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Fluttershy, a young timid girl and computer hacker, gets the chance of a lifetime when she comes across a strange website. Through this site, she gets a strange device called a "Digivice" and meets her Digimon partner.

She soon learns that she's not the only one, as five other girls around her age all get Digimon of their own. Each one has a different goal, and while some work together, some seem to be enemies.

Unable to tell friend from foe, Fluttershy and her new friend Guilmon must work together to protect both the Real World and the Digital World. But will they become the saviors that we need, or the monsters that will destroy us all?

This is an original story combining themes of both My Little Pony and Digimon. All rights go to their individual companies.

Chapters (12)
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Wait a minute... there is only one chapter released and there is already a sex tag? I need to see this...

.______. ......first Lyoko, then Power Rangers and now......Digimon. ....are you stalking my deviantArt favorites? XP *adds to Tracking* Cause let's both be honest here.....we no how this is gonna go.

Finished reading...
Very well written, the background of the characters are different enough to be a character of their own, yet is still the same characters that are from the show (personality and stuff)
Gay relationship? I don't mind it as long it make sense, so right now, I'm neutral on this one
My plot sense is telling me that Cypher is actually Rainbow Dash (although the odds are low right now, about 50~65%)
and I think Rainbow will get a Terriermon (no, is not because Terriermon is my favorite Digimon) because he uses mostly wind attacks...
Twilight will get Renamon (If she appear in a future chapter)
And Pinkie probably will get the Impmon

That was interesting. Not a fan of using the Japanese attack names.

But the sight was empty._

Yeah, why would an empty sight be encrypted like that?_

It should be site unless it was meant to be on purpose.

Oh, you'll see later on, but there's a certain theme to what each girl's Digimon is going to be. Once you see a few more of them, you might get it. If not, well that just makes it all the juicier.

Well I can't have Guilmon as the main character Digimon and NOT have Megidramon. :twilightsmile:

Megidramon's one of my favorite Dark Digivolutions and a heavily underrated character.

Good start :moustache:. I wonder why the relationship of RD and Rarity is the way it is. Guess we will find out later on. Keep up the good work.

I am so exited for this. Digimon season 3 is my personal favorite and this looks like an excellent adaptation. Keep up the good work.

Boom! Off to a great start. I haven't seen Digimon in so long, I've forgotten most of the series. :derpytongue2:

Theme Song: With the Wind

Eh, not bad, though I personally would have gone with Butterfly or Biggest Dreamer, fit with the whole Digimon theme, but, your fic, your choice. Never saw any YuGiOh.

Yggdrasil? What, like the world tree?_

That is more fitting than you know.

All she saw was the word “Digimon” over and over.

Right, so you're gonna be a DigiDestines, or whatever the equivalent is.

“A new user…?” a girl with a southern accent and hat asked. Behind her, another girl with long purple hair embraced her lovingly.

“Looks like she's desperate to find new knights,” the purple haired girl said, “This is the second one this week.”

Rarijack confirmed early on, I see.

“Should she really be gatherin' this many new users though?” the southern girl asked, “We're in the middle of a network crisis here, and with Ophanimon still missin'-”

“She knows what she's doing, Applejack,” the girl behind her said, tightening her embrace, “We do need more help. Right now, we're the only ones left, and Examon is still out of commission. Let's try and trust her.”

As someone who's seen every episode of every Digimon series short of Xross Wars and Appmon (And how much that count is debatable), I understand just how bad this is. To those who DON'T get how bad this is, Ophanimon is one of the Three Great Angels, along with Seraphimon and Cherubimon. They're basically the strongest Angel Digimon there are and Ophanimon served as the Big Good of Digimon Frontier and the Enigmatic Mentor. As for Examon, he's one of the Royal Knights, a group of 12 Mega level Digimon (Mega being the highest level) and an Armor Digimon who has the power of a Mega. They're basically the guardians of the Digital World and Examon is this giant red dragon and the largest of all of them. He's also representative of an Exabyte. An Exabyte is a billion gigabytes. He's so big the Digital World can't fully render him. If those 2 are out of commission, things are REALLY bad. I'm such a Digimon nerd. Ah well, that'll just make this all the more fun because I'll understand the references!

Applejack looked over to the side, seeing two odd creatures sleeping in a nice basket. One creature was a small yellow dinosaur, and the other one was similar but wearing wolf skin and a horn. Based on how close they were lying together, it was obvious that the two creatures were close.

Agumon and Gabumon.

