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The newly-coronated Princess Twilight Sparkle uses her new authority to start a new project that could revolutionize magical studies: ENEIGHAC, Equestria's first computer.

When showing her latest pet project to her friends, a malfunction causes Fluttershy to see glimpses of an entirely new world with endless possibilities. Seeking an escape from her day-to-day frustrations, she uses ENEIGHAC as a gateway to the Digital World, where she can vent her anger without doing any real harm. But is the Digital World really just a simulation?

Shortly thereafter, a group of human children known as the Digi-Destined learn of a new threat to the Digital World's safety. A powerful digimon know as Vespimon, who seeks to continue what Ken started as the Digimon Emperor...

A crossover with Digimon Adventure 02. This is my first fic, so please let me know what you think!

Cover art by AniRichie-Art, and additional art by C8lin-The-Hedgie.

Chapters (51)
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Comments ( 894 )

Ah so this a crossover with Digimon Adventure 02 now. Well I already did one but I hope your's will turn out great as well.

Twilight glanced back at ENEIGHAC and sighed heavily

You know, now that I think about it, there really wasn't much explanation given to why it was named that in the first place... Curioser and curioser... This may just be me though but yeah, I would like to know what it actually means even if I might forget it later just for the sake of knowing it's in this story. Just my opinion


Since when has MLP ever given an explanation for the numerous horse puns?

2480762 That was a horse pun? I didn't even notice that:rainbowderp:

I'm confused. Twi's friends ask her to come to their picnic, yet cider is repeatedly mentioned. Which one is it? :rainbowhuh:


Whoops, my mistake. The cider part was a leftover from an earlier draft. Fixed.

The Digital World...

She recalled the world that ENEIGHAC had showed her, and the mysterious voice that had spoken to her.

A simulated world created through ENEIGHAC...

That was it. A simulated world. Nothing she would do would hurt anyone there. She could vent her frustrations of the world without affecting anything. But how was she going to get there?

Fluttershy smirked. I have an idea, she thought, it’s crazy, but it just might work!

ooooooh Fluttershy, this idea is going to SOOOOO come back and Bite you in the Flank...

Wow what's with the being that represents kindness becoming evil/mad when they come in contact with the digital world? also will the rest of the elements come to the digital world or will it just be the digidestined?


Remember in the first chapter when the two figures discussed the Dark Spore needing a host? Since Ken was the host for the original Dark Spore, and the most strongly affected by it, they would want to find a new host with similar qualities. The reasons why they would need a new Dark Spore with a new host will become clear later.

And the rest of the Mane 6 will be in the Digital World, but they won't have partners in the traditional sense. You'll see what I mean next chapter.


Keep in mind that the voice that spoke to Fluttershy during ENEIGHAC's malfunction in the first chapter isn't exactly a trustworthy source of information regarding the Digital World.

Uh-oh Fluttershy is heading down the same path as Ken. Poor Ken had to learn the hard way that The Digital World isn't some simulator, it's real. This will not end well I can tell. :pinkiegasp:

Of course this time it's even worse because for some reason everypony still treats Fluttershy like dirt even when she's shown why that's not o.k. These ponies sure do know the forget part of forgive and forget. :facehoof:

purchasing an five of the tomatoes
Fluttershy’s felt her chest tighten

1. Extra An.
2. No need the 's here.

Hmm... I just only wonder if the digimon will work their way into equestria and become solid just like in many of the previous seasons... but that might be too far ahead to think about and would be little to no point in worrying about it now. Oh well:pinkiehappy:

2535798 Hey, have you seen the movie X-Evolution? If you haven't, here you go!

By the way, any chance one of the girls could get partnered up with the X-Antibody Digimon Dorumon? Because as a Mega, it can become the most powerful of the Royal Knights, Alphamon!


you mean like Tamers? I just hope that the story doesn't take the Frontier Route, because that's when the story quality of the Digimon franchise started to nosedive like an out of control, Poorly Designed (and poorly staged) Kerbal Space Program Rocket.

