPARTAN - IV or something.
Because it was declassified do increase morale in the UNSC.

[Squirming in nerdgony (nerd + agony) intenisifes] :twilightangry2:

i cant read any more of this. :facehoof::twilightangry2::pinkiesick:

simply because there is no more to read :trollestia::derpytongue2:
i love the story! cant wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

5161077 MC's bio? Where is that at on this page

Main Character; the Chief isn't appearing.

5159852 Aye! Cool reference. Ooh, we should ask Shiela to pack their lunches!

I.... I have no words.... Only rage induced shaking.

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