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Life's a game full of decisions, and most of us don't have the power to change the rules. All we can do, is make our choice, and hope it was the right one, because in the end, no matter what anyone else says or does, we choose our own destiny. I don't know an awful lot about life, how to cheat at it, for instance, has always eluded me, but I do know that what I say is true.

If I've truly learned anything worth knowing, leading the life I do, it's that all are equal in death. The legacies we each leave behind, that is what truly determines the worth of someone.

So with that in mind, I've got just under 70 cycles to carve my name into history, 'fore I bite it that is.

Time's a wastin', let's get crackin'.

When a House of Winter Fallen dropship is reduced to a smoldering wreck of twisted metal by a Vex Cyclops, Skell-Rook, a dreg who's reluctant to accept his lot in life as a pirate, does all he can to survive the encounter with the murderous Vex.

He makes a decision that will forever change the course of his life.

Join Skell-Rook the Fallen dreg in his last-ditch effort to survive, an endeavor that will take him to a place he never imagined possible, free of the myriad of warring species he once knew all too well. A place where no one knows what a "Fallen" is, where no one judges him for what he is. A place where he can start over.

A place, called Equis.

A big thanks to all my pre-readers who helped me refine and shape this story into a tale that is worth your time.

Santa Shaxx
That One Hunter

Author's Note: Eliksni = Fallen, its the proper name for Skell-Rook's species.

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The descriptions of the characters are rich and vivid, and suit well with the ominous tone you are
trying to establish in the forefront of the chapter (correct me if I am wrong).

I like how you centralized around Skell and how you communicated his inner fears
through describing his actions with conflicting opponents. You've got the man vs. man (Skell and Captain)
and the man vs. force (Skell and the Vex) literate conflicts in there, adding a nice touch: yet the most important
thing I noticed was Skell's conflicts with his own brute clumsiness (what some might call predestined heroism with an accent of mistake).

Revolves well around Fallen and is a good starting point for what I hope
are many more Destiny lore-inspired works from you.

And OMG the emotions from Kalnir, heads straight to the classic Skell "don't give me that defeatist bullshit"; LOVE IT. Great
transition of vibe.

The Kid You Know From School

This... This is amazing.

It is beautifully written, filled with vivid descriptions and raw emotion, while remaining true to the lore of Destiny. Skell has a personality, and you have made him in such a way that we not only care about him, but we wish him success. In the beginning, like Armesius said before me, there is an ominous tone set early on. It does an amazing job of building tension, and the minor initial conflict between Skell and the Captain sends it to new heights as we are left waiting for the next clash of the two souls.

There is an overlying theme of despair as the chapter progresses, combined with a fatalist -but not defeatist- mentality harbored by the main character. And yet Skell perseveres, and with a unique combination of ingenuity and sheer luck, he manages to survive one of the most terrifying threats in Destiny AND a Guardian.

And in the end of the chapter, as we're busy celebrating the success of the main character, the tension makes a forceful return as Skell suffers with the unknown right around the corner. I will not spoil the very end of the chapter, but I must say, I am loving how he is characterized.

I am honestly impressed with this story. It is incredibly rare to find a crossover on this site that is such high quality, and you have managed to create one using one of the most addictive and confusing shooters of all time.

You have my utmost respect for this. I am eagerly looking forward to more.

-Lord Shaxx

This is fucking amazing. Keep up the good work, bud! I can't wait to see how this story progresses because I have a feeling that it's going to be just the coolest thing. :pinkiehappy:

i love me some destiny crossover. and these other comments indicate it's a GOOD destiny crossover. well, let's dive into the fireworks!


I like the premise! I'm gonna read it till I've killed it dead! (Take that, Variks!)

I love this. I LOVE THIS!


7078105 very glad you're enjoying the story! Since I'm always looking for ways to improve though, what in particular did you like/love about this story? Specifics and details help me create a better tale to tell.

7078352 Lots of emotion helped. It was just very well written.

7076627 Anything in particular that caught your interest or "made" this story for you?

7079057 Well, mostly the fact that this a unique story of its own. Especially because you deviated from the norm, which I find is rather hard nowadays. I mean, nothing's wrong with this story in my eyes, considering the way you wrote it out. It's actually quite the opposite! :3 Very nice, my friend. Keep up the good work and continue writing the way you do. :rainbowkiss:

do i regret killing dregs?

7085196 Well, then my story has done its job. :)

I have.. never, on this website before, encountered such a.. A masterpiece of literature.. At least by the standards of Fanfiction and FIMfiction.

You deserve a fucking medal.
And i'm not just saying that.

7087359 Wow that ... that really means a lot to me. I'm honored that you would say something like that. Is there anything in particular that leads you to say so? I mean to say, what makes you think that my story is any better than the thousands of others on this site, and elsewhere? What did I do to deserve a medal, as you say?

7087359 oh shit i thought i read like 3 chapters but no its one fucking chapter damm


I now cry for side-dashing a dreg off a cliff with my sparrow :fluttercry:

Update plz. Also update Celestial, or at least tell us the status of it. Favorite two stories so far on this site

7131005 Status for both stories is as it says on the cover page, "Incomplete". They are still being written, a little bit here and there.

You have to understand, I do these stories as an infrequent form of self entertainment. They are not a priority of mine in any way, shape, or form. As a reader, it's your choice to read my stuff, and it's your choice whether or not you want to hold your breath waiting for more, but since I know what my situation in life is, I'll tell you that it's better to just be chill, relax, and take the chapters whenever they may come, whether its in a week, or in a year. There are other voracious writing machines out there who's sole focus is MLP fanfiction.

I'm not one of those writers.

Carry on good sir, and I'm flattered that you value my story above all others on this site.

How could I have missed this?

This is one really under appreciated story. It's beaten my expectations in so many ways. Upvote and fave from me.

I hope there will be more later on. This is pretty fun so far.

Will you ever come back to this?

Wow, what inspired you to come back after 4 years?

my guess is the forsaken dlc and the season pass content what done it.

Damn, never thought I’d see this in my updates! A welcome surprise indeed.

This chapter hugged on my heart strings


It’s aliveeeeee, ALIVEEEEE


Maybe I spoke too soon 😥

Now this is a masterpiece in the making. I absolutely love what you've done here so far. Tapping into the potential of the Diamond Dogs and exploring their magic system, plus their conflict with other races in the world are the perfect moves for this story. I know I'm not the first to say this, but I genuinely hope to see this story to its completion. You've got me thoroughly invested in the struggles of Skell, Dakota, and Winston.


Skell and Dakota aren't so different after all.

I can already here Skell's internal dialogue as as Dakota asks him to help protect her pack, to keep fighting, to keep killing. How crushed he'll be. How a part of him will embrace the familiar role while another shall keenly yearn for escape without the Houses to hunt him down if he runs away.

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