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I'm a closet Brony who has an OC named Blade Dancer... But that User was taken, so I'm called Superblox on here...


Cards Against Equestria · 6:44pm Sep 30th, 2016

Yup. Me and Silver Chord are playing, but we need more people. so, if any of my followers want to, I summon thee to partake in cardsagainstequestria.com 's fun in our game. Look for "SilverChordOfficial's Game" for participation- All are welcome to join!

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My OC is designed by me. The ART for my OC Avatar pictures is from Hersheypup , a wonderful artist who often does free events for drawing OCs in different ways, depending on the time of year, or the type of OCs she is drawing. So check her out if you want to!

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Thank you for the addition! 😁

Thanks for taking a look a MLP New Game Plus Postmortem. Yeah, I know that is a demented adventure that has the Story Immersion Breaking problem but I will try to not commit this mistake in the future chapters.

Thank for adding "Antholgoy" to "Reading. 'Tis appreciated. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the interesting in Virtual Mischief, Augmented Darkness.

Thanks for reading my story! It's appreciated!

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