The girl in question gave a heavy yawn as she woke up. She had a super long mane of light pink hair that fell down to her waist and over her shoulders, and was wearing a black tube top, yellow jacket, yellow mini skirt, black stockings, and yellow ankle boots. She was a bit top heavy for her age, and on her head was a pair of goggles.

Gogglehead Fluttershy. Hm... Yeah I can dig this.

This girl had long straight rainbow colored hair, and wore a blue and white t-shirt with a light bolt on it, blue and white sweat jacket, blue jeans, and blue and white sneakers. She was thinner than her half asleep companion, with a more athletic build.

Rainbow Dash.

They all turned to see a lovely looking young lady with long curly purple hair, wearing a fancy white dress that accentuated her voluptuous figure perfectly and came up high in the front but longer in the back, white fishnet stockings, and white high heels. Unlike Fluttershy, who only wore a touch of lip gloss, this girl wore blue eye shadow and rose red lipstick.

Hello, Rarity.

“But I must thank you for befriending Fluttershy here. As the Princess of this school, I won't have any of my subjects making themselves social outcasts.”

And I thought Rainbow Dash had an ego.

“What do you care anyway?” Rainbow Dash asked walking up to Rarity with her hands on her hips, “You're only here making rounds so you can fuel your over inflated ego.”

View must be great from that glass house of yours.

“Y-yeah… well there was that video game tournament I entered! I won that!”

“Ooooh, very good!” Rarity said clapping her hands, “You won a tournament playing a computer game! Such a big achievement!”

You'd be surprised how hard video games can be. Seriously, you try playing Super Metroid. I can near guarantee that Ridley can and WILL repeatedly kick your ass, you will get lost in Maridia, and it'll take you a while to fully comprehend the mechanics. That game is fun, but it is RUTHLESS. It will kick your ass if you don't know what you're doing.

She was always super bubbly and positive, most people claiming that she was a saint or an angel of some sort. Even Fluttershy found it hard not to smile when in her presence.

That is her bit.

It was looking pretty low, only having 20 dollars left. It was definitely enough today, but she didn't like having less than 50 dollars in at any given point.

I can understand that.

Rainbow Dash shook her head, “You're weird, you know that? A good weird though. It makes you interesting.”

I like your logic.

“Serves that asshole right,” Rainbow Dash said, “Ever since he became the mayor of Ponyville, the whole town's gone to shits. Besides, not like he's going to miss a few thousand bucks.”

Kind of a shame human Filthy Rich and comics Filthy Rich get the short end of the stick when the show portrays him as a (seemingly) legitimate business man and tries to be a good father.

“There's no need to thank me, Fluttershy,” Pinkie Pie said, “You needed a smile, so I gave you one free of charge.”

I think I'm going to like you a LOT.

“It's not like that, I swear!” Rainbow Dash defended, “I'm pretty sure I'm straight! I just see her as… a little sister, you know?”

I'm sure the Internet would LOVE to disagree.

Around warehouse 3, a large red bug monster flew down toward Rarity and her partner digimon to tackle them.

If my guess is right, that's Kuwagamon, the very first hostile Digimon we ever met in Digimon Adventure and, fittingly enough in the first Tri movie.


Japanese attack names. That's gonna take a while to get used to.

“Gabumon, hang on!” Rarity cried opening up a holographic keyboard and typing on it, “Altering Program! Speed UP!”

Oh, so that's the equivalent of Digi-Modifying here, how interesting.

identified as “Kuwagamon”

Called it.

While airborne, Applejack flipped once, and then reared her arm back, coming down on top of Kuwagamon with a hard punch in the face, actually knocking the red bug monster back and forcing him to release Gabumon.

Go Marcus! (For those who don't get it, the protagonist of Savers/Data Squad, Marcus's shtick was punching Digimon. And it worked.)



Ah, an EXP system, how interesting.

“Whoo!” Applejack shouted throwing her arms into the air, “Another virus busted!”

It's funny because Gabumon and Agumon are considered Virus Busters.

“Yeah! Whoo!” Agumon cheered, “Rock on!”

“Go go go!” Gabumon cheered.

These two are a blast. I'm also currently imagining their voices from Adventure 01 in my head.

Fluttershy tightened her embrace as a response. From where she was, a picture of Fluttershy with a woman with cute glasses and short red hair was visible. Seeing that picture always made Fluttershy want to cry.

And yet another anime protag with a dead mother. Jeez. Well, look at it this way Fluttershy, you didn't lose your leg and your brother trying to bring her back to life only to create a soulless monstrosity which died soon after and then one of your arms bringing your brother's soul back to put it in a suit of armor, and you didn't see her get eaten by a 15 meter monster as a ten year old.