2536811 That's your opinion. There are some people who think Frontier was one of the best seasons ever.

As for me, I'm kind of on the fence. I mean, let's face it, they were a team of Digidestined who basically had to risk their lives in every battle, instead of simply sitting on the sidelines and shouting orders to their Digimon. And the whole thing with EmperorGreymon, MagnaGarurumon, and Susannomon was a Mythology Gag to Adventure, with EmperorGreymon as an Expy of WarGreymon, since they're both Greymon at extremely high levels who use fire attacks, MagnaGarurumon as an Expy of MetalGarurumon, with both of them being loaded with enough firepower for a Macross Missile Massacre, and Susannomon as an Expy of Omnimon, since in both cases, they're a combination of their series respective Garurumon and Greymon, complete with having the Greymon head on his left arm and the Garurumon head on his right arm, and easily the most powerful Digimon of their series, bar none.

What I'm trying to say is, while there are people who agree with you, there are also people who might disagree with you and react violently to that sort of comment.

2480779 Well, allow me to explain. The first computer ever made was named ENIAC. Therefore, the author was easily able to use that name to make a horse pun.

I beg to differ. Frontier was pretty good in my opinion. Second favorite season, with Tamers being first, actually. Mostly because of the magnificent character development in Sakkakumon and all around great characters. Plus all the hilarious humor, like when Takuya gets the not-so-bright idea to try to move the moon with the force of their attacks and the little moments like when Koichi is trying to find out why a Poyomon is crying and it farts a big, white cloud right in his face. Although I wish they would have put Koichi in with the group sooner so we could get to know him a little better. Antagonists were great, too. I liked Duskmon, Mercurymon, and Lucemon, who was a great final opponent. For starting out as a rookie that looks like an innocent, angelic little child, he sure was intimidating the whole way through. His voice acting really helped, as it didn't sound like a child's voice, but more like a demented older teen's.
I don't know what you saw in the season that makes you dislike it so much. Besides the Royal Knights episodes, I suppose... That was kinda boring, the six of them getting their butts kicked every single episode and only Koji and Takuya getting to actually fight. At that point, I admit, story wasn't very good, but the same daily butt kicking happened in the BlackWargreymon part of Adventure 02, and no one complains about that. But my other points above make up for that part of Frontier in my mind.

My list of favored seasons goes Tamers, Frontier, Adventure and Adventure 02 tie, and then Savers. I haven't seen X Wars or Time Leapers or whatever yet, which is why I haven't listed them. Although I've heard about the time leapers one. The other Digidestined make a reappearance, right? How does that work if in Tamers, Adventure and A 02 were only cartoons?! Makes zero sense, really. But then we have Ryo in all three, so I guess I'll allow it to slide.

2537565 You know, Frontier gave us a massive Mythology Gag with EmperorGreymon, MagnaGarurumon, and Susannomon. Tell me, what Digimon do those three remind you of, based on their attacks, names, and designs?

2535798 Oh crap. Is it Daemon or Dagomon?

Either one of them would be bad news. After all, Daemon is a Mega who has the power to go even further and become a Super Ultimate, while Dagomon, in spite of just being an Ultimate compared to Daemon, who is a Mega and can go even further, Dagomon is still able to control the whole Dark Ocean.

In other words, either one of them would be bad news, and if they've actually teamed up...:twilightoops::raritydespair:

Edit: The beginning of chapter one shows that it is indeed both of them. In other words, even Imperialdramon Paladin Mode probably won't be enough...

2535798 Oh Crap. The two figures at the beginning of chapter one are a large robed figure and a tentacled monstrosity. In other words, Dagomon and Daemon have indeed joined forces, just as I feared they might. How will the Elements of Harmony and the Digidestined be able to defeat them? Something tells me even Imperialdramon Paladin Mode might not be enough.

They might need the help of the most powerful of the Royal Knights, Alphamon, if they actually want to stand a chance of winning!

