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As vital to the Guardian as a Ghost becomes, the meld of metal and Light is little more than a trinket when alone. When such separation occurs, most slowly degrade into a crusty husk, devoid of life and Light.

When his Guardian is consumed by the Darkness, one such Ghost breaks the mold of decay to fulfill the legacy of his mentor and friend, scouring the far reaches of the galaxy with the incomprehensibly intricate technology of the Vex.

The Ghost stumbles upon a world he could not have imagined, a place untouched by both the Darkness and the Traveler's Light. Discovering a secret Vex plot which threatens to devour the innocent planet, the Little Light does the unthinkable yet again. He takes upon a second Guardian, one bestowed with the rare gift of his previous. Kindness.

Featured 10/22/16!!!

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 154 )

This is pretty good, I like your descriptiveness and you don't use any pointless filler

Good job

She earned it.

Great story by the way.


Glad you found it interesting! Good to see some Destiny fans out there... or maybe we're all just a bunch a nerds :derpytongue2:

Rest in peace, Guardian of the Light.

Well done, my friend. Dinklebot gets some love, finally.

May I declare a moment of silence for our fallen comrade? May the Light guide you.

Speaking of being a Destiny nerd fan, I feel the need to inform you of a small mistake you made in this chapter. A Vex Hobgoblin's weapon of choice is called a Line Rifle, not a Wire Rifle. Those belong to the Fallen, specifically Fallen Vandals. Just thought you should know.

*inhales deeply*


I love how you described everything here. The heartfelt words of praise, the feeling of despair, the spark of hope, and subsequent shattering of it shortly after.
And then the revelation of travel to the unknown.

Very intriguing so far, definitely looking forward to more! :twilightsmile:


Wow, thank you so much for the comment! I'm so glad that you guys have been liking this story; it's been stewing in my mind for some time now. Next chapter comin' right up!! :rainbowdetermined2:



Thanks for pointing that out bro, I'm fixing it now! :scootangel:

I just....I feel so bad for His Guardian right now.....:fluttercry:
Keep up to good work!

Are the ponies humanized in this before I read it? Or are there pony guardians?


Humans live on an entirely different world as ponies, so the two are separated and are different species.

As for pony Guardians... We'll just have to see...:pinkiecrazy:

We shall sing her song of Fire within the halls of the Iron Lords. May her memory never be forgotten.

Titans! Tonight we honor a fallen Guardian! A damn Warlock has fallen to the Darkness! A moment of silence for those arrogant bastards who are going to die for this! Not everyone of you may have liked the sight of a Warlock on the battlefield, but we must set aside our differences to unite as one and punish the dimwits who thought it a good idea to take a Guardian. :fluttercry:

P.S. Thorns are pure cancer in any game mode. That's all.

I believe I speak for all full blooded Titans....

This is what happens when you send a warlock/hunter to do a Titans job...

7639289 What about Anthro Ponies?:pinkiehappy:

And well, I kinda expect Fluttershy to become a Guardian. Hunter is fairly close so what I'd expect, but Titan is another Class I'd expect her to be.:twilightsheepish:

Warlock, is a bit of a stretch since they're supposed to be the type who research the Void to get where they are, which is more Twilight's deal.:moustache:

Hey, one of us Hunters might be able to do it! We'd probably need to be a Nightstalker, but we could do it! Also, this Warlock made the mistake of taking Thorn and not the good ol' Gjallarhorn.

7641005 ...lol, true. I've seen hunters cream titans before time and time again.

And the Thorn really is just poison. Heh

Titans and Golden Gun don't mix well. :trollestia:

7648907 Oh I hate that cheating gun! That and the electric hands...

Says the class that has a weapon (hammers) that's not supposed to throw any kind of projectile naturally. I think I'll stick to my golden fun, thanks.

7649588 At least you can dodge my hammer of fiery doom! xD

This why it pays to have a Hunter on the team the can and will save the fire team by going invisible.

Well shit... hope Twilight can fix him before they get here.

Vex.. i got to say they are my favorite enemy to fight in Destiny, they are scary and yet so interesting, sometimes i go just outside the Vault of glass to watch the Vex walk around, and sometimes i even draw them. (at most they are doodles) Oh! right the story, the writing and spelling in general are amazing, i don't think i found even one typo! and the way you tell the story, it makes me feel like i am the ghost and yet at the same time a Guardian reading this log. and the chills i got when i got to the final part with the Vex. Yea this is a story for the Favorites, please keep updating this story it has so much potential! -Goofball


I can't thank you and everyone who enjoys this story enough for your valuable input! Please continue to offer any writing advice; I'm searching for new writing styles and better ways to communicate to the reader! :pinkiehappy:

Fluttershy's Light is Strong. She shall Endure, but event the greatest of guardians can fall if they stand Alone against the Darkness...

Incidentally, I just realized that if the rest of the Mane 6 become Guardians somehow they would have a Full Raid team...

My headcanon for which classes fit them best...?

Warlock: Twilight Sparkle; Voidwalker/Sunsinger
Warlock: Rarity; Stormcaller/Sunsinger
Hunter: Rainbow Dash; Bladedancer/Nightstalker
Hunter: Fluttershy: Nightstalker/Gunslinger
Titan: Applejack; Sunbreaker/Defender
Titan: Pinkie Pie: Defender/Striker

Ghost suffered from diabeetus.

The Light is strong with them. You still have my attention:

Such a peaceful scene... until the end of the chapter that is.
Seems like the Ghost's wish for this world not to know darkness won't be fulfilled.

And so, Fluttershy unwittingly became a Guardian.
Some might think that Celestia would be a better fit (she is the light bringer, after all), or highly ironic if Luna got it instead of Tia :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, still great, so can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

7650472 eh, I'd rather have a Titan, being a Hunter myself I love the self preservation of invisibility but as a team player? A Titan bubble is much more helpful.

7662911 I love the vex as well, while the once majesty of the fallen is more emotional, I find the sheer power of the vex, and possibility that they could just be playing with guardians as test subjects very intriguing.

First thing I thought of after that description was that it might be Dedgen Yor's Ghost.

Oh you're alive again.

You know, something I've been wondering for a while now. Guardians' equipment (armor, weapons, consumables, etc) is basically stored in the ghosts memory until needed and they digitize it into existence or whatever, seeing as Engrams are basically matter rendered down to data form, just that that form has been de-coded into a structure the Ghosts can use by the Cryptarchs.

Does Blue still have all of his previous guardian's equipment stored in his memory? and if so, could it be modified so that Fluttershy could use it, or barring that taken out so that Twilight could study and try to replicate it? Either way, I get the feeling that Equestria is soon to be in for a tech boost more profound than the dawn of the Golden Age, if only because they're so much further behind tech wise than Earth was when the Traveler was discovered. They're going to need it if they're going to be fighting Vex right out of the gate.

An actually good Destiny-based story? What is this sorcery?!
Props to ya for creating something rare on Fimfiction, and moreover making it enjoyable to read.

(Also, Voidwalker best class.)

7710137 2 thumbs up.

I wish i could have 2 thumbs on this site.

The descriptions were beautiful. A few of them even made shivers go down my spine.

So a new bond was made. Lovely. I guess 'Shy will take the Ghost to Twilight if he wants to know more information.
And Twi will freak out first from the ability to learn more. Then freak out again when she learns that the Darkness will arrive to her world. That's going to be fun.

More than that, a Ghost selects its Guardian from the dead, not the living. Such an event has never occured in documented history.

So has Blue never heard of Shin Malphur?

Are you a psychic wizard, cause you just read my mind from hundreds of miles away, probably. :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

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