In response, she took to the dark side of the network as well. She taught herself how to access the “dark net”, and learned how to become a hacker. In only a few short years, she became a master hacker, able to get into even the most dangerous accounts. No one knew why, but she had a personal reason for wanting to become a hacker.

After all, she knew her mother's death wasn't an accident.

I see. Ten bucks says Umbra Corps is behind it somehow.

“It's called Spirit Science, Flutter Butter,” Zephyr said, “It's about combining modern sciences with the magical teachings of old. Maybe you could look into it yourself. It might help you feel more at peace.”

If that's what helps you sleep at night.

He had no idea who she was, and the only thing she had bothered sharing was that she was a girl. In return, Cipher confirmed his gender. What resulted was an odd relationship between the two of them. One where neither one knew the other's true name or what they looked like, yet it was oddly romantic.

You'd be surprised what kind of friendships can be born from online interaction.

Yeah, that was true. This wasn't the first time they had to scrap a project or put it on hold because it was too dangerous. That was the reason neither one of them were in jail yet.

Well… I heard stories about an incident in Japan a few years back._

It was centered around a massive network crash that originated there._

You remember that, right?_

Oho, the plot thickens!

Hold on… MONSTERS?!

Digimon does stand for Digital Monster.

Just call me, Yggdrasil._

Oho, so Yggdrasil isn't the murder crazy one from Data Squad, good to know. Then again, this one didn't have to deal with Kurata so, I suppose there's that.


I can see you too._

You know how creepy this is, right?

This was starting to sound like something straight out of a comic book or anime.

I love meta humor.

It was white and golden, only about as big as a smartphone, if not smaller, but was much thicker almost like an old handheld game system. It had a square shaped screen that was blank, and three buttons on the bottom of the screen.

An 01 Digivice, now that's a reference for the oldies!

Said creature was pretty big, around four feet tall, and was shaped like a dinosaur or wingless dragon. It was red with black stripes, and had a white underbelly with the symbol of her “digital hazard” virus on it, large clawed hands, and a super long tail that looked like it could knock things over with ease. On its head were the same wing like appendages that were on the creature on her computer before.

Guilmon! Sapphire, you beautiful bitch!

“Hi!” it said cheerfully, in a voice that made it sound almost like a child

And he sounds like Tamers Guilmon! Oh fuck this is off to a great start!

:pinkiesick: That's a very long comment. Unnecessarily long. I'm sure people enjoy your commentary, but when I see that I have to scroll through this monolith of a comment just to read a different one, I feel that there's better ways to handle this. Aren't blogs a thing? That way people can follow you and see what you have to say via blogs, rather than having to search through comments. Plus you can just link to it in a comment, rather than having to make people slog through yours to read others.

Maybe I'm just not a fan of overly long "reaction" comments, but surely there's better ways to handle this than forcing people to scroll through yours just to get to others.

Or just downvote my comment and ignore criticism. God forbid you ever write on this site...

The Impmon from the Digimon Tamers only turned bad because his tamers mistreated him and his personality is compatible with Pinkie, if he's treated well, he'll be a good Digimon even though he is a dark type.

I can't wait for more uploads to this story I'll be waiting

Good job! I could use advice for writing fight scenes for my Digimon story.

Woohoo! This is getting good, sapphire :pinkiehappy:

“Hey, that smells good!” a kid's voice said next to her, “Is Dad making more really tasty food?”

Probably, hopefully we'll get the appearance of Guilmon Bread at some point.

The red dinosaur tilted his head with a raised eyebrow, “Um, but don't you have to be asleep in order to be dreaming?”

Guilmon's the best.

He then looked at his clawed hands, unsure if he could actually pinch her with how they were built. He then shrugged, opened his mouth, and-

Guilmon, no!

“Sorry Fluttershy,” he said with an embarrassed smile, “I still don't know how strong I am.”

Yeah, no kidding.

“Will… you… let… GO OF ME ALREADY?!” Guilmon shouted, wrestling himself free from the lock and knocking Fluttershy onto the floor, “Geez, you're strong,”


“It's how we Digimon become stronger. We have to be at least at the Rookie level in order to render into the Real World. Normally that takes a few days to a week of development, but that virus probably helped me warp digivolve into my Rookie level.”


Inside the network, a small purple mammal like digimon with small black wings on its back and a red gem on its forehead was looking at a holographic keyboard.


Outside, sitting on what appeared to be a mountain, was a beautiful young girl with long straight purple hair with a pink highlight, wearing a black and white gothic dress fashioned like a maid's dress, fishnet stockings, black elegant gloves, and black high heels. For makeup she wore black eyeliner and red lipstick, and in her hands was a black and purple Digivice.

