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Heroes are remembered. Those who give their lives are ingrained in our hearts for all eternity. However, it is often more beneficial, while perhaps more difficult, to continue living for one's family, community, or country. Death brings a simple end for the loyal soldier, while survival entails a complicated road ahead.

Those with power are by default the bearers of choice. The mighty cannot stand idle. The fate of whatever world the Spartan enters rests upon his shoulders.

Many believe that Noble Six gave his life. What they don't remember is that Spartans Never Die.

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For a first it was fairly good. But I recommend that you don't over use Noble Six and maybe instead write he a bit more often.
But aside from all that I enjoyed it and for that it gets a like.

Preety good, but don't type noble six as much and use he more often, also... When will he get to Equestria?

I can understand explaining Six's final stand a little, but I thought you went overboard. Other than that very nice.

Next chapter perhaps...:rainbowdetermined2:
Thanks for the help comments, all!:pinkiehappy:

I suggest getting a editor.

Also being more descripted isn't a bad idea either

I feel like there's a lot of parts where he should have died, yet you just kinda whisked him away from the situation.

Noble Six, slayer of Elites. Combat efficient, deadly accurate, and all around bad ass gets knocked out by a pony.:facehoof:

Still, it was fun to read and I shall keep my eye on this.:twilightsmile:

The plot thickens!:moustache:
How do y'all think i did with this chapter?
(Just so everybody knows, i actually wrote this story on Microsoft Word about two years ago, but I edited what i wrote and am willing to make changes to the story!) :twilightblush:

Six blacked out because something hit his side? Just no. He's a Spartan not one of those fainting goats.

Also. Please cut down on using formal names.

Noble six - six
Princess Twilight - Twilight

Too be fair,he was half concious before getting hit

A Spartan that blacks out that easily? Kinda weird if you ask me.

He was pretty much unconscious when he crash landed the Banshee, only his Spartan training kept him awake that long. But I do see your point.:applejackunsure:

3799272 good, when more, and also, why did he get ko'd ? He is a half ton supersoldier with ceramic implants that makes his bones unbreakable and an advanced shielding system that should have recharged and blocked whate we hit him.

Do your shields recharge and flawlessly block a Rocket Launcher blast? The magic bolt was powerful, bro. :eeyup:

I don't want to nit pick, but Jun is still alive.

I argue that Jun was on the Pelican that got shot down when Captain Keyes was escaping Reach. It may or may not be true, but that is my opinion on the subject matter. :moustache:

Well he definitely took a few more hits than last time but I don't think a pony's buck is strong enough to hurt noble six in his spartan armor but overall it was a great chapter

Comment posted by InfinitySlayer deleted Mar 14th, 2016

There is no way, even if she is strong, for Applejack to buck Noble Six into unconsciousness. I'm pretty sure that weighing close or over a ton would have had her back peddle from the impact. Still, its a good chapter. Keep up the good work.

3828586 his shields were depleted,and the shockwave was enough to break the camels back?


3828691 Well noble six has fallen from orbit and walked away with a limp granted he had a re-entry pack but he still hit the ground hard

If noble Six was at full strength, then Applejack would have had that smug look ripped off her face and shove very far up her ass. :coolphoto:

This is very good, but what happened to his shields in these situations? Were they depleted every time? Or does he not have them?

3828681 AJ's like a freaking gravity hammer. She kicks a tree once, all the apples fall down. Plus he's already weak. Banshee crashes are no fun.

Infinityslayer-In chapter 2, when six was talking to Kat, and saw her die again. You said he felt like he was in a game-I see what you did there.

Stay Awesome


PS: "He said 'Six! Are you six?' And I am older than six, so I said yes." -Caboose
"He meant Noble Six you dumbass" -Church

Please tell me you get the reference

SO GOD DAMN AWSOME! Can't wait for chapter 4.

Wimpy Noble Six is no more! :pinkiecrazy:
So how did I do? Not too badly I hope...:unsuresweetie::scootangel:

Of course hes going to fight back. Hes done nothing wrong since he got there and was attacked for no reason. Id be mad too

Finally, Noble Six grows some balls!

Now then, who reckons that Celestia is going to send down troops to apprehend him, only for said troops to be wiped out?

Hehe, chuck the next one up soon mate :pinkiehappy:



I recommend that you go and find the book; Halo: Fall of Reach.

This book will give you an even more in-debt look at how the Spartans came to be. How everything around them is different after the augmentations. Heck, during a beta test for the MK III power suit, Master Chief was able to dodge bullets fired from a mounted 50 cal. machine gun turret.

Years of Applebucking.

This is UNSC Spartan Armor equipped with regenerating shields. Even if something has disabbled the shields on 6's armor, he should of only got winded a bit, I mean ever since he was a child, he was built to resist anything.

He fell from space and crashed into the ground at extremely high speeds and only had a slight limp, but a pony with years of applebucking can take him down in a single kick?


Either way, very interested in this story. Cant wait for more

3848350 he's on legendary?....and a pony buck would probably be on par with a grav hammer,or rather close,because if getting slapped wth a pistol damages shields,getting he full force of AJs buck would likely be able to make him need a medkit badly

Your logic makes me proud.

3848350 And yet drowns in 6 feet of water, dies from minor falls....I'm just messing with you.

Very nice. All I can say is-OH BOY ELITES!!! Sanghelli FTW!

Stay Awesome


So wait... Noble six has been adrift in space since the fall of reach for 5 years??

This is going to suck, that Elites are coming to equestria.

Warthog, a UNSC ground transport vehicle we get its a halo story

3803001 Yeah but six doesn't know that.

See: Comics. Jun is alive, he's actually feeling pretty good. He met the Arbiter, even!

3852787 Fuckin' Banshees and Covenant gasses, man!


The next chapter is on it's way, sorry for the delay. (rhyming pro):derpytongue2:
I've been quite busy with unimportant things, such as school, and I haven't had the time for the important things, like this story.:raritycry: It's on it's way though! Estimate the new chapter by the weekend!:scootangel::yay:


The weekend has passed. A long fucking time ago. Explain. And update.

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