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Considering re-doing Harmonyranger · 8:19pm Jul 12th, 2016

So some of you may be wondering where updates for any of my stories have been, especially my most popular story Rainbow Sentai Harmonyranger. The honest truth is that my muse has been moved to more classic superheroes in non-pony related stories; characters like Spider-Man, Superman, crosses of them, that sort of thing. As such my desire to continue some of my stories has dwindled, not dead, just...less.

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2431008 COol on both. Thinking of finally posting a story on here. ^^; Gonna make it a Fairy Tail/Equestria Girls crossover.

2430983 Good, got a job. Thinking about doing a re-write of Harmony Rangers.

Hey man. Sorry for not talking with ya much. ^^; Been hectic couple of years...

So, how is things?

Hey, Xero! It's been a while. So, I had a new story idea, and I thought why not invite you to help me write it. I could use a second opinion. I won't say anything specific right now, but we can talk more about it in a PM. What do you say? PM me if you accept.

2073827 Oh I am a Whovian, possibly even count as a Wholockian (Dr.Who and BBC Sherlock). Strangely enough I was just thinking about doing one myself, and the Season 5 finale of FiM has presented a perfect overarching possibilty: fixing damage done by the time loops. PM me for further conversation, we don't want others to get (as River says) "spoilers~"

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