Well. That's certainly one hella design for Twilight.

“Sorry Twilight, but no,” Dorumon said, his voice coming from the Digivice, “Actually, according to the records, it was supposed to render into a Vaccine Type.”

Well, there are yellow versions of Growlmon and WarGrowlmon that are Data types (check the wiki) so, I believe it.

A few seconds after she said that, a green portal opened up behind her, and Dorumon walked out. 

Huh. Cool.

“To investigate this,” Twilight said, “This tamer could easily become a Demon Lord, and I won't let that happen. If necessary, we'll kill them and delete their Digimon.”

Cold much?

“Coming to the school with you,” Guilmon said as if it were obvious, “That place sounds like a lot of fun.”

It isn't.

Great!” Rarity exclaimed clapping her hands, “Let's be on our way, darling!” she took Fluttershy's hand and continued onward to school, Fluttershy now forced to follow.

You don't take no for an answer, do you?

She just.



Like Pinkie when she's in ramble mode.

It wasn't really anything important either. She just kept going on and on about tiny things that Fluttershy did not care about in the slightest. Shopping, clothes, jewelery, boys, she jumped from one subject to the other one. Fluttershy couldn't get a word in even if she wanted to.

“Boy, that girl can talk forever, can't she?”


With that, Fluttershy ran off into the school. Hopefully nothing else happened to surprise her.

Murphy's Law: Is that a challenge?

This one was just as big as Kuwagamon, and similar in build, but it had a single horn on its face looking more like a rhino beetle, and was purple instead of red.




That's probably bad.

Rainbow Dash sighed in relief, “Okay good. So you're not suddenly in her clique or anything.”

“Personally can't stand her,” Fluttershy admitted, “She talks too much.”

I can get that.

It looked like a white fog was building up outside in the school courtyard.

That means a Wild One.

“Guilmon!” Fluttershy cried. She then looked down at her Digivice, which showed a bar go down, showing Guilmon's name. Said bar also had numbers on it, that lowered at the same time. Was that Guilmon's life?

Yup. Don't let it hit 0.

Like for one, how was that girl holding a Digimon back with her bare hands?!

*shrug* Same way Marcus did. Rule of Cool.

Um… what did she ask her partner? And why were both of them smiling like maniacs?

Because I am going to get to play the Digivolution theme.

Applejack then flipped in the air, and punched Kabuterimon in the face, causing red energy to form around her hand. Fluttershy turn to Rarity, who just waved her hair to the side and then blue energy gathered in her hand.

Ah, DigiSoul/D.N.A. (Digimon Natural Ability, not Deoxyribonucleic acid)



Oh fuck the hell YES! CUE MUSIC

“AGUMON DIGIVOLVE TO…!” Agumon shouted, the skin on his body literally tearing off revealing an orange wire frame silhouette of Agumon. As the energy engulfed the wire frame, it changed shape and grew in size, turning into a much larger dinosaur looking monster with three horns and a hard armored head, which then reformed into a monster that almost looked like a larger and older Agumon, “GREYMON!!!”

“GABUMON DIGIVOLVE TO…!” Gabumon shouted, just like his brother his body tearing apart and leaving a light blue/purple wireframe. When he was engulfed in the energy, his body changed shape into a large wolf looking monster, which then reformed into a monster with blue striped fur like what Gabumon always wore, except it was on four legs instead of two. “GARURUMON!!!”

At the same time, Rarity screamed in pain and fell to her knees. Fluttershy's heart leaped out her chest when she saw that.

“Rarity!” Applejack cried running to her aid, “Why did ya do that?!”

“You and Greymon's attacks will do the most damage,”

OK, it seems that they can feel the pain their partners do much like in Tamers with Ultimates, but with Champions. OK, unexpected.


“Please, I'm fine,” Rarity said waving it off, “It was just psychological feedback. It happens once your Digimon enters the higher levels.”

How very very interesting.

This is the final episode I have for now, but I'm going to try and have this story update weekly like Code Lyoko EG. Expect updates around Thursday or Friday.

What a way to end the week, with one of my favorite shows crossing over with my childhood, and all penned by one of the best damn authors on the site.


What a way to end the week, with one of my favorite shows crossing over with my childhood, and all penned by one of the best damn authors on the site.

Aw, you flatter me~ 💜

Digimon Tamers was AND IS my favorite Digimon show to exist, just because of how complicated, yet, simple it was. Not to mention I found Guilmon just far better than Agumon and every other varient. Personal opinion true, but ya know, I like to say this story is hitting my favorite notes.