2537650 Yeah, I know. Wargreymon, MetalGarurumon, and Omnimon. I thought that was pretty obvious... :unsuresweetie: Am I wrong?

2537718 Just checking to make sure I wasn't the only one who saw it.

Even the way they formed Susannomon in the final episode was something of a Mythology Gag, since they literally combined everyone's powers to become the most powerful Legendary Warrior ever. Remember the first time Omnimon was formed?

Also, one more question. Have you seen the X-Evolution movie?

2537748 Well with Grey and Garuru in their name, it's kinda hard not to notice. :rainbowlaugh:
Omnimon was formed by the power of the hope from kids around the world through emails. That really isn't the same as all ten (twenty if you count beast spirits) Legendary Warrior spirits coming together.
I have, actually! I've got it on my DVR, too. Dorumon is one of my favorite Digimon.

2537791 Well, since it's fairly obvious that Daemon and Dagomon are the true enemies. One of them controls the Dark Ocean itself. The other one is a Mega who has the power to go beyond that and become a Super Ultimate. I think the only way the Elements of Harmony and the Digidestined would be able to stand a chance against them would be for one of the Mane 6 to get a certain purple-furred dinosaur Digimon as her partner. That, or just have Alphamon pull a Big Damn Heroes moment during the final battle. After all, there is a reason he is absent unless there is an absolutely massive crisis. He's too powerful to exist during peaceful times.

And maybe, for good measure, our author could also make this a crossover with Tamers? Two words: FINAL JUSTICE!

2480762 I know. However, the two Digimon at the beginning of the chapter are obviously Dagomon and Daemon. With Dagomon being able to control the Dark Ocean, and Daemon being a Mega who has the power to go even further and become a Super Ultimate, I think even Imperialdramon Paladin Mode would have trouble against them.

Therefore, I can only think of one being who would be powerful enough to turn the tide. Tell me, have you heard of the Aloof Hermit, the Lord of the Empty Seat, the most powerful of the Royal Knights? I'm talking about Alphamon Ouryuken, naturally. After all, he's probably the only being that's powerful enough, plus, he'd be a natural opposite number to Omnimon, when you consider the original Japanese name of the Royal Knight born from Courage and Friendship is Omegamon. The Alpha and the Omega...two equal and opposite forces, that if they combined their powers, just might be powerful enough to win against the lord of the Dark Ocean and the Demon Lord of Wrath.

2537791 If two of the girls got two Rookie Level Dinosaur Digimon as their partners, they'd eventually be able to recreate the trinity of Royal Knights from X-Evolution!:raritywink:


Lets just say that when the Elements of Harmony enter the Digital World, they'll be turned into something else that could prove to be invaluable in fighting evil. That's all I'm saying for now. :trollestia:

2537539 Ah, thanks for that information and now I finally get it:facehoof: Oh wel, better luck next time:twilightsheepish:

2539321 So does this mean they'll get turned into Digimon?

You know, at first I wondered why you were having Fluttershy, of all ponies, be infected by the Dark Spore, but then I remembered that her Element of Harmony is the same as Ken's Crest, Kindness!:pinkiegasp:

Comment posted by Uzume Tennouboshi deleted May 7th, 2013
Comment posted by Zennistrad deleted May 7th, 2013
Comment posted by Uzume Tennouboshi deleted May 7th, 2013
Comment posted by Zennistrad deleted May 7th, 2013
Comment posted by Uzume Tennouboshi deleted May 7th, 2013

2535067 At least it's not as bad as the way Leomon is always a Sacrificial Lion.

2537889 Could you please quit it with the begging for Alphamon's appearance? This is a crossover with 02, not X-Evolution or Tamers, only stuff that happened during the first two seasons applies here, therefore there are no Royal Knights and Daemon can't go Super Ultimate. Sorry if I seem rude, but since every other review on this story seems to be you going into some fanboygasm mode over stuff that doesn't apply to the Digimon seasons in question in this story it really just irks me.