I look forward to seeing more!

So much for that theory...
well... at least the chances for rainbow be the Cypher increated from 50~65% to 45~75%

Fluttershy just willingly ate meat. ...Well I can't say this story isn't original. Also, could you please describe what the characters are wearing? Granted my memory's not the best but if I'm correct only Applejack's outfit got described.

to be fair, your opinion is right. Guilmon was made to be better than Agumon in every way.

Feels like the whole story is contained within this persons comments... even tho I'd rather read it myself first *chuckles* Well, I love Digimon as well as MLP, so I bet it will be a fun ride!

This is awesome!!! Man, you are a good at this :raritywink:

Out of the main characters, the only one who's outfit wasn't described was Pinkie Pie's, and that's because she wasn't wearing her default outfit.

In case you forgot though, here they are.


 She had a super long mane of light pink hair that fell down to her waist and over her shoulders, and was wearing a black tube top, yellow jacket, yellow mini skirt, black stockings, and yellow ankle boots. She was a bit top heavy for her age, and on her head was a pair of goggles.

Rainbow Dash:

This girl had long straight rainbow colored hair, and wore a blue and white t-shirt with a light bolt on it, blue and white sweat jacket, blue jeans, and blue and white sneakers. She was thinner than her half asleep companion, with a more athletic build.


They all turned to see a lovely looking young lady with long curly purple hair, wearing a fancy white dress that accentuated her voluptuous figure perfectly and came up high in the front but longer in the back, white fishnet stockings, and white high heels. Unlike Fluttershy, who only wore a touch of lip gloss, this girl wore blue eye shadow and rose red lipstick.

OK haven't a started reading yet but I absolutely loved your code lyoko story, so I'm strapping in for a great ride.

The power to change the world. _

Fluttershy: Change the world? Sounds like maverick talk to me!

This is relevant to my interests.

So the partner theme is future Royal Knights, huh?

It took seeing Dorumon for me to realize it though.

I'm going to guess then that Pinkie gets Veemon and Rainbow gets Hackmon?

Ok. Lets see if this will be a s good as Code Lyoko. Nice seeing the return of the RariJack ship. Good to see something similar to what you've done before, but also different at the same time. :pinkiehappy: :heart:

You're going in the right direction. You'll see in a few chapters.

Well digimon Tamers and MLP, even when i don't like the results your premises are usually golden.
Ok, getting something that's technically a nitpick, but WHY ARE YOU USING THE LAME ASS JAPANESE NAMES FOR THE ATTACKS! Pyro Sphere is a way better sounding name then fireball, you're telling me i'm gonna have to Growlmon not shouting Pyro Blaster?, lame.
Ok, on the more serious side. The stories off to a good start pacing wise. Plenty of mystery, multiple factions and a sympathetic and cool main character. Definitely following this one.
Putting my personal dislike of Rarijack (most overrated ship in the fandom) and my feeling that you overuse this ship in your works, i have to say that Rarity and Applejack are both really obnoxious to start here. How i feel about this going forward will depend on whether or not i'm supposed to like them in this story.

Well, concerning Applejack and Rarity, there's a special reason why I'm shipping them again in this story. It's due to a certain mechanic that will appear later in the story.

And yeah, they are obnoxious right now. Glad you noticed. :twilightsmile:

Oh, and I'm so happy that people really like this version of Fluttershy as the main character. She was actually the one character I was actually worried about.

If said mechanic is DNA digievoloution or the spirit evolution used in Frontier's final, that's cool and i look forward to a variety of evolution methods, but i don't see why it had to be Rarijack in particular.
Fluttershy, so far at least, has been a very good main character. She has a clear defined motivation, simple and believable character flaws, reacts to the weirdness of Digimon in a very real manner, and has a cool skill set that lends to a lot of cool things she can do in the series. Her hacking basically makes her the Izzy of the series and we all know he's still the most popular human character in Digimon to this day.

Nice choice of partner for rainbow!

Great job on this chapter!

OK, so Fluttershy is an anti-social wallflower. You've used it before, but it's nice.

BTW, when did Guilmon meet Fluttershy's family?

Last chapter, remember? Guilmon ran downstairs calling her father "Dad". It was off screen, and implied to be right after he materialized. Probably because she screamed so loudly.


OK, but you could've gone and showed it. I think the reaction of her brother and dad would be priceless. She has a pet dinosaur now. I think that warrants some screen time.

I'm not going to tell you how to write. Just pointing it out.

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