Yep. Saw this coming.

So Fluttershy becomes the equivalent (or worse) to Ken as Digimon Emperor from S2...interesting. This can only end well.

Eh I'm not really sure if you should use the Frontier style as that might alienate some fans. Perhaps a better idea might be the bio-merge process introduced in the second half of Tamers (It first appears at the end of Episode 35), keep in mind that bio-merge requiers a parnter digimon to exceute. :eeyup:

Either way this looks intresing. I might like to see how Ken reacts to seeing someone go down the same path he did. (He seemed to put his past behind him but somethings tells this might be cause trouble for him). :trixieshiftleft:

So the Mane 6 will be taking a page out of Adventure by having the power to transform into Digimon.

And what Dragomon said about how Twilight created him as a monitoring program? Blatant Lies!

Why must a Bearer of Kindness always be the one who is corrupted?:raritydespair:

So will the others turn into original Digimon that you came up with, or will you use Digimon that already exist in the franchise instead?

Something tells me that when he hears about this, Discord will not be happy and will want to help the Mane 6 save Fluttershy, but since he doesn't have a character tag, I wonder how you'll handle that?

Here, have some badges!







Can't wait for the next chapter!

2579687 You're being way too narrow-minded. Just because the Digidestined from 02 and their Digimon partners are going to be used in this does not mean that the author has to limit himself to Digimon from 02!:ajbemused:

Besides, as the end of chapter 3 shows, the Mane Cast will be using the Frontier-style method of turning into their Digimon. Your argument is invalid.:rainbowwild:


I thought of that, but I had a hard time coming up with suitable partners for each of the Mane 6, and since there are so many characters in 02 already giving them partners would make writing this fic even harder than it already is.

I did have fun designing the forms that they'll use, and they while they don't exactly have partners, they'll later be able to gain power from those that do have them. That's all I'm saying for now. :trollestia:


Discord won't come into play until the very end of the first act, since travel between Equestria and the Digital World isn't nearly as easy as between the Digital World and Earth.

2579687 You also seem to be overlooking the fact that even in his Mega form, Daemon was easily able to No Sell the combined powers of Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon. Add in Dragomon's involvement, and they'll need all the firepower they can get to win against them.

2591822 I'm not saying he has to restrict himself to 02 digimon. He could come up with his own digimon.

But he is the author and he gets to make all the final decisions so I suppose I'll have to accept this. (Frontier wasn't really good in my book, far kidder and cheesy then Adventure except without the character development. Zoe in particular was annoying.)

2591834 I see.

Any plans to use Digimon from the seasons after Adventure 02? And what about Daemon's Super Ultimate form? Will he use that during the final battle? Because BringBackSonicSatAM seems to think that just because you're using the Adventure 02 Digidestined, you're only going to be using Digimon from that season, and that Daemon will not be able to use his Super Ultimate form. The only way to settle this debate is via Word of God, AKA you.

2591853 Dude, I agree. But BringBackSonicSatAM seems to believe that just because it's the Digidestined from Adventure 02, Digimon from other series and Daemon's Super Ultimate form are automatically off limits.:ajbemused:

2579687 You're being way too narrow-minded. Just because the Digidestined from 02 and their Digimon partners are going to be used in this does not mean that the author has to limit himself to Digimon from 02!:ajbemused:

Besides, as the end of chapter 3 shows, the Mane Cast will be using the Frontier-style method of turning into their Digimon. Your argument is invalid.:rainbowwild:

And you also seem to be overlooking the fact that even in his Mega form, Daemon was easily able to No Sell the combined powers of Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon. Add in Dragomon's involvement, and they'll need all the firepower they can get to win against them.


That, my friend, would be a spoiler. :trollestia:

I am going to be including several OC Digimon, though, if that makes any difference to you.

2591938 Dude, saying whether or not you'll be using Digimon introduced after Adventure 02 would at most be a very mild spoiler, if that.:ajbemused:

Frontier is my favorite season of digimon.

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